Science Rhymes eNewsletter #9 September 2015.
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Growing Brighter: Discovering something that fascinates us can transform how we view the world and ourselves. In this issue, we continue our dazzling celebrations of LIGHT and how science can enlighten, through sharing poems created for National Science Week.

Please join us at the PICTURE-BOOK POETRY GARDEN PARTY at Rydges Tradewinds on Saturday 10th October 2-3pm if you can.

The Garden Within
by Celia Berrell

There is a garden in my heart
where beauty grows in fits and starts.
Where smiles are petals from the flowers
bestowed by others from their bowers.

Nutritious hope reaps seeds to feed
my spirit for its every need.
With gratitude, I'll reach my goal;
to touch the island of my soul.

This poem was inspired by eeds of Gratitude created by Sharon Davson (image above).  The original painting is housed in Japan's Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama..  The September 2015 issue of China Business Focus magazine, distributed in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA and Europe, has chosen a Davson art work for the magazine's cover with "Asian Influences on Davson Art" as their feature article.  Davson's new painting Story Book Garden (in the poster below) is also showcased in the CBF feature article.

Can you come to our
Picture-Book Poetry Garden Party
Saturday 10th October 2 to 3pm
Rydges, Tradewinds Hotel
137 Esplanade, Cairns?

with anyone you think may enjoy it.
There's a visually rich version
of our LIGHT presentation
for you to download

GROWING BRIGHTER will be OCTOBER'S new free PDF download on the Science Rhymes website.  Each poem about light is accompanied by relevant links to expand learning and interest.  It has minimal colour for printout suitability.

Science Rhymes News

  1. The article, Making Waves & Muddled Magic features on Jabiru Publishing's blog Marketing Your Book and includes a new Science Rhyme, The Alchemist's Spell.
  2. A biography, explaining how Science Rhymes began, appears in the new eBook 101 Artistic Toastmasters by Armando Christofori and includes a poem created when I was only four and a half years old!
  3. The printed book version of Celia Berrell's Science Rhymes is now available at Cairns Regional Libraries, as well as for purchase through Collins Booksellers Smithfield, Harley's Educational, Handmade Cans & Edmonton Post Office.  There's also an eBook version at Amazon.
  4. The free PDF download of previously published Scientriffic poems Let The Show Go On is changing at the end of September!  So make a point of catching it before it goes :)

Many thanks to the adults and students who responded to the call for poems for National Science Week.  We have plenty of new poems on the Your Poems page, especially from Redlynch State College.  Congratulations everyone on being published science poets!

Tired of Science?
by Lia (Redlynch State College)

Do you like science?  Science to me
is Newton's apple-tree gravity.
Albert Einstein's crazy equation;
Earth's seasoned tilt and day rotation.
It's when Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon;
how penicillin's no longer immune.
The theory of evolution;
starting a carbon revolution.
Organisms still developing; 
why the dinosaurs were threatening.

I think it all started with big-bang theory
but now I'm feeling incredibly weary!

Would you like to see your own poem on the internet?
If you have written a short poem about science, nature or the environment, send it to for consideration to be posted on the Your Poems page on the Science Rhymes website.
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