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Haylay of Motley Zoo

Hayley is a darling Chihuahua mix pup with a liver shunt.  She needs surgery soon, to correct the problem so her liver and kidneys will function properly.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue needs your help in two ways:  please think positive thoughts for her surgery and recovery, and consider a donation to help cover the cost of the procedure.

Honor the healthy pets in your life by making a tax-deductible donation to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue!

Please visit:

Thank you!

Our Buddy Bailey: On the Road to Recovery

Our Buddy Bailey: On the Road to Recovery

Bailey the Chocolate lab mix was not having a Happy New Year; at the end of December he sprained his ankle and a few weeks later broke one of his toenails. As one of our long-term daily clients, Bailey and his sitter, Crystal, have developed a close relationship over the years and she was keeping a close eye on his ailments. One Thursday afternoon last month as she was saying good-bye, she noticed something was off - his eyes and inner ears had a yellowish tint. She immediately notified Bailey's owners that something was wrong and when they took him to the vet the following day, tests confirmed that his liver was failing and he needed to stay overnight for more blood work and critical care.  

After a few days at the vet and emergency care clinic, Bailey's liver was slowly-but-surely showing improvement and he was able to return home. When a worried Crystal visited the next day, Bailey's owner was happy to hear him give his "play bark" and run outside, thinking she was there for their usual ball routine. He had been too under the weather to play until then, this was a good sign! After showing Crystal his test results and how urgent it was that he got care when he did, Bailey's owner thanked her for her vigilance, as it really was a matter of life and death. As you can see from his picture, Bailey's eyes are now bright and clear and he is well on his way to making a full recovery!  Fetch! sitters are more than just your dog's best friend, they can be lifesavers too!!  We are so happy that Bailey is back to his rambunctious self, seein' his tail waggin' again is PURE JOY for us all!!
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