August 2013 Prayer Letter

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"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  Acts 1:8
James and Shannon Miller in Interior Alaska
Providing discipleship, encouragement, and pastoral training to Alaska Natives in remote Alaska villages.
               James and Shannon Miller, PO Box 73204, Fairbanks, AK  99707 /  907-322-0320

August 10, 2013

NOOOOOooooo!  Something's not right here!  You who know us will quickly see the non sequitur portrayed in this picture taken Monday.  Our heart is definitely NOT in San Francisco; we long for home and the ministry God has placed on our hearts - in Alaska!!

When we exchanged our wedding vows 22 years ago today, we never imagined the varied path on which God would lead us, and that He would equip and give us a love for the mission field of remote Alaska.

We praise the LORD for the partners, both prayer and financial, to which He is leading us and for His loving care each step of the way.  We are content in that we are in the lower 48 (California, even!) fulfilling this step of connecting His people to accomplishing the Great Commission in the "uttermost parts of the earth;" yet we are restless and ready to step into the place He has for us in Alaska.

Are you ready?

Many have expressed God's call on their hearts to participate in this ministry financially but have yet to step through the door.  Next month as we give you all an update, it would be awesome to report that many more have answered the call and that the "Miller Team Alaska" is supported at 75%...85%...100%?!!  We are ready to drive back to Alaska tomorrow  when our team is complete - and rejoin our bodies with our hearts!!



  • Refreshment during our stay in Ukiah: a pool, four-wheeler, and hiking trails kept the kids from cabin fever!
  • Enjoyment of the Giant Redwoods, Burney Falls, horseback riding, and (yes!) even an afternoon in San Francisco
  • Sharpening at three Bible Bee locations/study events:  in Burney, Ferndale, and San Jose


  • For our three girls as they prepare to test at a completely different Bible Bee location - in Thayne, Wyoming!  (August 24)
  • 100% financial partnership
  • Continued safety on the roads
  • September church scheduling in MT/ND/WY
  • James will likely make a quick trip to Fairbanks (last week of Aug) to set up a heating system to keep the house from freezing as winter begins
August 4, 10:45a Lake County Bible Church, Lakeport, CA
August 11, 10:30a Lake Shastina Community Bible Church, Weed, CA
August 11, 6:00p Happy Camp Bible Church, Happy Camp, CA
August 14, 7:00p Intermountain Baptist Church, Burney, CA
August 18, a.m. Hat Creek Community Church, Hat Creek, CA
August 18, p.m. Tulelake community churches
August 21, p.m. Teton Valley Bible Church, Driggs, ID
August 25, a.m. Emmanuel Bible Church, Thayne, WY
Sept 23-28 Genesis Process Training, Milwaukie, OR
October 6, 9:30a Living Water Community Church, Pleasanton, CA

 The first half of September, we plan to be at Shannon's parents' in eastern Montana.


When are you returning to Alaska?

As soon as we find all our monthly financial partners!  (See chart below.)  Our desire is to be back in October for the next training module and to settle in before winter hits too hard.

What percentage do you need to be at to go to the field?

100% of our monthly financial support goals must be met.  (We are at 49%.)  To go back before we have all our operational expenses means we will be unable to fly, which is the backbone of being able to accomplish village ministry.

What do you need more:  monthly or one-time gifts?

Monthly!  We are thankful that our current support and church love offerings are covering our travel expenses, but we need ongoing commitments to maintain operations once we get to the field.

Have you considered tentmaking?

The nature of being an aviation-based ministry means that we are dependent on weather and mechanical issues.  We will be ministering in places hundreds of miles away from "civilization," and when ministry needs arise, they must have our priority - this is what God equipped us for!  When one is employed or running a business, he becomes slave to that priority.  We also do not want to negatively affect the economies in the remote locations we will serve by taking employment or business opportunities there.
Avenue of the Giants
Financial Partnership Progress Chart - 49% of our goal!
Our mailing address is:
James and Shannon Miller
PO Box 73204, Faibanks, AK  99707 / 907-322-0320

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