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It was a delight to once again join David Cameron for a visit to Neasden Temple, where the Prime Minister was given an incredibly warm welcome by the thousands of Hindu congregants who come to the temple frequently.

I firmly believe that Britain and India should be very close partners on the international stage and should enjoy a special relationship, the way Britain does with the US. Under the Premiership of Narendra Modi there has never been a better time for our Prime Minister to reach out and forge these closer ties and this visit was a sign from David Cameron of his commitment to make this happen. It is no coincidence that the Conservative Party is the only party who mentions India in its manifesto for this General Election!


I was very pleased to welcome Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and the Conservative Candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Uxbridge, to Lynch Plant Hire Depot in Stanmore to announce measures in our plan for London. I am a great supporter of devolution for the capital, with more power going to the Greater London Authority, so I very much welcome his reforms to allow the GLA to take control of the capital's £140million skills budget. He also announced Conservatives plans to increasing housing supply and providing a record £10 billion investment in our transport system.
And given that the Mayor was in Stanmore, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take him to a few places which I have been pressing Transport for London to improve urgently. I took him to see the dangerous situation with the crossings around the Broadway and to Stanmore Station to climb the infamous mountain of steps!

Original plans for the station included a built in lift but Boris' predecessor, Ken Livingstone, removed it to save costs. I have been campaigning hard to get this vitally needed lift installed for some time and hope that the investment in our transport system will mean we can finally get a resolution to this problem. Disabled access is very important at this station, given that it serves the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, and the current 'ramp' is so steep it's essentially unusable.

I was invited to address a congregation at the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury alongside Hannah David, the Conservative Candidate for Harrow West. We had a lively Q&A session with a lot of serious issues raised, including the garden tax, the need for an EU referendum and measures to help the NHS.

Afterwards, I was treated to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" - and "When the Saints (Spurs) Go Marching In" - by the temple's famous bagpipe band!

I have also visited a number of temples over the weekend, including Haridham Mandir on Woodcock Hill, Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple in Kenton and the ever popular Bhaktivedanta Manor (pictured below).



It's been a grand campaign. Despite the relentless negativity and underhand tactics coming from certain of our opponents - and their paymasters - we've enjoyed some beautiful weather and been out every day meeting residents and campaigning for the bright future only a Conservative victory can deliver.

So, final question... can you lend a hand on Election Day? If you have a few hours to spare, come along and help us get out the vote. You can make a real difference!

To volunteer, email or call 020 8421 4161.

Photo: Culture Secretary Sajid Javid popping by to lend a hand in Harrow East recently.


The last time the Labour Party were in Government, we were left with a record mountain of public debt and a huge deficit. Now, after only 5 years of a Conservative Government, that deficit is falling, employment is rising and our economy is growing. Hardworking taxpayers locally are seeing the benefits and we now have an unemployment figure of less than 2% in Harrow East.

However, the job isn’t done yet. This Thursday you have the chance to vote for a tried and tested MP with a track record of getting things done.
Bob has already:

•    Safeguarded Whitchurch Playing Fields from a private consortium for local schools to use.

•    Personally hosted more than 2000 constituents on tours of the Houses of Parliament with Q&A sessions.

•    Successfully campaigned for funding for Northwick Park Hospital’s new £21 million A&E facility and secured £20 million for the redevelopment of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.
•    Lobbied to ensure that funding has been made available for schools locally, with £70 million secured and 15 local primary schools currently expanding (including Elmgrove School, pictured below, right).

•    Fought on behalf of local residents whose lives are being blighted by Barnet FC’s Hive.

•    Campaigned tirelessly for lifts to be added to Stanmore and Canons Park stations and strongly supported plans to extend Crossrail to Harrow and Wealdstone station.

•    Taken up more than 17,000 individual cases on behalf of local residents. No problem too big!
Promoted by Brian Jones, on behalf of Bob Blackman, both of HECA, 209 Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA2 6ND.

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