“We…endeavored more eagerly to see your face with great desire.  Therefore we wanted to come to you. . .but Satan hindered us.”  (I Thes. 2:17, 18)
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April 26, 2016    Today's sunrise/sunset:  5:32a.m./10:06p.m.          Length of day:  16hr, 34min
                                   Today's low/high temp:    66*/38*          Yesterday's length of day:  16hr, 27min

Dear <<Greeting name>>,

In our last prayer letter, we wrote of plans to go out to Grayling as a family for an Easter service.  We were packed up and ready to go, but the weather was very unfavorable.  Flying on the edge of freezing temperatures with lots of precipitation is just asking for icing. 

A big obstacle we are facing in ministry is housing in the villages.  We are exploring some possibilities.  Pray for God to open the door/provide the right housing and funds that may be needed.  We are certain that the enemy does not want us bringing the light of the gospel to the villages of Alaska, so we ask you to pray that God will open doors and hearts for ministry in the villages and that there will be no hindrances to ministry.

Christ’s substitutionary death, the imputed righteousness of Christ through faith, and the power demonstrated in the resurrection of Christ - these were all central themes of the last AFJ training module.  A couple weeks ago, James drove down to Tazlina - a village about 250 miles south of Fairbanks - to assist in the teaching.  The subject was “Sharing the Good News.”  Praise the Lord for some good discussions about the importance of sharing a true gospel that starts with man’s lost condition and the wrath of God that we justly deserve.  "But God demonstrates His love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." 

Next week, May 3-8, we will be in Palmer for another training module on discipleship called “Pass it On.”  Please pray for safety in travel, for the girls as they cook, and James as he helps teach.  Please pray for the LEaD students who graduate on the May 7.  This will be their last training event.  Pray they will find opportunities for effective ministry in the future.

At the end of May, InterAct is having a field conference in Palmer.  This year, we are spending an extra three days in a planning meeting in which all the missionaries will be coming together to develop a clearer vision and direction for InterAct’s Alaska ministry.  Please pray for Biblical wisdom and unity as we work together to reach Alaska with the Gospel of Christ.

To the Praise of His Glory,

James and Shannon
On the homefront:
Thankful to have celebrated Dani's 17th birthday a couple weeks ago.  (No, this picture is NOT at home! but it's the one she preferred, taken in the beautiful Texas spring last month.  So I'm also going to include the birthday picture so you can see what home looks like...quite a contrast!)

Our snow is close to gone, and the meltoff and rain have made a mess of our road so that it's not usable right now.  We're parking a mile down the hill and hiking out and in if we need to go to town.
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