GFCS Newsletter No. 9
July - September 2013
Upcoming events

29/09/13 to 05/10/13        
First World Irrigation Forum

14/10/13 to 17/10/13        
3rd IWA Development Congress & Exhibition

15/10/13 to 18/10/13          
African Climate Conference

30/10/13 to 01/11/13          
National Consultation on a Framework for Climate Services in Belize


1st Meeting of the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services (July 1-5, 2013)

This meeting took important decisions to advance the implementation of the. It elected its first chair and two co - vice chairs as well as a management committee of 28 members. The 2nd meeting will take place from 10 – 14 November 2014.


Operational Climate Services: A Dialogue on practical action

Following up on the 1st Dialogue on Climate Services at the Extraordinary Congress of the World Meteorological Organization in October 2012, this second Dialogue focused on the operational challenges of climate services. Professor Julia Slingo in her keynote address highlighted the challenges in the transition from science to operations while also emphasising its  benefits. Speakers form various institutions as varied as government agencies, funding agencies, space agencies and UN agencies followed in a day-long discussion on the benefits of the implementation of operational climate services. The full report can be found under:
Workshop on GFCS at the National level in Germany

Roughly 60 individuals attend the call of the German Weather Service to discuss the way forward for the implementation of GFCS in Germany during a 2 day workshop. Participants came from federal institutions, research facilities and local agencies across all four GFCS priority areas. The outcome of this was a common understanding of GFCS and its potential benefit for each one. The DWD is now tasked with drafting a strategic white paper that would describe the potential federal governance of GFCS as well as some of its concrete deliverables.
>>  (In German)
Roadmap towards the national implementation of GFCS in South Africa

The Department of Environmental Affairs and the South African Weather Service will invite voluntary participation as well as stakeholder The major outcome of the meeting was the establishment of Interim Steering Committee whose role is twofold. (i) to facilitate the establishment of the Steering Committee, ensuring in the process that there is adequate participation for each of the GFCS components and (iI) to assist with generating the terms of reference for the Steering Committee. Once established, through the consultative process to be facilitated by the Interim SC, the Steering Committee will undertake at least the following tasks:
•          Mapping of Climate Services Landscape;
•          Facilitate formalization of Mechanisms and Structures for GFCS Activities;
•          Initiate and facilitate the development and adoption of the national GFCS Implementation Plan for South Africa
GFCS at Events

Side event at the 2013 World Water Week
Together with UNESCO and GWP, WMO organized a side event on ‘Stakeholders' Contribution to Drought and Flood Management’. The main focus here was to advocate for the newly launched Integrated Drought Management Programme. Bringing together different stakeholders with a multi- disciplinary approach, Integrated Flood Management and Integrated Drought Management are highly dependent on access to high quality climate services. GFCS fosters dialogue between climate and water communities to improve accessibility and understanding of climate services in support of water resources management. To succeed in this task, different agencies at the international and national levels were invited to  increase their cooperative efforts. 
Special bulletin on IBCS-1
An information brochure on the Global Framework for Climate Service
E-book on Climate Services
Summary of the GFCS Implementation Plan
Examples of benefits of Climate Services to the Water Communities.
Examples of benefits of Climate Services to the Health Community
Examples of benefits of Climate Services to the Agricultural Community
Examples of benefits of Climate Services to the DRR Community
General overview on GFCS
Atlas of Climate and Health
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