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We're Bringing in the 2016 Harvest!

We've been fortunate to have had good snowpack this past winter and a nice amount of spring rains here in our part of the Pacific Northwest. The garlic here at Great Northern Garlic is looking great! Right now we are in the middle of Softneck harvest and Hardneck harvest looks like it will be earlier than usual. The weather has been kind to us without the scorching heat of last year's harvest and we are feeling thankful!

Our website is open for orders, each variety with a preliminary amount available. We will update with more garlic as the weight counts come in after curing. If it's Hardneck garlic you are wanting please do order early as Hardneck varieties tend to sell out quickly. If there is not enough of a certain variety available to put into your cart, or if you are looking for a large quantity, please contact us and we'll give you a hand with your order.

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Two New Varieties Available This Fall

Susan Delafield
Our new Porcelain variety, Susan Delafield, is a good keeping Hardneck. With large cloves and great flavor. 3-6 large cloves per bulb. If you're looking for Music seed, this would be a terrific substitute!

Garlic Curing

When you harvest your garlic you want to be sure to cure it thoroughly so that you don't get mold when you store it. Do not wash your garlic unless you plan on eating it immediately. It will look pretty but you will be laying the foundation for mold spores to grow.

You can hang to dry as we do, making bundles and hanging them from stringers in our barn. You can also dry your garlic on racks in single layers. A new study shows that you can cut the tops off your garlic at harvest without any damage to the curing process. So if you have the space you could cut the tops and lay the bulbs out, preferably on wire racks to cure. Of course, braiding is a great storage option for Softnecks. Hardnecks look pretty turned upside down and put in a vase like flowers.

In hot summer weather it usually takes a month to dry thoroughly. You will want the garlic to have good air circulation during this time. You also want to keep your garlic out of direct sunlight while it cures. If you expose the garlic to the sun while it dries, the papers and clove wrappers will become very difficult to remove when it is time to peel the garlic for eating.

After a month we take our garlic down, cut the tops and roots and rub the outermost layers of paper off. This is where most of the dirt hangs out. We give each bulb that will be shipped a thorough cleaning with a brush so that none of our lovely soil leaves the farm.

Store your cured garlic in a cool, dark place if you can. An open cardboard box in the corner of the pantry would work, a basket or milk crate would be even better. Your Hardnecks will keep for several months. Softnecks will store for up to a year.
Persian Star
We absolutely love this new Purple Stripe variety! It has such gorgeous color when you peel it down just a bit. A flavorful Hardneck, Persian Star has 8+ large cloves per bulb and is sure to please.
Heather using our new favorite tool, the wheel hoe. 
Until this year we pulled most of our weeds by hand. Sometimes we use good old stirrup hoes. Noah even modified one to have a crook so we can get in between the garlic plants easier without damaging them. But obviously, we have a lot of garlic and weeding by hand and hoeing is time consuming when you have rows and rows. The pushing and pulling of the hand hoes can get exhausting too. (But our arms are in good shape!) Enter the wheel hoe. It's easy to walk behind the wheel hoe and push it through the spaces between the garlic where it pulls many of the weeds out with ease. Of course, some weeds are missed and you can't use them where you have mulched but our wheel hoes have made it much easier for the two of us to keep our garlic weed free and growing in the sun. Wheel hoes are available with a variety of attachments and could be a great addition to even the home garden. Check them out if you have a chance!
We are a small, family run farm. That means we do all of the growing, weeding, shipping, and marketing ourselves. Where did you find us? How can we do better? If you have any ideas of great places to market our product we would love to hear them. Email us. If you know someone who might be interested in what we have to offer we would be most appreciative of a share or mention. It's you, our customers, who give us the ability to farm and help make the world a better place by spreading the organic garlic love. Thank you!
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