Science Rhymes eNewsletter #5 April 2014.
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Sustainability:  If you had a wish about innovation and science, what would it be?
In a recent interview with Cairns Post journalist Michael Serenec, Associate Professor Hilary Whitehouse said, “I’ve always really cared for plants and animals, and I’ve always thought it was immoral that I lived in an economic system that destroyed plants and animals for economic gain”.  Her wish is to have a strong economy, but not one that’s based on pollution and destruction.
It appears that our thirst for scientific knowledge has led to the success of the human race, but disorganised the fine-tuning of our planet.  Some scientists strive to find solutions, so we can have a sustainable future.

Mother Of Invention
by Celia Berrell

Neotenic humankind
is ceaseless of inquiring mind.
With science and technology.
the stopper's out, dynamically!

From fire to furnaced energy
from steam to electricity..
We modify genetically
and glean the stars effectively.

We can't slow down this gain in pace.
The fascination's well in place.
Much to learn  -  with good intention
drives this mother of invention.

This poem was inspired by Davson's drawing titled "Origins Of The Future" (featured above) and the work of Associate Professor Hilary Whitehouse, environmental and scientific educator at James Cook University's School of Education.

The poem "Mother Of Invention" features in Nelson English 10

It is a great honour to have an environmental poem included in this thought-provoking and dynamic hard-cover Canadian high-school textbook.

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Congratulations to the Whitfield State School students who wrote and presented poems about science at the annual Science On The Oval event.  Ava's poem "Rainforests" and Sian's poem "Oceans" now feature on the Your Poems page of the Science Rhymes website.


The Frill-neck Lizard on the discarded Coke can (pictured right) was painted by Australian artist Sharon Davson. He is a regular visitor and ambassador for Science Rhymes.
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Farther Into The Unknown
by Merrissa Sorrentino

Life is the question. The answer, a riddle
But somehow we always get stuck in the middle.
A complex emergence encrypting the code.
The farther we wonder into the unknown.
Is it hidden somewhere in our "junk" DNA?
Or deep in the wrinkles inside of our brain?
Does gravity hold the answer inside
Twisting and warping our view of space-time?

We sift through reality, lacking adhesion.
Searching its matrix with no rhyme or reason.
With each door we open, two more may appear.
So answers become complex and unclear.
Uncertainty certainly plays a big role
By setting a limit on what can be known.
I assume this is how the rabbit-hole deepens.
Just as we thought we were close to completion.

We still ask the question. No answer arrives.
So what is the purpose and meaning of life?

Merrissa shares her love of physics, chemistry, astronomy and everything mysterious with her two daughters.  Her passion is creating glow-in-the-dark jewellery with her husband in Texas, USA.
Did your wish about science and innovation include the environment?  For more ideas, check out the free resource website Cool Australia where there are plenty of short videos and projects on biodiversity and sustainability.
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