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October 14, 2014

Dear <<Greeting name>>,

Snow at our place beginning September 23 has heralded the coming of winter!  It also means the slowing of summer projects and subsistence gathering for everyone, which in turn means more focused time for training, new relationships, and other steps of discipleship.  God continues to equip us and show us the next steps for flight and ministry amongst people and villages.  Read on to know how you can help us "gear up" through prayer and equipping; we are thankful for you and your part in putting us in the field!


For a good AFJ (Alaska Freedom Journey) training module on Sept. 28-Oct 2.  James participated in the training and Shannon and the children helped by cooking.  It was a good time to build relationships and to hear Huron Claus, from CHIEF ministries share the gospel, Ephesians, and II Timothy from a Native American perspective.

James is teaching in a LEaD module Oct. 27-31 in Palmer, AK.  Pray for God’s guidance as he teaches on servant leadership. 

Another AFJ training module is scheduled for Nov. 5-9.  James is working on details to rent or borrow and insure a plane to make a couple of trips to recruit participants and then provide transportation to/from the training. 


Shannon and the girls will be travelling to Orlando, FL, Oct. 27-Nov. 6 for Dani and Christa to compete in the National Bible Bee.  Pray for good recall for Dani and Christa.  Pray for strength for Shannon as traveling while pregnant can be difficult.



For God’s wisdom not to proceed with the purchase of the plane from Kodiak.  Eyes to see and wise counselors that helped confirm that there was a lot of maintenance to be done on the plane that would infringe on ministry.

James will be inspecting another plane for purchase on Oct. 27/28, driving (with Jared) from Palmer to Kenai and back during a break in his teaching times.   About 5 ½ hour drive each way, around the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet.

For continuing faithful financial support and additional gifts to help purchase an airplane for ministry.  The current status of this fund is in the left margin of this page (scroll down a bit).


The village of Shageluk recently experienced the murder of a man and woman by their 21 year-old son.  An elder from Shageluk (though he currently lives in Anchorage) has attended every AFJ training module.  Pray that we might help him reach out to his village with Christ’s love and the truth of the gospel in this time of tragedy.

We see God opening possible doors for us to minister in several villages.  Please pray that we will be directed to the right places at the right times.

To the Praise of His Glory,

James and Shannon


For private flying in Alaska, aviation statutes (and common sense) require survival gear for each person aboard an airplane.  We have this requirement whether using a plane we own, borrow, or rent.  So...since we are anticipating flight beginning with the next couple weeks, it is time to GEAR UP the plane!

We have already stocked up on freeze-dried food and medical supplies to carry along and have been given funds that we will use to buy a generator for warming the airplane.  We are also acquiring personal gear (have you priced [fire resistant] wool long johns for six lately??!).  The biggest remaining expense is the purchase of seven extreme cold-weather sleeping bags.  If you or your church would like to make this a project to bear part of the ministry preparations, the bags that we need are found online here.  Purchase by October 31 and have it sent to us at PO Box 73204, Fairbanks, AK  99707, or contributions may also be made for us through InterAct here or by using the mailing address below.

The foundation of Alaska missions was built by the American evangelical church. Recently, I was introduced to the book Revival and Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism by Iain Murray. After reading the introduction and the first chapter, I recognized that this needed to go to the top of my reading list. I realized that I wanted as the foundation for my ministry the same thing as the men who experienced true revival in early America. But the reality we face is that this is not the foundation of evangelicalism today. The American church today is built upon the foundation of revivalism rather than true revival.

In my online blog, I have been introducing some of the major ideas in Revival and Revivalism. I encourage you to get a copy and read it along with me. Let’s share any insights we receive, and let’s be challenged toward a more Christ-centered life and ministry.

Our mailing address is:
James and Shannon Miller
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Fairbanks, AK  99707

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