Science Rhymes eNewsletter #4 January 2014.
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New Perspectives: NASA’s New Year gift is a series of images from the Cassini probe.  This header image shows the distant Earth positioned under Saturn’s rings.  New perspectives can be inspirational.  Perhaps they deepen our appreciation of who and where we are.  Wishing you a 2014 where amazing things brighten your mind and enhance your quality of life.

Together We Can
by Celia Berrell

The world is getting smaller
and it's breaking into bits.
Let's put it back together.
Peace by piece the puzzle fits.

Repairs can all be tended
by the tiniest of friends.
As working all together
Peace by piece the puzzle mends.

This poem was inspired by Davson's artwork of the same name (featured above).  

We are currently preparing a book that will showcase a selection of Davson's art, accompanied by poems with a Science Rhymes perspective (including the one above).

Star Stuff

In keeping with a Space and Perspective theme, here's a short poem of universal proportions. 

Enjoy your atoms!

Celia Berrell's Science Rhymes

Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes
is a collection of 34 poems relevant to the primary science curriculum. 

All poems have been given a tick of approval by James Cook University Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson for their scientific accuracy and educational relevance.

Using a Kindle eReader, you can select “Turn on Text To Speech” and listen to the poems rather than read them! 

This eBook is sold for Amazon’s minimum book price of about one dollar.

The first volume of these scientifically accurate poems can also be downloaded from the Science Rhymes website as a resource for students, teachers and for everyone's enjoyment.

Fill in the Download Agreement form on the Science Rhymes website to receive a free PDF of 34 poems illustrated by Amy Sheehan.

The Frill-neck Lizard on the discarded Coke can (pictured right) was painted by Australian artist Sharon Davson.  

It's titled
Is Anyone Listening? and you can enjoy viewing this painting and many others in Davson's new virtual gallery by clicking on one of the images.  He is a regular visitor and ambassador for Science Rhymes.
Would you like to see your own poem on the internet? 
If you have written a short poem about science, nature or the environment, send it to for consideration to be posted on the Your Poems page on the Science Rhymes website.
Flies in Utopia
Ché Damant

The jungle is where I silently sit.
Flies and bugs all around me flit.
From far, a beauty beyond compare.
But get too close?  You shouldn't dare!

My scarlet flesh is ripe and raw.
Its putrid smell will rot your core.
But carrion flies I will torment.
They just adore my deathly scent.

Ché created this poem for a Creature Features Poetry project held at Mt Garnet by Far North Queensland Distance Education.  It was inspired by the tropical plant Rafflesia arnoldii.
After 11 years of dedication, my Danish friend Physiotherapist Dr Hanne Albert’s research on Back Pain has been published.  It reveals a new treatment for many sufferers, giving hope and a renewed quality of life for many.  A happy ending is often a new beginning!    Celia
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