"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!"  
           ~Psalm 133:1
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Today's sunrise/sunset:  9:53a.m./4:16p.m.          Length of day:  6hr, 23min
Today's low/high temp:    33*/21*          Yesterday's length of day:  6hr, 16min

<<Greeting name>>,
Today our family is driving down to Palmer, Alaska, for an AFJ (Alaska Freedom Journey) training module on Chief People of the Old Testament.  We have come to really enjoy these times of fellowship and learning with our Native brothers and sisters.  Some are friends we have yet to meet, and others will be familiar faces.  As usual, James will be assisting Harry Hafford in the classroom, and Dani, Rachel, and Shannon will be cooking for us.  We were told that during the last module we missed due the Bible Bee, the girls' cooking was greatly missed.
Please pray for safe travels as the temperatures are climbing up above freezing.  This can make for slippery conditions for the six-hour drive to Palmer.
God's Timing
For those of you who know us well, we completely, unwaveringly believe that God is sovereign over all things.  But sometimes we wonder why He does what He does.  Since before Christmas, we have been trying to get out to Grayling for a ministry trip but have been delayed by weather and events.  Just yesterday, James was invited to help in a funeral in Grayling but had to decline due to our commitment at the training module.  Please pray for the village and the family of the deceased.  Please pray that God will be glorified and His Word spoken, even if we aren't the ones speaking it.
Joyful Fellowship
Our three girls, Dani, Rachel, and Christa were invited back to San Antonio to compete in the National Bible Bee Game Show (stand by for broadcasting information; sorry we can't share the results).  As a result, we recently spent almost two weeks with several other contestants and families in a hotel in San Antonio.  Our days were filled with hearing our children proclaim God's Word in the game show, and evenings were filled with times of fellowship around the Word, theology, singing, and fun.  It was a little taste of heaven to have so much time together worshiping our Lord, and we even had housekeeping to boot!  Even as we enjoyed this fellowship, we were reminded of how many believers there are in Alaska villages that don't have this kind of close, Christian fellowship.  Please pray for continued opportunities to connect with Alaska Natives and encourage them toward gathering together as communities of Christ.

To the Praise of His Glory,

James and Shannon


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