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Happy New Year to friends who enjoy mixing science and poetry. This is the very first Science Rhymes newsletter.  There will be three issues each year (January, April and September) featuring a couple of poems and some Science Rhymes news.

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This issue features the poems The Beauty Of It All by Celia and Destruction by Zoë.  There's a link to the ABC Open video A day in the life of a proud published poet by Suz Cray and a Happy New Year gift of a free PDF of 34 Science Rhymes poems.  I hope this makes for a fantastic start to 2013!

The Beauty Of It All
by Celia Berrell

All we can touch and all we see
began in cosmic history.
How long ago came things to be?
Perhaps it was infinity.

All our surroundings hold in store
the clues to what has gone before.
A fascination long prevails
to understand time's every tale.

Our tiny Earth holds precious gifts
as round the universe it drifts.
With organisms varied, rife
are we alone in having life?

This special form of energy
enduring in its frailty
bestows such beauty all admired.
Intelligence is awe inspired.
The Beauty Of It All was inspired by the painting Called Away (above) created by Davson the Artist.

Both the poem and image feature in the 2010 Australian secondary school textbook Macmillan English 7 on page 157 in a chapter on Poetry and science.

This poem has also been chosen for the 2013 Poetry Out Loud competition in Budapest Hungary, where secondary school students learning English have the opportunity to recite poems to help refine their English pronunciation.

Writing poems for Scientriffic

As a regular contributor to the CSIRO's Scientriffic magazine, I'm always on the lookout for interesting science topics.  I wanted to write a Christmas-themed poem about turkeys for a video.  On receiving my copy of the January 2013 Scientriffic magazine, I saw a loveable dinosaur-turkey creature on the cover!  So that was the source of my inspiration for the poem The Turkey Of Christmas Past

If you would like to read the complete  poem, it will feature in the September Science Rhymes newsletter.

A day in the life of a proud published poet

Many thanks to Suz Cray who created this delightful 3 minute video about the poem The Turkey Of Christmas Past.  The Scientriffic team at CSIRO thought it was fantastic, as it provides insight into how I prepare poems for their magazine.

Click here to watch the video on the ABC Open What's your story?   If you can't wait until September to read the whole poem, let me know by leaving a comment under the video!

Slightly Scientific Vol 1

2012 saw the completion of the arts project Science Rhymes Supervised. With funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a collection of 100 Science Rhymes relevant to the primary science curriculum was developed by Celia Berrell and vetted by James Cook University Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson for their educational merit.

The first volume of these scientifically accurate poems can be downloaded from the Science Rhymes website as a resource for students, teachers and for everyone's enjoyment. Fill in the Download Agreement form on the Science Rhymes website to receive a PDF of 34 poems illustrated by Amy Sheehan.

This is a Happy New Year gift
so please pass it on to
anyone who may be
The Frill-neck Lizard on the discarded Coke can was painted by Australian artist Sharon Davson.  It's titled Is Anyone Listening?  He is a regular visitor and ambassador to Science Rhymes.
by Zoë

Hurricanes, typhoons
Tornadoes, cyclones
Devastating, dangerous
Destructive and demonic

Category one
Category two
Category three, four, five

The roar of the wind
Descending upon poor villages
Ripping and wrenching
Roofs off their hinges

Red dusty deserts
Welcome the life-giving rain
When some suffer pain
Others gain

Where broken trees and ripped leaves are left to die
Birds and bumblebees will fly

Whitfield State School student Zoë wrote this poem during a series of School Poetry Club sessions conducted by Science Rhymes author Celia in 2012. It was inspired by Zoë's experience of cyclone Yasi.

Over 30 of Your Poems about science, nature and the environment appear on the Science Rhymes website. You can send poems for consideration via or via Your Say.

Wishing you a safe cyclone season and a successful 2013 with plenty of positive discoveries. Celia
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