Please write! This month to The ABC and The Australian to thank for documentary showing mistreatment of children, and to the Foreign Minister
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network - Update

Did you see STONE COLD JUSTICE? Two follow up action requests

Last Monday night Four Corners showed a groundbreaking documentary about the treatment of Palestinian children by the Israeli military - STONE COLD JUSTICE  Click here to watch the documentary on ABC iview.

The documentary was groundbreaking in a number of ways - firstly it was a collaboration between The Australian and The ABC.  Secondly it detailed shocking accounts of the mistreatment of Palestinian children by the Israeli military.

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network released a statement praising the documentary, and called on the Government to publicly express their opposition to the treatment of children as revealed in the documentary (this link will download a PDF file).  The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was reported to be 'deeply concerned' by the treatment of children shown in the documentary - but hasn't responded any further.


The Zionist Council of Victoria began mobilising for complaints even before the show was aired.   And the Executive Council of Australian Jewry had a full Opinion piece published in the Australian rubbishing the documentary.

If you thought the documentary was solid - as we do - then you need to act.

Firstly - write a letter of congratulations to Four Corners and The Australian.

Secondly - write to the Foreign Minister at and ask her to ask for action from the Israeli government.. 

And please do talk to your family and friends about the documentary - and invite them to also watch it and respond.  The documentary is available to watch on ABC iview until the 24 Feb.

PIEN and World Vision announce visit of Palestinian Christian speaker

We are really excited to be working with World Vision to bring a Palestinian Christian emerging leader to Australia in Sept/Oct this year.  Arda Aghazarian is an Armenian Christian based in the old city of Jerusalem who is passionate about advocating for Peace and Justice for Palestinian people, with a particular emphasis on conflict resolution and women' rights.  Read more about the tour(this link will download a PDF file).

Mennonites advertise a job in Bethlehem See more

News about Palestine & Israel

Great news for the people of the Cremisan Valley - court orders Israeli explain proposed route of wall
The Supreme Court of Israel has has ordered the Government to explain why it refuses to alter the route of the wall. Construction of the wall has been halted while they await the court's decision. Read more.

Scarlett Johansson resigns from Oxfam after her endorsement of Sodastream.
Scarlett Johansson received significant criticism for continuing to be the ‘face’ of Sodastream despite them operating a factory in an illegal West Bank Settlement. Read more

EU denounces Israeli announcement of 558 settler units in East Jerusalem
"these plans could put at risk the prospects of Jerusalem becoming the capital of two states and, in particular, the territorial contiguity between East Jerusalem and the southern West Bank." Read more

South Africans say to Palestinians - “Your struggle is our struggle”
South Africans are getting behind the UN International Year of Solidarity for Palestinan people.  Even the President states: “We are with the Palestinians.” Read more

UN Humanitarian Coordinator reports massive displacement trends
“These demolitions are particularly disturbing as they leave families without shelter and compromise their livelihoods just as weather conditions are deteriorating. These demolitions must be brought to an immediate halt.” Read more
Israeli settlers of Yitzhar terrorize Palestinian villages
Defence for Children International Palestine produced a short film about Palestinian families living near the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar, Yitzhar's roughly 1,000 radical Israeli settlers terrorize 20,000 Palestinians from the surrounding villages of Burin, Madama, Asira al-Qibliya, Urif, Einabus, and Huwara. View video

Cross-border violence results in fatality and injuries to Gazan children
In December, increased cross-border violence resulted in a fatality and injuries to Palestinian children in Gaza. Israeli soldiers killed a teenage Palestinian boy in disputed circumstances outside Jalazoun refugee camp.  Read the Violations Bulletin: 

Christian Peacemaker Teams to challenge denial of entry in High Court
Israeli border authorities have been denying CPT’ers entry to Palestine. For more

CPT Australasia - new blog

Christian Peacemaker Teams in Australiasia have launched a new blog and newsletter.

Trips to Palestine

10-14 March, 2014: Christ at the Checkpoint
Conference of Bethlehem Bible College.
Read more

Easter 2014 and be part of the Compass special.

Anytime May-August 2014
Holy Land Trust Palestine Summer Encounter - to live and work in Palestine.  Read more.

3-18 August 2014, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions - rebuilding camp
Join with Palestinians and Israelis who refuse to be enemies in a powerful act of non-violent resistance in rebuilding a Palestinian home.   Participate in an extensive educational program including field trips to both sides of the divide. Read more.
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