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A request for help with our finances

Here’s a quick “test”:  do you know that recently, at the United Nations, Australia refused to vote in favour of a series of proposed resolutions calling for support and justice for Palestinians? In three of them, our government voted “no”, joining the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands and (in some cases) the former Canadian government.  In the other two, our government sat on the fence by abstaining.

Justice for Palestine, based on established principles of human rights (and, for Australians, our sense of fair play) remains a distant dream after 67 years!  Israel continues to deny that justice, with – it must be said – the support of its international friends, particularly the United States, but sadly also Australia.

What to do?

We would be kidding if we claimed the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network (PIEN) can single-handedly fix this problem and bring peace to this troubled region.  But we cannot and should not stand idle in the midst of injustice! And thankfully we are part of a growing international movement which agrees it’s high time Palestinians were given a chance for life that is free from occupation, oppression, violence and harassment.
Christians, especially, are called to follow Christ, who began his ministry by proclaiming God’s call upon him to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, sight to the blind and freedom to the oppressed (Luke 4: 18).
That is why PIEN’s mission is to be Australian Christians who seek lasting peace for the people of Palestine and Israel.  We aim to equip and inform Australian churches, inspired by Christ’s vision for universal reconciliation.
How are we working on this? Through three key strategies:
  • Educating Christians about the issues and equipping them to be strong, vocal advocates for a just peace;
  • Persuading our parliamentary representatives – whether in the government or not – of the imperative and “rightness” of speaking up and acting for justice for all people in Palestine and Israel; and
  • Expressing solidarity for and with all Palestinians, whether Christian or not.
PIEN wants to be an active instrument for justice and peace.  But we cannot do so without your support! You are among quite a significant number of Australian Christians who have, in some way and at some time, expressed an interest in and – in many cases – support for PIEN’s work for justice and peace.  You receive our e-newsletters and many of you have access to our Facebook, website, and other sources of information.
Recently, we advertised for a new PIEN Executive Officer, to work part time with increased hours to 12 hours a week, commencing in February 2016. This increase in hours for the role will give a much needed “lift” to the achievement of PIEN’s objectives.  Together with the need to extend the scope and effectiveness of our work, this appointment will involve a large increase on the financial resources required to get the job done.  Our modest program of advocacy and education costs around $20,000 a year, and – as we enter 2016 – we have about one third of that!


PIEN invites you to expand your current informal membership and interest in PIEN by offering financial support through a one-off or annual gift. No amount is too small, or too large!
Your gift at this time will enable us plan effectively for the coming year, and help us continue working for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.
Details on how to donate are provided below.
Thank you for your support, and happy Christmas!
Gregor Henderson and Ros Harper, PIEN Co-conveners
Kevin Bray, PIEN Treasurer
Bek Christensen, Acting PIEN Executive Officer
21 December 2015

How to donate to the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network (PIEN)

1. By direct electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the PIEN bank account, with email advice of having done so.  This is our preferred way to receive your gift.

PIEN’s bank account details are:
Account Name:  Palestine Israel account
BSB:  702-389
Account Number:  05200760
Email address for sending advice of donation:  kevin26@iinet.net.au (addressed to Kevin Bray). In the email, please explain the purpose of the donation (for annual donation, or as a one-off donation) and the name, phone number/s and address of the donor.

2. By cheque to the PIEN Treasurer, Kevin Bray, with a note explaining the purpose of the donation, and the name, phone number/s and address of the donor.

Kevin Bray’s mailing and contact details are:
Dr Kevin Bray, Treasurer, PIEN
3 Moulden Court
Belconnen  ACT  2617
Tel:  02 6251 2087 (home and work) and 0406 376 878 (mobile), kevin26@iinet.net.au.

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Australian Christians who seek lasting peace for the people of Palestine and Israel. 

We aim to equip and 
inform Australian churches, inspired by Christ’s vision for universal reconciliation.