Volume 1, No. 6
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First off, we'd like to apologise to any of you who might have visited the ZP website or eBook Store in the last part of November. 

We had some technological issues that have now been mostly resolved. Nothing major, just inconvenient. As if the last two months of the year were not chaotic enough! But we are definitely thankful it was nothing worse.

Books-A-Million and On Demand Books are launching the first full-color Espresso Book Machines at BAM stores in South Portland, ME, and Brookwood Village in Birmingham, AL.
The machines contain a catalogue of more than seven million titles for patrons to enjoy. And Zumaya titles will be among them.
As we mentioned last time, Zumaya is a participant in the MatchBook Discount Program at Amazon. So when you purchase a trade paperback copy of one of ZP's awesome titles, you'll be able to get the kindle version to go with it for  

107 of our titles are already included! Click here for more info and to automatically match your titles from previous purchases.

The Cornwall Project is still in progress. We'd hoped to be able to share it with you by this point, but sadly not quite yet. But do check further down in the newsletter for a short preview of one of the tales we'll be presenting to you soon!
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Last Month's Releases

The Talisman of Zandria 
by Christine Norris
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Special  Sneak Peek

Cornwall County Project

Sanctuary by Gloria Oliver

Warm blood trickled through Ramón's fingers to mix with the falling rain as he stumbled forward. His car had betrayed him a couple of miles back on a service road near this unknown town, a stray bullet during his getaway having hosed something inside it. Only some fast driving, the blinding sheets of rain, and the dark had screwed the pendejos' attempts to get him so far. 
Thunder crackled overhead, followed by lightning, making him jump and revealing weathered buildings and shops without power because of the storm. He thought he was still in Pennsylvania but didn't know exactly where. Running had been the only thing on his mind.
Now, he needed to find shelter. His shoulder was mercifully numb, but so was pretty much the rest of him. 
On the next lightning spike, he checked to make sure no one had seen him and picked a small alley between two buildings, his shoes making splashing noises with every step. Even a dumpster would do, anything just to get out of the icy rain. 
Lightning struck a third time, and Ramón stared up towards the sky, letting the heavy rain slap his face, and barked an empty laugh. As darkness enfolded everything and held onto it, he looked away and caught a glimmer of something ahead.
It was a flicker of light, he was sure of it. The harder he stared the surer he grew. The rain slacked off suddenly, and a gust of wind almost knocked him off his feet. That's when he saw it for what it was--a candle glowing in a window.
Ramón grinned, convinced he must be running on empty to be so happy at figuring out something like that. Pedro would have smacked him in the back of the head for it. But, no, Pedro was gone, a casualty of when things went to shit. Five hundred large up in flames, as well as the millions in product; and no clue as to who'd snitched about the deal. Guido wanted blood, and at this point, anyone's would do.
His foot hit something in the dark, and with a yelp he went down, right onto his wounded shoulder. Shooting agony sped down the arm and into his chest as water splashed up into his nose and mouth choking him. He lay there feeling smaller and more insignificant than the day his father had handed him over to the Brothers as payment for his gambling debts.
He’d been twelve.
Tears of pain burned his eyes, but he refused to shed them. He hadn't survive that mierda and struggled to make a name for himself for the last twenty-five years to bleed out in a fucking back alley, no matter how bad his luck had turned. Cradling his throbbing arm, he shifted upright. The flickering candle was still there. Keeping his gaze glued to it, he slowly got his feet under him and stood. 
A candle meant a place out of the rain, somewhere to rest, to figure out what the hell to do next to keep his life from sliding any farther down the hole. But he needed to get there first... That meant moving. 
The rain beat down hard again, as if trying to stop him, but the connection had been made. Everything else fell away from him -- the cold making his teeth chatter, his soaked clothes dragging him down, the worry of being caught. 
The window ledge beneath the candle slowly grew sharper in his mind. Behind the candle, a figurine in white and blue stretched out her hands as if encouraging him, a look of utter peace on her face. He recognized her right away -- it was Mama. Or rather, the Holy Virgin Mary, who always made him think of his long-dead mother whenever he saw her kind face. And this time, as crazy as it seemed, this time she was looking at him, at him
The warm smile and ready acceptance on her face called to him. A part of him knew this was impossible, but another, one he'd thought long left behind, believed in the old stories about God and miracles, wanted them to be true -- wanted them to be true for him.
He reached the wall with the window and leaned against it, staring up into her face . Thunder cracked, the sound so close it almost drove him to the ground. Inside. He must get inside.
Keeping his back to the wall, Ramón shuffled sideways. He hesitated when he reached a corner, loath to let the Madonna and her light from his sight. With a trembling sigh, he made the turn then promptly tripped as he hit his food sideways on something solid. Wood dug into him at ankle, knee, hip, elbow but, worst of all, his shoulder, as he dropped onto a set of wooden stairs. Ramón screamed in agony before he could stop himself, a different kind of darkness trying to envelop him in its embrace.
A door opened above and behind him. He looked up the stairs, his pain seared mind expecting the Virgin to have come to save him. Instead, a dark presence loomed over him and reached down. His enemies had found him. 
That was the last thing he remembered.
We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at one of the stories in the Cornwall  County Project.
Feel free to share. :)

Author and Artist News

December 2013
Charles Bernard, another of Zumaya's awesome cover artists, has just recently completed a project for another publisher for a book about a wizard who has the power to animate inanimate objects - like furniture. He looks to have captured that quite well!
Cover Work by Brad Fraunfelter
We hope you'll have a great set of holidays during the last month of 2013 as we ramp at full speed towards 2014!

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