What’s Happening around Rovers

Hello all and welcome to this months “New” Newsletter. The season is now well underway and what a great start we have had. Yes we are down on numbers thanks to a Border and a Disease but that hasn’t stopped us getting around the clubhouse and patrolling the beach. We hope to bring you a regular Newsletter with a bit of fun.


So far this season we have had 561 hours Volunteered to date on Patrol. No rescues, Several Preventative actions. Great work by all Lifesavers

It's fantastic to see the cans in the water and the amazing drills that each patrol has set up for themselves. Please come down and join in. It's a great atmosphere and there is nothing better than all the lifesavers getting in a having a go ! Brings the fun back !

Rovers have initiated a $20 budget per patrol to spend on Lunch. Please speak to your patrol captain in regards to this

I am seeking any help for the upcoming volunteer patrols over the Xmas period. If you can help even for a couple of hours on any of these days please let me know

We will make sure the BBQ is cranked ready to provide these volunteers with an amazing lunch and also some fantastic cold refreshment's during and after the patrol.

Thanks again to you all that have been volunteering your time at Rovers on patrol. I know how difficult its been with our current low patrol numbers but it's going to get better!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the beach


Upcoming Patrols

Saturday 23rd October - The Recruits

Sunday 24th October - The Salty Crew

Saturday 30th October - The Lucky Dips

Sunday 31st October - TBC Possibly QLD club fill in!!

Saturday 6th November - The Desperados

Sunday 7th November - The Wanderers (FNC SNR Carnival @ Fingal)


We are well into the proficiencies this year including CPR and tourniquets, as well as getting a Bronze squad underway. We have approx 13 new Bronzies enrolled and ready to start. Please make them feel welcome into (or back into for some) the club. We are looking to also run the following courses - ARC, First Aid, UAV, IRB Driver and IRB Crew. Please send an Expression of interest to

There is also a Tweed UAV Operator Course coming up on the 19th/20th November run through the branch UAV Co ordinator. We have a few members who have their name down but if anyone else is interested to fly around, please let Robyn know

IRB’s and Gear

We started the season with a bit of a Fun / Run the boats / training day prior to the season starting. This was great as 2 motors broke down during a drill. We have moved back to the old way of things of running the motors dry after flushing them. So far touch wood it has worked and we haven’t had an issue yet. We have also received the new Flow and go for filling the bladders thanks to the anonymous donor as well as 2 replacement fuel cells. Thanks to all involved in the Gear inspections prior to the season, you’ll be happy to know that everything has passed and ticked off prior to the season

The IRB team have also fixed the washout screw to Motor Number 7. Please take care not to strip the screw when putting them back in

We also had a busy member flip the tongue on the SSV one windy patrol day to make life easier getting the trailer and boats back up to the clubhouse

Calendar of Events

We did put out a Calendar at the start of the season but with Covid things have had to move around.

On the 30th October we do have a Social gathering on the Lawn after patrol. The Lucky Dips are on patrol and have invited everyone to join them on the lawn after 4pm for a drink and chat.

We have also moved the proposed members Christmas party to the Saturday afternoon the 11th December 2021. Please save the date. We are aiming to kick off at 4pm so if you do have another engagement that evening you would be able to call in for a bit.

The other exciting News is we have a Far North Coast Senior Carnival coming to town on the 7th of November. If you are available to help out please let one of know. We are hoping to have a bit of a BBQ canteen running to raise some funds for the members



To our first ever UAV section of Fingal Rovers Newsletter.

So far this season we have done 71 flights for a total of 23.66 hours of total flight time. That guys is amazing.

We have 6 pilots at the moment that have done the flying.

Robyn is completing her 5 hours supervised flying, and Gavin has completed his and has been assigned to The Desperados on the Saturday patrol.

All pilots have been assigned to a patrol, so please check out the new patrol roster to see where you are.

If you haven’t been around the club during our flights, you are missing a lot of fun both at the table of knowledge and watching our drones take off and land with 2 Butcher Birds dive bombing relentlessly.

We have actually had one bird strike with apparently a puff of feathers, and then the Butcher Bird came back for the landing madder than ever. Quite fun to watch as the Butcher Bird chases the drone out to sea and then waits for the return.

On the patrols with the drones, we have seen dolphins, rays, whales, an anonymous floating object on Saturday which we couldn’t figure out. The IRB was tasked to check out what it was, and they returned from in front of the headland with half a Pandanus Tree. We have escorted a swimmer to the island from our lofty vantage point and about an hour after he returned to the beach we spotted a shark.

From the drone the shark was as clear as day. The IRB could not see a thing even when they were just about on top of it. Just shows how useful the drone is.

For those who might not know, we now have 2 UAV’s. One is ours and the other is for the DPI paid operators. They will be flying on the December school holidays, but until that time it is ours to utilise.

So there are more than enough drones for anyone who has completed the UAVOIP Course to come and fly.

We have 12 batteries so please come down and have a fly on either Saturday or Sunday any weekend.

We have a UAV Course coming up on the 19th and 20th of November. It will be Friday night theory with practical on the Saturday.

We already have 7 Fingal Rovers members signed up for it, so if you are interested or know anyone who would be, please email and we will ensure you are added to the training schedule.

The course can take 16 so let’s make them all Fingal Rovers.

Come and join the fun.


Around the club

The Painting of the Clubhouse is now complete. Thanks to the team for organising the works it looks “Fresh”

The Solar is almost ready to be put onto the building thanks to Quantum Solar. We will now have a battery storage so that our power bills are next to nothing and back up for when the lights go out

The Kiosk grant has been approved and the team are working on getting the works underway

The Club has also been approached to assist the QLD Clubs who have nippers that live in NSW. There is potential for the QLD Clubs to combine and run a nippers program at Fingal on Sundays between 10 and 12. They will be self sufficient and have only one request that we have an active Patrol on the beach. The team is working through the finer details as we cannot afford any more pressure on our members but also open to the ideas and suggestions. Stay tuned!!

If you have anything to add or Photos to share please send them to

Surf Life Saving NSW COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

Last Friday, SLSNSW distributed a COVID-19 vaccination survey to every member and Nipper parent in NSW. Please encourage completion of this survey. The survey closes at 9am Monday 25 October.

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