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Dixie County Tobacco Prevention Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 1 / January - March, 2013

Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco Share Information on Spit Tobacco During Through With Chew Week

     The Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco (DCHS SWAT) held two events during the “Through With Chew Week” highlighting spit tobacco and candy flavored tobacco. 
     The DCHS SWAT arranged information booths at both JV and Varsity Baseball Games and Softball Games.  The booths contained information about how big tobacco targets youth by advertising spit tobacco and candy flavored tobacco at local gas stations close to the high school.  Students and parents were able to view the information at the booth including a tri-fold that has pictures of spit tobacco users who have been diagnosed with cancer due to their tobacco use. Read More

Dixie County Tobacco Prevention Specialist Receives Recognition from the Dixie County Chamber of Commerce
February 25, 2013

     On February 19, 2013, The Dixie County Chamber of Commerce (DCCC) presented Dixie County Tobacco Prevention Specialist Melanie with a “Special Recognition” Award for her local work on tobacco prevention.
The Award was presented by Carol West of the DCCC.  “The recipient of this Special Recognition award was a unanimous vote by the committee of the Dixie Chamber,” said Mrs. West.  “As a former school substitute teacher and counselor, it is obvious that (Melanie) has a passion is for our youth, and in particular building leadership skills for their future.  Over three years ago she joined Quit Doc and has been a faithful servant for tobacco education, prevention and community outreach in Dixie and Gilchrist counties.  She has helped make tremendous strides in reducing youth tobacco use, has been a champion at Dixie County High School, managing one of the largest SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) clubs in the entire state.” Read More

How Big Tobacco Got its Way in The Florida Legislature
By Matt Dixon
     TALLAHASSEE - It was February 2009, and things were looking good for the tobacco industry.
     “There are an estimated 60 million adult consumers participating in the total tobacco space in the United States,” said Michael Szymanczyk, CEO and chairman of the Altria Group, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies. “These adult consumers spent an estimated $80 billion on tobacco products at retail in 2008, an amount that has been increasing over the past few years.”
     His message during a conference at the posh Boca Raton Club and Resort was in the industry’s public statements and filings with regulatory authorities. It’s not what was being told to Florida lawmakers... Read More

'Addictive' Cigarette Smoking Games On Smartphones Target Kids
by Michaeleen Doucleff
     You can do just about anything with your phone these days. Take an electrocardiogram. Confess your sins. Even smoke a cigarette
     Yup, you read that correctly. Android and Apple offer apps that let you light and smoke a virtual cigarette. You simply blow into the microphone, or onto the screen, and an image of a cigarette glows red and "burns."
     Some apps time how long it takes to puff the whole fag, while others have a virtual ashtray that pops up messages like, "Would be even better with a beer in your hand!"... Read More
Sarasota County Can't Ban Smoking, Says its Attorney
By Jeremy Wallace
     SARASOTA COUNTY - All those “No Smoking” signs at county beaches and parks are flat-out wrong, it turns out.
     Sarasota County discovered Tuesday that it is powerless to stop smoking at public beaches, parks, youth sports fields or even in front of public libraries despite years of passing laws to the contrary.
     County attorney Stephen E. DeMarsh told county commissioners that the nearly five-year-old law banning smoking on public beaches is likely unenforceable, as is the roughly $100 fine that can come with each violation. Dozens of other smoking bans passed by local governments around Florida also could be in jeopardy... Read More

Senate Democrats go after tobacco user fee loophole to increase revenue
By Ramsey Cox
     A group of Democratic senators introduced a bill on January 31, 2013, that would close tax loopholes for tobacco companies, generating $3.6 billion in revenue over 10 years.
     Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin (Ill.), Frank Lautenberg (N.J.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) introduced the Tobacco Tax Equity Act, S. 194, which would close tax loopholes that allow tobacco companies to avoid the federal cigarette and roll-your-own tobacco tax, by making taxes on pipe tobacco equivalent to cigarette tobacco.
     “The current loopholes in the taxes on tobacco products encourage the use of products like pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and 'nicotine candies' as a cheap source of tobacco, particularly among young people,” Durbin said... Read More

Graphic Cigarette Labels Can Influence Smokers Who Know Less About Health
By Join Together Staff
     Graphic cigarette warning labels that show the health consequences of smoking can influence a wide range of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups, a new study concludes.
     The study included more than 3,300 smokers, MedicalXpress reports. Researchers viewed graphic cigarette warnings or text-only warnings, and reported their reactions. The warning labels with pictures had a greater impact compared with the text-only warnings, the findings suggest. This was true regardless of participants’ race, ethnicity, education or income... Read More

Opinion:  E-Cigarette Makers Want to Have it Both Ways
By Stanton Glantz, Ph.D.
     Several of my colleagues and I submitted a public comment to the FDA docket regarding a “Report to Congress on Innovative Products and Treatments for Tobacco Dependence.” 
     We commented on the fact that at least two e-cigarette companies, Sottera, Inc., which promotes the e-cigarette brand NJOY, and VMR Products LLC, which promotes the e-cigarette brand V2Cigs, along with the e-cigarette industry’s trade association, Smokefree Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), directed their consumers to provide public comment to this docket on “treatments for nicotine dependence” in direct e-mails to consumers and on their websites. The companies’ action was important because Sottera, Inc. had successfully sued the FDA to stop the agency from regulating e-cigarettes on the grounds that they were not therapeutic drugs and/or devices... Read More
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