Science Rhymes eNewsletter #13 January 2017.
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Setting Out:  Like tourists on partly-planned adventures, it’s good to embark on the New Year's road with optimism and excitement.  American writer Henry Miller believed One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.  So may your journey through 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, lead you to an enriching and enlightened viewpoint.

by Celia Berrell

My mind is like the deepest sea
where thoughts can swim and come to me.
The more I learn, the more I crave
to search beneath its every wave.

Majestic whales can sing my dreams.
while dolphins puzzle out my schemes.
The turtles touch my innocence.
and find my inner radiance.

The illustration above is the painting Origins created by Sharon Davson and was commissioned by World Book Encyclopaedia, Chicago, USA (1991).

Science Rhymes in Malaysia

Pelangi Books provide school textbooks throughout Asia and have included the poem Peace by Piece in their latest Malaysian publication.  It was wonderful to receive this complimentary copy from editor Nurhayati Mohammad Nor.


Mentioned by others ...

Being interviewed by Rob Farquhuar for the Paid to Play Podcast & mentioned in an article by educational blogger Daybo Lee last year was a great compliment.  And even when people don't ask permission to use Science Rhymes material, it is still a nice feeling to know they are being shared around the world.  Scott B. included The Beauty of it All next to a classic poem by Robert Frost on My Poetic Side and teacher Christiana Ziraldo's blog Take Action for Our Planet. includes Peace by Piece and Town & Country Air - all from the Environmental Poetry page.



Trinity Bay State High School Students are creating pictures for the next volume of Science Rhymes poems.
You can check out these new poems here.
The first volume of poems can be found
at Collins Booksellers Smithfield
Harleys Educational &
Amazon Kindle.

Return To What Should Be

by Joel Ewing

All the tears I've tasted
for so many trees we've wasted.
It makes me wonder; wonder why
so few of us will ever try
to relieve mankind of ignorance
and shake us from this foolish trance.
Living the way some people are,
every day creates a scar.
Although our Earth is vast and great
at healing, making all things straight,
there's no time for the world to wait
while we create a toxic fate.
Perhaps one day mankind will see
significance in every tree;
clean rivers flowing to the sea
with everything as it should be.

Joel is a Dad in his mid-twenties, living in USA, sharing his concerns for the wellbeing of our planet ... and for humankind's future generations..
Would you like to see your own poem on the internet?
This year we are especially seeking poetry about WATER. 

If you have written a short poem about science, nature or the environment, send it to for consideration to be posted on the Your Poems page on the Science Rhymes website.

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