First Alaska Freedom Journey Training Module
Held April 10-14!

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April 27, 2013

<<Greeting name>>,

I parked my old blue pickup next to the row of airplanes on the snow-packed tarmac at Fairbanks International Airport.  The planes that had not been flown this winter were still surrounded by about eighteen inches of snow.  A hand shake, a few words of greeting and introduction with our Christian Pilots' Association pilot, Dick Burley, and we began the process of preflighting and loading the plane.  Wing covers and engine covers removed, tie downs removed, engine heater unplugged, finish loading luggage and paper supplies for the Ruby Bible Church, and we're ready to go.  Don, Dick, and I climbed into the red and white Cessna 180 for our flight to Ruby, AK, to return Don to his home after a week of leadership training.
Two days later, on Wednesday, April 17, I returned to my family in California from Alaska, where the first Leadership Training module offered by Alaska Freedom Journey was held.  The eleven days I was gone was a foretaste of the ministry that God has for us in Alaska.  I arrived in Fairbanks on the 6th in order to give myself room to work around weather to fly out to Ruby, a village of approximately 200 people, and pick up a native man and his wife and bring them to Fairbanks.  Though the weather did not allow me to fly out, Don and Annie took a commercial flight to Fairbanks.  We met for dinner on the 9th, then drove down to Palmer on the 10th in Don's vehicle, which he keeps in Fairbanks. 
An evening of fellowship kicked off the training on Wednesday, April 10, and was followed by 3 1/2 days of teaching on "How to Study the Bible" and "The Elder and His Work."   Eight native students and other drop-ins were taught by veteran missionaries Bob Lee and George Richardson.
Though classes were over at 5:00 p.m., inevitably an impromptu Bible Study broke out after dinner each evening.  It was a great time of learning about one another, and how we, the Millers, can enter into native peoples’ lives and help them grow in Christ.
Don, Annie, and I headed back to Fairbanks together on Sunday afternoon, the 14th.  Conversation about Scripture and how it meets all the needs of every culture filled our 6-hour drive.  I particularly enjoyed listening to Don explain how Romans 1 describes so many of the native people as they have turned away from the revelation of God toward worship of the creation.
Monday the 15th found us flying back out to Ruby to return Don to his home.  The 1:45 flight each way reminded me that it would be great if the Lord provided us with an airplane with rudder trim!  (If you don't understand that, ask a pilot.)
So, the successful completion of AFJ's first training module confirms for us the Lord's direction for our ministry and inspires us to finish our partnership ministry as soon as possible.  A door is opened for effective service, and we would love to walk through it today.
To the praise of His Glory,


This Thursday, May 2, we are leaving the kiddos with friends and flying to Alaska for InterAct's Annual Alaska Missionary Conference in Palmer, through May 6.  PRAY for a time of refreshing and revitalization for the InterAct Alaska team as we fellowship and PRAISE the LORD for four new missionary families appointed to Alaska this year (including the Millers)!


Many of you know that we have been part of this excellent, motivating summertime program, now in its 5th year.  We highly encourage your family to "run the race" with us this year.  Information and registration at!
Partnership Update

We thank God for faithful partners in this journey as well as new monthly financial and prayer partners who joined our team
in the last month. 
We are currently at 21% of our monthly goal!
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