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It’s been a hot, dry summer here in North Central Washington. The past few weeks have been smoky because of the massive Carlton Complex Fire burning just 30 miles away. Thankfully, we got some small, sporadic showers that helped clear the air while we worked to harvest our 16 garlic varieties.
The last of the garlic was harvested on August 11th from our mountain farm bringing that chapter of our farming season to a close. We’re very pleased with this year’s harvest. Despite drought conditions with barely a drop of rain throughout May, June and July our unirrigated mountain garlic performed fantastic! Great news for those of you who live in the drought stricken west that want to plant a dependable, long storing, health giving addition to your gardens.
Our website has been updated to reflect the varieties that we still have in stock and those that are sold out. As usual there was an early run on our Hardnecks and we have sold out of a few varieties. Those of you who wanted to order Music this year and haven’t yet will have to wait another year, or you could always purchase Romanian Red. Romanian Red is a Porcelain garlic as is Music and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two in a side by side comparison. Both have massive clove size and are nice and spicy for the gourmets out there.
A Softneck that doesn't seem to get the respect it deserves is Lorz Italian. It is consistently the largest garlic we grow. Lorz’s huge bulbs can weigh over ¼ lb
with nice large cloves to go along with the massive bulb size. Definitely an ‘easy keeper’ garlic that can handle a lack of weeding like the best of them. It’s also one of the longest storing Softnecks we carry only outdone by Nootka Rose.

Whatever variety you choose to go with this year, we wish you happy planting!

--Noah & Heather Burnell


Sampler Packs

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We are pleased to now offer Sampler Packs of both our Softneck and Hardneck varieties. Samplers are a great way to try out different garlic varieties and see which ones are your favorite. 

The Softneck Sampler includes each of our 6 Softneck varieties: Transylvanian, Silver White, Lorz Italian, California Select, Inchelium Red, and Nootka Rose. Big bulbed, long storing Softneck garlic is a great addition to any garden. Softneck Sampler Packs can be purchased in 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., or 1 lb. quantities.

Our Hardneck Sampler Pack includes 1/4 lb of each of our 10 Hardneck varieties: Korean Mountain, German Red, Asian Tempest, Spanish Roja, Romanian Red, Buckaroo, Okanogan Blue, Siberian, Polish Tempest, and Music.

Sampler Packs are discounted 10% off regular prices.

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Need Planting Instructions?

If you aren't quite sure how to plant your garlic seed check out our Youtube video. Noah shows how we plant our garlic here at Great Northern Garlic. You can find a link to the video and written planting instructions on our FAQ's page.

How Much Garlic to Order?

Figuring out how much garlic you need to fill the space you have can be tricky. You can figure on Softneck varieties averaging approximately 24 seeds to the ¼ pound. Hardnecks average around 14 seeds per ¼ pound. Of course, these are only averages so if you want to insure that you fill your space you can always order a tad more and eat the extra.
A 6-8” spacing on your garlic is usually sufficient. So, a 4’x4’ bed will hold up to 64 plants.

Existing Customers

If you would like to add to your order, contact us before September 1st and tell us what you would like. We will check your order to see if we can combine shipping to help you save money.

Got Photos?

If you grew garlic from seed you ordered from us last year, we'd love to see photos! We'd also love to share them on our social media pages with your permission. Email us!

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