Zuppler Web 3.0 is finally hereBeautiful on any deviceFuture of Online Ordering is here ... finally! I know it took longer than we anticipated. I know you have been eagerly waiting for this to release. But Guys, it is well worth the wait.

  • Responsive Design:
    People usually design for the desktop and optimize it to a mobile device. We switched this concept around. Web 3.0 is designed for all mobile devices and of-course works great on a desktop too :)
  • Feature your Items:
    You have added a new item to your menu and would like to draw your customer attention. Feature the item in your menu and it will be highlighted in your online ordering page.
  • Multipliers for your Modifiers:
    Checkout our "Bagels and Cookies" category and see how the modifier multipliers work.
  • Fast, Fast and (did I say) Fast:
    Faster menu load, faster loading of pictures, loading items on demand to provide a responsive and seamless experience for your customers .. both on the desktop and mobile devices
  • Let's Go Mobile:
    Click on an item on a desktop and then on a mobile device and see how the popup and the menu automatically adjusts to the device. If you do not have a mobile device handy, simply resize the browser and see how the menu adjusts automatically. Pure Magic! 
The list goes on but I will let you play with the menu enjoy Zuppler Web 3.0.

go ahead and take a test drive today.

Check our demo

What's next?

We need to get the menu on your website upgraded to the Web 3.0 platform. 

Click here and get started now.

Thank You!

Shiva Srinivasan


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