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Science and Technology: We often see these words sitting together.  And that’s because they need each other!  Science without technology is  more like philosophy.  Technology without science is really engineering, design and construction.  But Science frequently needs experiments, and experiments often need pioneering equipment. The Hubble Space Telescope is one example, revealing many sensational images of our Universe that have led to great advances in astronomy. 

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Town and Country Air
by Celia Berrell

It's both town and country air
that we ultimately share.
So polluting one expect
to get a butterfly effect.

If the key to all our health
is to share in nature's wealth
then we'd best invest a plan
to save our wildlife while we can.

This poem was inspired by Davson's artwork Time To Grow (excerpt featured above).

It is always a great honour to have a poem selected by a publisher. provides school textbooks in Ireland.  Thanks to editor of Better English 6th Class, Ciara McNee, for choosing to publish the above poem "Town And Country Air".  

I can now proudly state that I am an internationally published poet ...

with a Wikipedia presence as well!

Writing for ABC Open

After the excitement of having a video created as I wrote about The Turkey of Christmas Past in January, I was invited to submit an article for the ABC Open website. 

Celebrating the annual Science on the Oval event, where Cairns primary students are treated to a kaleidoscope of experiments and demonstrations, I wrote poetically about non-Newtonian fluids in Running On Raw Custard

Then came the vain excuse which resulted in this fine photo for Return of the Alien Queen.  My thanks goes to professional photographer Tracey Hayes for displaying the Alien Queen in a complimentary light!

Television Sydney

Catch a Joy's World interview on You Tube with Science Rhymes poems Croc-o-diner, Aurora Borealis and Don't Eat Concrete.  Please post a comment if you have time - thanks.

Celia Berrell's Science Rhymes

Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes
is a collection of 34 poems relevant to the primary science curriculum. 

All poems have been given a tick of approval by James Cook University Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson for their scientific accuracy and educational relevance.

Using a Kindle eReader, you can select “Turn on Text To Speech” and listen to the poems rather than read them! 

This eBook is sold for Amazon’s minimum book price of about one dollar.

The first volume of these scientifically accurate poems can also be downloaded from the Science Rhymes website as a resource for students, teachers and for everyone's enjoyment.

Fill in the Download Agreement form on the Science Rhymes website to receive a free PDF of 34 poems illustrated by Amy Sheehan.

The Frill-neck Lizard on the discarded Coke can (pictured right) was painted by Australian artist Sharon Davson.  

It's titled
Is Anyone Listening? and you can enjoy viewing this painting and many others in Davson's new virtual gallery by clicking on one of the images.  He is a regular visitor and ambassador for Science Rhymes.
Would you like to see your own poem on the internet? 
If you have written a short poem about science, nature or the environment, send it to for consideration to be posted on the Your Poems page on the Science Rhymes website.
Blowing Up A Riddle
by Harmonie

I'm an underwater mountain
In the middle of the sea
And if you want to scuba dive
It's possible you'll find me.

When boiling magma gets too hot
Too hot for me to bear
I blow my top and I erupt
Sending ash into the air.

But when I am doing this
Magma has a different name.
It's known as lava, even though
The two things are the same.

When magma is still underground
It makes my insides rumble.
When it's bursting out as lava
My outsides start to crumble.

If you haven't solved this riddle
I'm a mountain that might blow.
So better heed my warning signs
For I'm a VOL-CAN-O!

Harmonie was seven when she wrote this poem especially for the 2013 Science on the Oval event.
Scientists have shown that standing in a powerful pose (like the Alien Queen in the photo) for a few minutes helps our confidence and strength by temporarily boosting certain hormone levels in our bodies!    Celia
Copyright © 2013 Science Rhymes, All rights reserved.

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