"O magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt His name together!"
  Psalm 34:3
Get a glimpse of the beauty seen from our homestead.  James and Shannon Miller in Interior Alaska....Providing discipleship, encouragement, and pastoral training to Alaska Native in remote Alaska villages.  PO Box 73204 Fairbanks, AK  99707 - 907-322-0320 -
April 10, 2013

Dear <<Greeting name>>,
We are glad that you are taking the time to read our prayer letter.  Please let us know if your email, phone or mailing address changes so that we can keep in contact.

James is back in Alaska for 11 days!  Our mission is to work closely with Alaska Freedom Journey in training and discipling Native Alaskans, particularly in the remote villages.  James left Saturday morning (6th) for their first-ever spring training module, being held April 10-14.  He will help those from the villages fly in and will be involved in the teaching.  Men will gather to learn about “How to Study the Bible” and “The Elder and His Work.”  This ministry is getting off the ground - we are excited!  Pray for those attending:  that they will be encouraged to serve the Lord with zeal and understanding, and that relationships will be developed for future ministry opportunities.

“Lord, You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations…”  As we are now into our sixth month away from home, having stayed in more homes than we have kept count of, having driven more than 19,000 miles, this truth must be an anchor for our thoughts.  Our security and stay is Jehovah, and not the “norms” of life – not the boat, as in the story of the disciples in John 6, but the jumping out of the boat to be with Jesus, as Peter did.

Truly, travel for our partnership development has been amazing in so many ways.  The Lord has tremendously blessed us with such a variety of friends and family that love Him.  As we come away from each different visit, we marvel in the aspects by which the Lord blessed us through that unique individual/family.  It is wonderfully refreshing and encouraging – each blessing is given by God to remind us that He is faithful, He loves us, and wants us to trust Him.

MARCH TRAVEL STATS (CALIFORNIA):Rachel rides a Gypsy at the horse ranch where we stayed in a travel trailer while in Northern CA.
Redding area, Red Bluff, Shingletown, Eureka, McKinleyville, Cresent City, Trinity Center
Church presentations:  6
Individual/family presentations:  32

Churches:  3  (26.8%)
Individuals/families:  23  (73.2%)

21.4% of $7,840/month

This is what this phase of our ministry is all about!  Each month, we are able to be in 4-6 churches, and, statistically speaking, only 1 in 10 churches will support a missionary.  Do the math on that, if, in a year, we would be fortunate enough to have 5-6 churches support us!  However…to whom was the Great Commission given?  Jesus gave it to His disciples – which, by extension, is each and every believer.  We are presenting to individuals the opportunity to extend their ministry – their fulfillment of the Great Commission – to the villages of Alaska through partnering with us as financial backers so that we can go be the feet and hands in the mission that is to be done.
After leaving Redding this last Tuesday, we made our way south with a couple visits along the way, and the sweet, enveloping aroma of orange blossoms just north of the Grapevine welcomed us as we headed to San Diego County on Thursday.  (We won't mention the very antithesis it was, 15 minutes later, to drop into the rankness of L.A.!)  April 17, James returns to us.  On April 20, we are part of the wedding of dear friends in Oceanside.  We think we’ll be here until about mid-May.

This is the most frequent and also the most unanswerable question that we are asked!!  It all depends on raising the finances needed to accomplish the mission.  We’re on a treasure hunt for partners.  Who do you know?  Would you do us the honor of referring us to people who would be encouraged and excited about the ministry in Alaska?  We would love to tell them all about it and trust the Lord for His direction in whether or not they are partners He has prepared for us.  By the way…we’re not selling Amway or any scheme here!  This is the Great Commission we’re talking about!  ;)  We would love to hear from you today.  It is our fervent desire to be fully funded and on the field very soon!


What a cutie!
Frogs:  such oddities we don't see in Fairbanks!
We're not in Alaska any more!
Definitely NOT in Alaska anymore!
Christa, hang ten!
We were treated to a tour of Ocean World in Crescent City.  Hang ten, Christa!
We've been everywhere, man!
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