Sunday starts the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel AND Arda Aghazarian arrives in Australia!
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network - Update


World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel "let my people go"
Sign petition to UN Commissioner on Human Rights

The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches invites you to support their annual World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel (21-27 Sept). This year's theme is "let my people go" and focuses on Palestinian prisoners.

They have produced a a booklet containing a variety of resources which includes text, suggestions for advocacy, contacts of expert organizations, audio-visuals, liturgy and other useful resources.

They also have a petition to the UN Office of Human Rights to support Palestinians illegally imprisoned. Please sign and share!

Speaking Tour with Arda Aghazarian starts this week

Arda arrives on Sunday for our speaking tour!  Her action packed tour includes many public events in fifteen towns and cities across Australia.  Please do come and hear her speak, and find ways to promote your local event.  See event listing.


Palestinians cry out to be heard

Gaza's tiny Christian community under siege
Severe conditions in Gaza are leaving the struggling Christian community open to the temptations of "an extremism which does not differentiate between race and religion," warns a report released after a full survey of the community.

Western Christians Don't Understand Gaza/Israeli Conflict
"The Christians in the west, most of them, they don't know the realities here. They don't know who is occupying who, who is oppressing who, who is confiscating whose land, who is building walls to try and separate people from one another," Alex Awad from Bethlehem Bible College.

Coming Events

Arda Aghazarian throughout Australia in September and October
Find your local event.

Run for Palestine - Melbourne 9 November
Find out more.

Trips to Palestine

APAN Study Tours -  Jan 2015.  10 day trip of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Read more.
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