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Garlic seed begins shipping from our farm to your door on September 1st!
We've updated our varieties and quantities at and are ready to take your order. Some varieties sell out quickly so check in soon. If you're looking for bulk seed or have questions just contact us

Farming by the light of the moon...

There's lots to do here on the farm. Lucky for us the sky stays light late into the night! Here's Noah cutting scapes at 10:30pm for an early morning delivery to some fancy Seattle restaurants.


We've been growing this Hardneck variety for several years now and are finally ready to release some seed to our customers! A Marbled Purple Stripe Hardneck, some call this Russian Red. It proliferates just over the border from us in B.C. Canada. Russian Doukhobor's bulb size is big and consistent with nice color on the outer papers and brilliant deep purple on the clove wrappers. Sure to be a top seller at farmers markets! 6-8 cloves per bulb.

There's no way to predict from year to year how a crop is going to perform. We grow over 20 varieties of garlic and every year there are clear standouts. Is it the weather? The soil? The timing of planting or harvesting? There are so many factors that it's hard to say with any confidence what the reasons might be. We just know that we love pulling those big bulbs out of the ground!

This year's top performers are:
Transylvanian Softneck Artichoke
Romanian Red Hardneck Porcelain
Spanish Roja Hardneck Rocambole
Russian Doukhobor Hardneck Marbled Purple Stripe

If you're looking to start off with some extra large seed stock, be sure to give these varieties a try! 

Bundles & Samplers

Want to save money on your Organic Garlic Seed? Check out our deals! Our Softneck and Hardneck Samplers offer the best deal to get you started growing a variety of garlic. We also offer a Cold Climate Bundle and a Warm Climate Bundle with 3 varieties each.


It's a common question. A 6 inch spacing is usually sufficient for garlic seed. You could go 8" to ensure you've given your garlic plenty of space to grow. (Softnecks grow larger than Hardnecks.)

Figure on Softneck varieties averaging approximately 24 seeds to the 1/4 pound. Hardnecks average around 14 seeds per 1/4 pound. Remember, these are averages so if you want to ensure that you fill your space order just a tad more than your calculated estimate. You can always eat the leftovers!

For help figuring out how much seed you need, go check out our calculation page.


Great Northern Garlic Seed is making it out and about! As we're located in Washington State we've been able to connect with some fabulous retail outlets. You can find Great Northern Garlic Seed at Skagit Co-op, Sky Nursery, Swansons Nursery, and West Seattle Nursery. We've found a home in New York too! You can purchase Great Northern Garlic seed in Queensbury at Meads Nursery. Of course, you'll have to wait until the beginning of September when we ship out our 2017 supply!

Hardneck garlic varieties are prized for their robust flavor. You won't often find Hardnecks at the grocers. If you want to eat gourmet garlic Hardnecks are where it's at. Softneck garlic varieties are amazing too. Softnecks tend to grow into huge bulbs that are full of garlic flavor. Softneck garlic has a much longer storage life than Hardneck so if you have both in your garden you can keep your kitchen in homegrown garlic the year through!

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