How can the next few weeks and months be a time of preparation and planning? What are your priorities for the work of PIEN?
Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network - Update

A time of preparation and planning

For many Christians, this time of Lent is associated with a period of preparation for Easter. For the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network (PIEN), the season of Lent coincides with our preparations for our planning for the new year. This is when we start to think about priorities for the network in 2016 and beyond. What does this year hold in store for PIEN and our work in support of Palestinians? What should be our priorities, where should we focus our energies, and equally importantly, what are the areas which we just may need to put aside, either temporarily or permanently?
All network members and supporters are invited to join in with us in this process. What are your thoughts, ideas, visions, and outstanding issues for PIEN in 2016 and beyond? In the near future we will be sending out a survey to seek your specific input on some of these issues, so please start to give these questions some thought. Alternatively, you are welcome at any time to make contact and share your thoughts, we would appreciate your ideas and input. Please email or call our Executive Officer Tim Budge if you want to share your ideas.
Apart from your ideas, we are always looking for more people to become actively engaged in PIEN. Do you have some skills that might be of use to the network? Do you have some time available? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Strategy Day

If you are interested in being involved in the planning process, why not consider joining in our national Strategy Day, to take place on 2nd April? Please contact Tim Budge if you would like more details about being involved, we would love to have your constructive input on this important day.

Lenten Resource

The Ecumenical Water Network has produced a very interesting resource which invites people to go “on a pilgrimage of water justice in the Middle East, with specific reference to Palestine”. As the network notes:
           "Jerusalem is a most significant destination for the pilgrimages by people of all three faiths of the book, and a place where they live side by side. And yet, in this holy place, we have confronted a most unholy reality: the terrible suffering of the Palestinian people from lack of clean water and adequate sanitation. And what is lacking in Palestine is not water; what is lacking is justice. The Palestinian people thirst for water justice."

For more details, click here

News from and about Palestine

5 Reasons We So Blindly Support Israel in Spite of the Truth or Biblical Ethics
From the Patheos Progressive Christian Blog, Benjamin L Corey: "I have a few ideas as to why this seems to occur. So, here are my 5 reasons so many of us irrationally support Israel– in spite of truth or biblical ethics...

Palestinian Muslims and Christians unite to restore Bethlehem church
From Christianity Today, 17th Feb: Palestinian Muslims and Christians have united to renovate a church in Bethlehem on the site that, according to tradition, Mary gave birth to Jesus.
  Urban Legends about Palestinian Christians
From blogger, Rev Paul Sinclair: "If you have a heart for the Palestinian Christians who are suffering under military occupation you will be lambasted with words like anti-semitic, terrorist, muslim extremist and replacement theology. Before you can breath a response you will be told if you say anything negative about Israel you’ll be cursed. If this is true the major prophets, minor prophets, apostles and Jesus are all cursed!"

Upcoming Events

7 - 10th March:
Christ at the Checkpoint
What would Christ say and do if he were to stand in front of a checkpoint today? Bethlehem Bible College invites you to the fourth “Christ at the Checkpoint” Conference, which will take place in Bethlehem from March 7-10, 2016. See here for more details.

22nd March, Perth
Public talk: Ali Abunimah, Palestinian author and cofounder of Electronic Intafada
University of Western Australia

26th March, Melbourne
Ali Abunimah, Co-founder of 'Electronic Intifada', speaks on the struggle for a free Palestine
See here for more details

30th March, Brisbane
"We teach life sir" spoken word with Rafeef Ziadah & special guests
29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane

31st March, Melbourne
AFP Symposium
Australians for Palestine are having a one-day symposium in Melbourne, called "In the Eye of the Storm: Palestine and the New Media" This is just before PIEN's Strategy Day, so come along to both days. Please email Tim Budge for more details.

31st March, Melbourne
"We teach life sir" spoken word with Rafeef Ziadah & special guests
360 Swanston St, Melbourne

2nd April, Melbourne
PIEN National Strategy Day
We will meeting all day in Melbourne for this very important chance to set priorities for 2016. Space is limited, so register your interest now

8th - 21st May
APAN Study Tour

Join others in an amazing study tour across Palestine, Israel. Jordan and Lebanon. See here for more details

10th - 18th May 2016
Sabeel Witness Visit
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center invites you to join us for 9 nights to experience the reality of life in today’s Holy Land:

Australian Christians who seek lasting peace for the people of Palestine and Israel. 

We aim to equip and 
inform Australian churches, inspired by Christ’s vision for universal reconciliation.

Executive Officer
Tim Budge
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