#2 Hardneck Seed
On sale now!

Our jumbo Hardneck seed garlic is sold out for the year but don't despair! We've just listed three varieties of #2 Hardneck seed garlic. You'll find Polish Tempest, Romanian Red, and Siberian #2 seed on the Great Northern Garlic website -- until they sell out. Supplies are limited.
#2 seed garlic is simply garlic that is slightly smaller than our jumbo seed. It's priced at a 25% discount. It will still grow great and is an excellent value.

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Organic Softneck Seed Garlic

Don't Forget the Softnecks!
Grow big, long-lasting bulbs

Softneck garlic stores twice as long as Hardneck and competes better with weeds. The three Artichoke varieties we carry have large cloves that rival any of the Hardnecks. Try planting some this year. You won't be disappointed.
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