We have launched and have resources available for all to use.  News from Palestine including blog from CPT volunteer, and video of flashmob from Sabeel's global youth conference
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network - Update

We have launched - spread the word!

After months of planning, the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network has launched!  We hope you can help us to spread the word. 

At the National Council of Churches Forum this week our new materials formed part of the Act for Peace stall, and we were honored that delegates  to the forum (from five different denominations) stood with our brand new banner!

Would you like some of our new brochures for your church?  We'd love to send you as many copies as you like - contact@pien.org.au

Would you like a speaker to come to your church about Palestine- we can organise that - contact@pien.org.au

News from Palestine & Israel

Statement on Christian presence and witness in the Middle East
World Council of Churches & Middle East Council of Churches statement following asking for solidarity amongst difficulties, and support of the rich gifts of the churches in the Middle East have to offer the broader church

Methodist conferences in USA divest from companies involved in the Israeli occupation
National Catholic Reporter details the increasing number of Methodist conference who are voting to divest companies in support of Palestine

Sabeel Youth Conference flashmob at Damascus gate (10min Youtube clip)
The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre held a Global Young Adults Festival this week in Jerusalem which included a flashmob action at the Damascus gate to the Old City.  Action comes alive in proper a few minutes into clip. 

Patriarchs and Heads of Churches Protest to the Closure Measures at Jaffa Gate
Christian leaders are unable to get to their homes and churches as Israelis often close their only entrance to the Old City – the Jaffa gate.
Rifat Kassis - Palestine.  Address to Defense for Children International.

Egypt regime change and the Israeli-Arab conflict
Palestinian analyst and author Nassar Ibrahim reviews what impact the change in Egypt may have on Palestinians and their politics.

Acting the landlord: Israel’s policy in Area ‘C’ and the West Bank
New report from B'Tselem looks at Israel's policies in Area C of Palestine and its implications for Palestinians in the West Bank. 

Britain Denounces Israeli Plan to Expand “Har Homa”
The British Government denounced final approval for the construction of 69 new units in this settlement between occupied Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Indian theologian recounts living faith of Palestinian Christians
Samuel Kuruvilla’s in his book Radical Christianity in Palestine and Israel analyzes the theologies developed by two major figures in current Palestinian Christian thinking: Naim Ateek and Mitri Raheb.

Settlers Drown Land with Wastewater in Bethlehem
Jewish settlers from illegal ‘Beitar Illit’ pumped wastewater to around 100 dumums of agricultural land belonging to around 50 farmers in the village, drowning it completely. The land became unfit for agricultural use due to the ongoing pumping of wastewater by settlers.


Letter writing for Palestinian children
The Uniting Church Vic/Tas has a letter writing campaign about rights of Palestinian children in military detention.  Please join (pg 4)

Australia Post stamps with Israel
Many Australians have written to Australia Post concerned about the joint Australia-Israel stamp issue which comes with information that says "The capture of Beersheba allowed British Empire forces to break the Ottoman line near Gaza and then advance into Palestine, a chain of events which eventually culminated in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948". The claim that the Beersheba action somehow contributed to the establishment of the state of Israel 31 years later is historically quite inaccurate.

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Australian Christian Peacemaker Team Volunteer Carole Powell blogging from Palestine

Follow her blog 'checkpoints, challenges and chai'

Australian Christians who seek lasting peace for the people of Palestine and Israel. 

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