Our organic seed garlic will be shipping soon. It's time to order yours!

It's Time to Order!

Our first garlic seed shipments will leave for Alaska in early September, with shipments following to other hardiness zones accordingly. We have a variety of tasty long-storing softnecks and beautiful flavor-filled hardnecks to chose from.

If you want to plant some premium organic garlic to harvest next year, get those planting beds ready and visit us at to get your order in soon!

Garlic 2012-2013

The season is winding down here. But not to worry, there's plenty to do! Besides shipping seed, in just a few weeks we'll begin our first plantings of garlic to be harvested in 2014.

This spring was a busy one for us here at Great Northern Garlic. We completed a 20-acre fencing project on some newly acquired land and expanded our market garden. We weeded the garlic. Oh, how we weeded! This growing season was more damp than usual here in North Central Washington and the weeds loved it.

Our scapes started appearing in June signaling harvest was not far off. We found great interest in our organic garlic scapes both near and far. We were very pleased to provide them to lovers of great food, markets, and restaurants.

Construction of a new barn to hang freshly harvested garlic for drying was begun. The garlic barn will also contain our new office and shipping facility. We hope to have it completed before the snow flies.

Garlic harvest went well, beginning in early July with the softnecks down by the river and wrapping up with the mountain hardnecks on August 9th. It took a few days to bundle and hang but when we finally finished we were able to step back and really assess the crop. It looks fantastic! The softnecks were prolific. The hardnecks look great; heavy with that pungent goodness we all hope for.

Each year we choose a couple of varieties that are standouts. This year it would have to be a tie on the hardneck side with Romanian Red and Siberian both looking amazing while the softneck variety Lorz Italian has blown our minds with some softball sized bulbs.

We’re in the process of seeing if we can get approval to ship seed to Canada. It’s a unique situation we have, being located minutes from the border, and taking shipments to be inspected won’t be too much of an inconvenience. We’d love to be able to ship to Canadian garlic lovers!
We hope your summer gardening was productive and tasty.

Happy gardening!
Noah and Heather Burnell

Featured Hardneck

Romanian Red: Producing 5-6 large cloves on each robust growing bulb, Romanian Red is a culinary delight! This easy to peel cultivar imparts hot, pungent garlic flavor. We're so pleased with this year's crop which produced large, heavy bulbs.

Featured Softneck

Nootka Rose: This is a beautiful garlic with rose hued cloves. It's great for making garlic braids and has robust flavor to boot. Nootka Rose is a long-storing softneck with good, consistent sizing.

Our First Festival!

Okanogan River Garlic Festival: We just attended our first ever garlic festival. The Okanogan River Garlic Festival is in its 14th year. It's a small festival but one with the rural closeness of our area that we love. We saw lots of old friends and made some great new ones. We had a fun time teaching people how to plant garlic. After talking to so many people and answering questions we have an even more in-depth idea of the information people need and will use the information to update our FAQ's on our website.

At the festival we showcased our organic seed garlic that we grew at the valley farm as the mountain garlic is still in the barn drying. It was especially fun to talk about the local varities like Inchelium Red and Lorz Italian. We even met a member of a Lorz family and wondered if it was one of their ancestors who brought the Lorz variety to this area.

Our garlic, as well as our organic tomatoes and basil, were also featured by our fabulous local restaurant, Pastime Bar & Grill. They created a garlic based menu especially for the festival. Everything was fabulous but the Garlic Confit Hummus was out of this world!

All in all it was a great event. We can't wait to do it again next year.


Buckaroo: We've already sold out of Buckaroo jumbo seed but are offering some smaller seed at a discount. Buckaroo is a deliciously tasty Rocambole that can tolerate sever winter weather and is a delight to work with in the kitchen. You can find Buckaroo on our Hardneck Varieties page by scrolling down.


Wondering the difference between a Hardneck and a Softneck? Want to know how much garlic seed you need for the space you have? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers, planting instructions, and more.
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