"Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him...
    Do not fret - it only causes harm." ~Psalm 37
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 Providing discipleship, encouragement & Biblical training to Native Alaskans in remote Alaska villages.
James and Shannon Miller Family in Interior Alaska
P.O. Box 73204, Fairbanks, AK 99707 907-322-0320
Grayling, AK
Nov. 8, 2018

Today's sunrise/sunset:  9:37a.m./5:06p.m.                 Length of day:  7hr, 29min
Today's low/high temp:    23*/26*/ 100% humidity   Yesterday's length of day:  7hr, 35min

<<Greeting name>>,

Monday was a mild winter day, and snow fell picturesquely as the community laid Henry Deacon to rest in the Grayling Cemetery.  This 90-year old elder's and his late wife's legacy included 13 children, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren so numerous and widespread that the space to name them was not taken in the memorial bulletin.  Because the weather prevented us from flying to Grayling the week before, we were able to be out in the days leading up to and through the Episcopal funeral and burial.  It was good to be part of the community, and we are thankful for and enjoy the days actively working alongside them.

Our hope was to head home Tuesday for a week there before heading to Palmer this coming Wednesday for the next AFJ training module.  However, the weather has closed in, and after two days of playing "Chicken Little" as we watched the clouds rise and fall and tried to get weather observations online (not an easy task here), we will follow the lead of our veteran pilot friend in acknowledging that the forecast weather between here and Fairbanks is not safe and not worth another look any earlier than Sunday night.  So it's time for James to plan Sunday's sermon and to spread the word that Friday night is movie night at our place!

This does put us more firmly on our knees not only for the extended time with folks here, but also for several situations that need time and attention put into them that we can't accomplish while here.  Each situation is time sensitive, and time is what we won't have.  So it's time to lay these things in the hands of the Father who has planned each moment and to trust His purpose...and resist the urge to pick them up again.  "Do not fret - it only causes harm."


Please pray for 

  • Maximized time in Grayling and continued gospel conversations
  • Support level to stabilize after transition
  • Good growth through the  AFJ module Nov. 14-18
  • Proper care for peripheral situations

Praise the Lord for

  • Rachel's safe and fun visit with Dani in Denver
  • Community excitement about James' helping Grayling revive the Holikachuk language (they had a planning meeting Tuesday)
  • His faithful provision
To the praise of His glory,

James and Shannon

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James and Shannon Miller
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Fairbanks, AK  99707

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