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Living Beautifully by is a regular newsletter to share and inspire a different way of looking at the world. What would our world look like were we all to make it a little more beautiful?

01. Beautiful Conversations

What becomes of our world when some attempt to reap the harvest of absolute power?

Yet, amidst this atrocity, we must also celebrate what the best of humanity is capable of - impressive acts of generosity, compassion, solidarity, love, kindness, courage, humility, creativity, agility, sacrifice, selflessness.

We need to fill and expand our capacity to bring a better world into existence, as Arundhati Roy suggested "a new world is possible and on a quiet day I can hear her breathing".

Krass Clement: The Secret of Reality
Danish photographer Krass Clement talks here about what photography means to him and the emotions that he observes.

“There's an expectation, often not satisfied or fulfilled, but it's still there and maybe experienced as both tragic and beautiful. The photo always holds these two layers...”

What do we see?
Geoff Mann
Geoff Mann and James Butler, on the London Review of Books podcast, a conversation that requires close attention.

They discuss whether the use of economic models developed by William Nordhaus and others, widely used by governments around the world as a tool to tackle climate change, are appropriate ways of confronting environmental crisis. The poetic conversation at the end has me captivated.

Read Geoff Mann's LRB article that inspired the discussion.
The Basketmaker - Annemarie O'Sullivan

02. Beautifully Made

Based in East Sussex, Annemarie O'Sullivan makes contemporary baskets using ancient British basket-making techniques. She grows around 20 varieties of willow, which she harvests by hand on a half-acre plot near her home.

Working from a wooden studio in her garden, Annemarie creates both small-scale domestic objects and larger woven sculptures.

Photographer and journalist Poly Irungu founded the platform Black Women Photographers in 2020, with the aim to level the playing field for black female and non-binary creatives.

Achievements to date include: a crowdsourced relief fund to support black women photographers during the pandemic; a print sale to support relief efforts in Haiti; dozens of new jobs for photographers at outlets such as Bloomberg, NPR and The New York Times; and the launch of a grant fund from camera brand Nikon.

03. Beautifully Restorative

River – from London based documentary film company Dogwoof – is a cinematic and musical odyssey that explores the remarkable relationship between humans and rivers.

Previews across the UK from 16 March 2022.

Count Us In is on a mission is to inspire one billion citizens to significantly reduce their carbon pollution and challenge leaders to deliver bold, global change.
Lithion Recycling has developed an efficient and cost-effective process for recycling lithium-ion batteries, the most widely used batteries for electrical vehicles and portable electronics today.

This new process will allow up to 95% of these batteries components to be recovered and treated so that they can be reused by battery manufacturers—a concrete way to close the loop of battery life-cycle.
It Can Be Built

04. Beautifully Built

British architect Sir Peter Cook, founder of avant-garde architectural group Archigram, talks here about the possible benefits of drawing by hand, and explains why he disagrees with critics calling his architectural ideas utopian.

A major exhibition of art, science, design, music and philosophy invites you to experience different global perspectives on our shared planet, and consider Earth as a community we all belong to.

Interactive experiences, immersive installations and digital works come together to take you on a journey of self-reflection, discovering how technology can connect us to the natural world and leaving you feeling empowered to make positive change.

Our Time on Earth, Thu 5 May—Mon 29 Aug 2022, The Curve, Barbican, London.
The Pritzker Architecture Prize
Architect, educator and social activist Diébédo Francis Kéré, born in Burkino Faso, has been selected as the 2022 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

05. Beautiful Reads

Metaphysical Animals – Clare Mac Cumhaill and Rachel Wiseman

How we see the world is based upon what we think, what we believe is true, what is possible. I was fortunate to grow up in a household in which my mother and father had parity. They were a team.

In celebration of the 2022 International Women's Day here are four women who changed philosophy, Elizabeth Anscombe, Iris Murdoch, Phillipa Foot, and Mary Midgley. These four brilliant women found their voices and developed an alternative picture of human beings and their place in the world. We are indeed metaphysical animals: language-using, question-asking, picture-making creatures who seek the mysterious and the transcendent.

To read this story is to be reminded of the institutional barriers that prevented women from studying philosophy, the grit and determination of those who resolved to do it anyway, and the way that the life of the mind can be as intense and eventful as friendship itself.

Magdalena. River of Dreams. A Story of Colombia – Wade Davis

Davis tells of his travels on the mighty Magdalena, the river that made possible the nation. Along the way, he finds a people who have overcome years of conflict precisely because of their character, informed by an enduring spirit of place, and a deep love of a land that is home to the greatest ecological and geographical diversity on the planet. Like the vast river itself I found myself drawn into a deeply moving story which at its heart is about regenerative life.

06. Beautiful Food

Sugarcane, London, Caribbean soul food. Restaurant critic, Jay Rayner writes: "The food is terrific, but it is the story of care leaver Chef Tee that’ll feed your soul". 

The first records of public places serving coffee are to be found in the Arabian Peninsula during the 16th Century. By the 17th Century these places of artistic, intellectual and political debate had spread across European cities.

The rich intellectual atmosphere of early London coffeehouses were available to anyone who could pay the sometimes one penny entry fee, earning them the name of 'Penny Universities'.
I do love a good cafe and these two are an excellent place to start. Ideal Caffè Stagnitta, Palermo, Sicily and Patricia, Melbourne, Australia. Surely revolutionary conversations still need a beautiful place to fuel inspired ideas.

Mine's a flat white. by the way. Topic starter: beautiful business is the future, do you agree?
The world's first AI controlled insect farm that combines insects’ power to upcycle nutrients from food waste with cutting-edge technology. Inside the Better Origin X1, waste is consumed by insects, which then provide nutrient-rich food for animals.

They say, join supermarkets, farmers and food producers who decarbonise their supply chains, tackle food waste, and reduce soy use.

07. Beautiful Experiences

The world is sensual and textured, sound is sensual and textured. Here are two sonic experiences for you.
Sancturies of Silence: Silence just might be on the verge of extinction. Join acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton on this immersive journey.

Directed and produced by Adam Loften and Emmanual Vaughan-Lee.
The Emergence Magazine podcast – When the Earth Started to Sing – written and narrated by David G. Haskell, brings us to the beginning of sound and song on planet Earth.

08. Beautiful Insights

Professor Diane Coyle says solving the productivity puzzle is key to raising living standards – but it should not be at the price of sustainability – via Natural Capital.
For nearly a century, governments around the world have measured the health of their economies by a single metric: Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A rising GDP is generally understood to mean more people in work, more companies in business, living standards on the rise.

Is our obsession with GDP killing the climate – The Climate Question, via BBC Sounds.
How to Identify What You Enjoy – Lori Gottlieb with Arthur C. Brooks, on The Atlantic podcast, discuss the importance of fun, the cultural distortion of emotions as “good” or “bad,” and how envy points you in the direction of your deepest desires. 
Anil Seth is a neuroscientist. His work is an effort to answer some of science’s hardest questions, with huge implications across all fields of human endeavour: how do our brains give rise to consciousness? Via Quanta Magazine.
Since the pandemic more families have opted to cycle to school. With safety, health and camaraderie in mind people across the globe have been gathering and riding in large groups, to create greater visibility — and sometimes, a hard-to-miss, joyous spectacle. Via Bloomberg.
The Amazon is the Planet's Counterweight to Global Warming, a Place of Stupefying Richness Under Relentless Assault – via Inside Climate News.
Why women’s participation is essential to achieve global climate targets – World Economic Forum.
Marine Power Systems is revolutionising the way in which energy is harvested from the world’s oceans.
From 20 seat regional trips to over 100 seat long-distance flights, ZeroAvia enables scalable, sustainable aviation by replacing conventional engines with hydrogen-electric powertrains.

I think we now need them more than ever.
Petalite have engineered and patented a revolutionary new charging technology, called SDC. A more reliable and cost effective solution for public electric vehicle charging points, suitable for all types of electric vehicles on land, sea and air.
Truly biodegradable and sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging materials do exist.

Come On – brands, retailers, manufacturers, producers and governments – why is the food on our supermarket shelves still wrapped in plastic?

Notpla and Solublue, made from seaweed and plants.
This is the reason Demis Hassabis started DeepMind. A year after it took biologists by surprise, AlphaFold has changed how researchers work and has set DeepMind on a new course. Via MIT Technology Review.
Fashion Isn’t Becoming More Sustainable, But Next-Gen Materials Might Fix That. Via Forbes.

09. Beautiful Leadership

Two stories of female led initiatives that champion women.
Entrepreneur Carole Bamford (Daylesford Farm, and lifestyle brand Bamford) has launched Nila House, which is invested in improving education, alleviating poverty and helping women and children across India.

Through the production of handwoven natural-dye textiles, Nila works with local artisans (many of them women) while preserving India's craft heritage, from the pit looms of Kutch to West Bengal's fine muslin jamdanis. Traditional indigo-dye products are available on the website - all proceeds go to the charity.
The chief aim of this culinary enterprise, Luminary Bakery, is to use "baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship".

Since its launch in 2014, founder Alice Williams has provided more than 130 socially or economically disadvantaged women with training, work experience and employment: all apprentices leave with the skills needed to pursue a career in baking. In addition to its two London cafés, Luminary ships brownies and mini-cakes across the UK.
Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything

10. Beautiful News

Join the movement – at Beautiful Business we are creating the world’s largest design firm. Design is the means by which we deliver the change we need, enabling us to make the businesses that our world needs.

I was onced asked what I would die for, would it be love? I turned to the words of renowned psychologist James Hillman, who said:

“For love to return to the world, beauty must first return, else we love the world only as a moral duty. Clean it up, preserve its nature, exploit it less. If love depends on beauty, then beauty comes first”.
For more information and to request an application for our six-part programme, send us a beautiful hello.
Beautiful Businesses are the future, find out why, through my bookslearning experiences, mentoring and talks.

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