As advent approaches, please consider ways to include the story of today's Bethlehem - many ideas in here!
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network - Update

Advent Resources

PIEN reflection piece - contact us to print in your publication
Several senior PIEN members have written reflections comparing life in Bethlehem now with the first Christmas.  Look out for them in your denominational press, or contact us if you'd like one printed in your local newsletter. 

Kairos Palestine Advent Resources.
Kairos Palestine have worked with Christian organisations around Palestine to produce this wonderful resource that includes current information about Palestine as well as advent reflections.  Fantastic for support in preparing liturgies that honor the lives of the living stones in the Holy Land.
Download document

ABC religion reports covers perspectives 

John Cleary gave a wonderful extended interview with independent politician and activist Dr Barghouthi when he was in Australia recently.  Listen to interview

Prof Peter Slezak, a Jewish Australian academic challenges the veracity of the claims of anti-Semitism linked with BDS. Read article.


Prayer for Sabeel

Bo Forsberg from Sweden, offers this a prayer for peace and justice for Sabeel. This prayer will also be read on the final day of the Sabeel Conference celebrating of 25 years of Palestinian liberation theology.
God of peace and opportunity, our Creator and Redeemer, we come to you to pray for your mercy, forgiveness, and a new start.
Instead of overcoming evil with good, we have stood by while goodness has been affronted.
We ask for your help to give peace a new chance to thrive in our world.
Give us the courage to expose evil thoughts and deeds, and to speak the truth. We do not believe in the right of the strong, the strength of armies, or the power of oppression. We believe in the equal value of all people, the power of non-violence, and solidarity based on justice.
We pray for your Holy Spirit to join our hearts and minds with the way of peace, so that our hearts may become a place where your mercy reigns.
God of justice, make us tools of your peace so that we may do your will and create a just future.
Lord, awaken your church, starting with me.
Lord, bring your flock to life, starting with me.
Lord, bring peace to the whole world, starting with me.
Lord, afford your love and truth to all people, starting with me.

Please buy from Gaza

Gaza's Ark is an international movement seeking to challenge the blockade of Gaza.  One of the things it's doing is supporting the sale of fairtrade goods from Gaza.  Please support Gaza if you can by bulk-buying goods from them - you could hold a stall at your church or group, or maybe buy all your Christmas presents at once!  Read more.


Compass Easter 2014 special - looking for pilgrims going to Jerusalem

Compass are going to follow Geraldine Doogue as she makes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in Easter 2014, searching for what she believes is the essence of her faith. Alongside Geraldine's story, they are wanting to film other Australians who are also visiting Jerusalem at the same time - want to be part of the special?
Click here for more or feel free to call Jessica at PIEN on 0431 519 577 to discuss

Buy Taybeh Peacelamps

The South Australian Council of Churches are selling ceramic peacelamps on behalf of the Taybeh Christian community in the West Bank.  These lamps are a lovely gift, and also are a beautiful reminder for the need to pray for peace.  Additionally they provide much needed local employment.  Buy one as a gift, for your church, or home. Download more information with order form. 

Trips to Palestine

8-17 February 2014: Olive Planting
Often Palestinians or their olive trees are attacked during the olive harvest.  Joining an Olive Planting is therefore an act of protective accompaniment as well as a wonderful chance to meet local Palestinians. This trip is jointly organised by the YWCA-YMCA Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) and the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG). Read more.

10-14 March, 2014: Christ at the Checkpoint
Read more

Or go to Palestine in Easter 2014 and be part of the Compass special.

Church events

Melbourne: Act for Peace Christmas Bowl Launch - Richmond
19 November, 7pm
Dr Bishara Awad, founder of Bethlehem Bible College speaking at launch of the Christmas Bowl Appeal
360 Church St, Richmond

Shepparton - Spirituality at the Pub
6.30pm, Tuesday 19 November
Jessica Morrison sharing a Palestine 101 and her experiences
Terminus Hotel, Shepparton.

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