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November ・11月

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In This Edition:

1) GDI Greetings / Announcements
    GDI ご挨拶

      CEO  Greeting
2) GDI Communication Training 

     Ice Breakers / GDI Instructors' Profile
3) GDI Overseas Study/Internships

       2014 GDI Global Fair
4) GDI IT Service & Solutions 
   GDI ITソリューション

     Discussion meeting on the 11th of October
    GDI CSR Activity - Wai Wai Festival

GDI Greetings & Announcements

Greetings from GDI Communications!!!!!
Dear valued customers, clients, friends and employees of GDI,
I hope you are all well!!!!
October proved to be a very busy month for us at GDI.  We finally have made the move to our downtown office located about 10 minutes from Nagoya station.
We are very proud to announce our expansion of office and invite you all to come and visit when you have time.  Also we would like to again thank all who were able to attend our Office Open House.
With the expansion, comes the opportunity to offer more training and consultation at a much more convenient location.  
In October, I also had the opportunity to visit a number of our partnering schools in Victoria, where different representatives offered deeper insight and information regarding the amazing overseas study and internship programs available for individual or groups wanting to expand English and business skills. After the visit, I too was sold on the idea of travelling to Victoria to continue studies :) !!!!  Victoria is such a nice city!!!!!
For all who are interested in travelling abroad to expand your language skills, business skills or would just like to experience living abroad, GDI will be holding our annual GLOBAL FAIR  on Saturday November 8th at our Fushimi office.
Check below for more information.
I hope you all have a fantastic November!!!
Now is the Time!

Now is the Time.

GDI Business & Communication Training

Ice Breakers
Ice breakers are various comments and / or questions used to initiate a conversation.
When you find yourself wanting to talk to a person who does not know you or you do not know (a stranger), a natural ice breaker is needed to start create interest or warmth. An unnatural or inappropriate comment used as an icebreaker may result in a strange look or the cold shoulder.

Below are a number of natural ice breakers. Practice with your partner. 
1) weather
2) food
3) time
4) destinations
5) compliments
6) similar interests 
For more information click the below link or contact us.

GDI Instructor's Profile!

Osaka Area: Johnathan Chan講師
Hello everyone! My name is Johnathan Chan and I’m an instructor for GDI communications.I’ve been with GDI for almost a year now and it’s been a pleasure working with everyone in the company and of course, the students.                     

I was born in Hong Kong but spent the majority of my life in Canada. I came to Japan in 2008 so I’m about to hit the 7 year mark and life has been a blast here. Coming from a Chinese family and speaking multiple languages growing up,I understand the difficulty and differences between culture and language that make learning and communicating in English a difficult task at times for many Japanese people.I try to use my experiences to help students get through this hurdle. I believe a focus on conversation in class is key for students to get comfortable speaking in another language. Regardless of what your English level is, being able to express what your thoughts and feeling are is essential to successful  communication. Show that confidence!  Just to add a little bit more about myself if anyone cares. As a Canadian, I’m into my hockey, whether it be playing or watching. Go Leafs Go! I also play the guitar in my free time and enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting random people. I’m all the way down in Osaka so it’s difficult for me to make it to GDI events but don’t be a stranger if you ever find your way down here! 



GDI Overseas Study & Internships

November 2014  OS Newsletter Contribution
Dear GDI friends and Students,
Welcome to the GDI November Newsletter!  This month we will focus on our upcoming 2014 GDI Global Fair held on Saturday Nov. 8th at our new office in Fushimi.  
We are inviting three schools to attend our fair this year so that we may offer first hand information for students.  You will be able to meet representatives from KGIC Language School with campuses in Victoria and Vancouver; North Island College, a public college located on Northern Vancouver Island; and St. Andrew’s Regional High School, a private high school in Victoria.   Representatives will be able to offer specific information of academic programs in their own institutions, as well as introduce the local regions and lifestyle in their towns and cities.  A great opportunity not to be missed!
It will save time if potential students can search the school webpages before the Global Fair.  Here they are:
North Island College (Comox Valley)
St. Andrew’s Regional High School (Victoria)
KGIC (King George International College) (Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax)
I will also be giving a short presentation on the benefits of studying in Canada and what unique services GDI can offer students who wish to study in Canada.  I will be touching on the subjects of student support, both academic and social, as well as general support topics, such as how to get a phone and set up a bank account.  I will also be offering one example on unforeseen problems when studying abroad and how having a strong and local support network can make all the difference when studying so far from home.   Let us show you how GDI can help to make your study abroad experience a success!  See you on November 8th in Nagoya.
Thank you,
GDI Canada Regional Direct


アメリカとカナダの「Thanksgiving Holiday」の違いが分かりますでしょうか?

GDI Annual Global Fair is happening again! Nov. 8! Save the date!


GDI Global Fair 2014



◆ 開催日: 11月8日(土)
◆ 時間: 10:00~17:00
◆ 場所: GDI伏見オフィス(名古屋市中区錦1-11-20大永ビル7階)


We will have the GDI Global Fair on November 8th!!3 school representatives from North Island College, St. Andrew's High School and King George International College in Canada will attend our fair. You will find the most updated information about  study in Canada from them. Don't Miss It!

GDI Communications new office is now in downtown Nagoya! Drop in to get updated information about study in Canada or just to say hello. Of course, it is FREE!!

◆ DATE: Saturday November 8th, 2014
◆ TIME: 10:00am - 5:00pm
◆ LOCATION: GDI Fushimi Office

For more information, click below!
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GDI IT Service & Solutions


こんにちは、GDI Tokyo Officeです。寒暖さが激しくなり、冬の訪れを感じる日が多くなってきました。

Hello from GDI Tokyo Office. It's a turn of the year and the winter is about to arrive. Let's stay healthy and enjoy the season!

さて、Tokyo Officeでは10/11にCOO天野さん(Halさん)との座談会を開催致しました!

We held a discussion on the 11th of October with our guest, GDI COO, Mr. Hal Amano.


We had total of 18 members who attended in the last forum. Thankfully, the discussion was very inspirited and entertained.Therefore, Mr. Hal Amano gently offered for the second meeting in friendlier atmosphere.

今回はセミナーではなく『座談会』。お菓子を食べながら、テーマを細かく決めず、みんなの聞きたい事に答えていくというスタイルで行いました。内容は現在のUSの状況、対GDI Tokyoのインターンシップ実現方法、2020年Tokyoオリンピックに向けての方向、これからのInternetについて etc…

It was a very welcoming environment where we shared snacks during a round table talk. The topics we debated were about the current needs in USA, GDI Tokyo internship, 2020 Tokyo Olympic, etc.


Like the last meeting, our members’ eyes were sparkling and seemed to be very interested in the new ideas that we shared. We would be welcoming more thoughts, so please feel free to propose your pictures!

GDI Tokyo Officeはまだまだ成長中です。様々な情報を取り入れ、時代を先読みし、日本のグローバル化の先駆者となっていきたいと思います☆

GDI Tokyo Office is still growing. In order to lead the globalization in Japan, we would like to involve every single members in GDI family and develop as a team!

Club GDI / Events / CSR Activity

GDIのCSR Activity!!

We all had a wonderful day at Jiyu Gakuen (boys only orphanage) on October 26th. SFN (Santa and Friend Nagoya) participated in the “WaiWai Festival”.  We were so happy to volunteer and support the event.                                                                                  
During the event we our booth had shooting games for the children to enjoy, and delicious sausages for them to eat.  It was a great time with the kids!!!
We are looking forward to the next event. 

Saeko Kitamura
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