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29 March 2013

Haymarket's Expansion


Since the early 1900's, Haymarket has transformed from being a marketplace of Chinese fruit and vegetable market owners to being an area that represents over 3000 businesses and investors. With new development and building plans, the precinct's historical rise towards greater strength economically and as one of Australia's most diverse local communities continues. Find out more about Haymarket's history in our column below.

The Chamber recently met again with Lend Lease regarding the Haymarket expansion for the Sydney Entertainment Centre site with discussions as to the shared open spaces, height, bulk and scale of the proposed buildings to be tabled for further discussion.

             Urban Green

Haymarket, Bangaroo and Eveleigh are the areas that have the lowest percentage of actual urban forest throughout Sydney's CBD. With major development plans for high rise apartments and new urban spaces, neighbourhoods will be turned into ''neighbourwoods'' as part of a new program to turn Sydney's hot spots into cool urban forests.

For the first time, private groups can access matching grants of up to $10,000 each to offset the time and work involved in planting shade trees.  Read more 
HERE: City of Sydney's Greening the City HERE ; NSW Govt's Metropolitan Greenspace Program HERE and Sustainable Urbanism HERE

HCC March Event Highlights

Gold bullion, concert, theatre and basketball tickets giveaways welcomed Chamber event attendees at our first event for 2013 last week. With over 100 attendees, our thanks to Bullion List, Sydney Kings, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Capitol Theatre, Eat Drink & Give, and the Malay Village Dixon for their generosity; Westpac and City of Sydney for their ongoing sponsorship and support and to Aequitas VTS Laywers, St George, Surfside Hotel Group, Novotel Haymarket, PublicStyle and all our attendees on the night for joining us. For those that tried to book late and missed out on tickets, please book earlier next time. 

Haymarket Chamber Member Badge

As a Chamber member if you would like to promote your Chamber Membership please contact Karen and we will send you the soft version Haymarket Chamber Membership Badge for your use during the term of your membership.


Sydney Kings Make 2013 FINAL SERIES National Basketball League

Support the Sydney Kings game in the Final Series against the New Zealand Breakers at Game Two at the Crown Kingdome (The Sydney Entertainment Centre) on Easter Monday, April 1, 2013. Cheer the Sydney Kings on as they hopefully set sail for the 2013 iiNet National Basketball League Grand Final Series. Find out more HERE

Australia-China Business Week (ACBW) promotes the Sino-Australian business investment relationship and presents the premier annual event serving to strengthen Sino-Australian business links across all industry sectors.
ACBW 2013 Shanghai 10-12 April marks a new milestone and is the inaugural ACBW China event.

Addams Family Musical
Enjoy the smash hit comedy musical Addams Family at the Capitol Theatre! Book HERE

Lee-hom Wang Concert April 6 Music critics and fans alike confirm Lee-hom Wang as Asia’s most charismatic, multi-instrumentalist, multi-music Mando-pop star of the 21st Century performing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Book HERE

Chinatown's History

Chinatowns around the world represent early Chinese entrepreneurs who sought new ventures and homelands. Sydney Chinatown stands as one of the leading Chinatowns flourishing from the millions of new Chinese visitors, residents, investors and developers seeking to harness the Chinses heritage and prosperity of the area's rich past.

In upcoming issues of Haymarketeer and highlighting the destinations in our
Chinatown Walking Tour phone application, we celebrate the rich history and heritage of Chinatown Haymarket by featuring key historical sites in this column


The Ceremonial Arches of Dixon Street

Erected in 1980, as a joint project between the City of Sydney Council and a group of Chinese business people, the Ceremonial Arches is located at the corner of Dixon Street and Goulbourn St Corner.  The Arches celebrated the City of Sydney Council’s decreeing the area as ‘Chinatown’.

Set amidst a cluster of famous Chinese restaurants and iconic merchant stores, the 2 stately structures have been painted in the lucky colours of green and red and welcomes visitors with inscriptions of philosophical meaning of honesty and virtue in business brings rewards and fortune.

On each side of the Arches sit, on the left side of the lion with its paws on a cub, on the right side sits the lion with its paws on the globe. The lion signifies its dominance of its territory.  The lion is revered as an animal of superiority in his domain and is paraded on all occasions of importance through the famous Chinese Lion Dance.

The Lions are not to be confused with the Ceremonial Foo Dog, which has the head of the Pekinese dog and the body of a lion.  The Arch of Entry features the saying;

Over the four seas all men are brothers” (Southern Arch)
Understand virtue and trust” (Northern Arch)

Download the Chamber's Chinatown Walking Tour phone application



City of Sydney presents 'Let's Talk Business' seminars in April and May.  Learn the tools and trends on collaboration, mobility and productivity to drive profit at four practical and relevant events for small business at Sydney Town Hall. Dates: 16 April, 21 May, 25 June Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm $55 including drinks and canapés

Haymarket Chamber members can receive 30% off the ticket price of $55 by using the promotional code: Members


Steve Romer,
How long has your business been in Haymarket?
The Sydney Entertainment Centre (SEC) opened on 1 May 1983, so we’re actually celebrating our 30 year anniversary this year!

The SEC is only one of two major indoor arenas in Sydney. Our competitive edge is our iconic reputation internationally for hosting the who’s who of live music artists over the last 30 years along with our proximity to the City of Sydney, Darling Harbour and Chinatown. The SEC remains very popular with our patrons due to the vibrant environment at our doorstep, including the many local restaurants and bars.

What changes have you observed in the local area and business community during this time?
The SEC provides a significant economic stimulus for Chinatown, with many local businesses benefiting from our annual patronage to live music, entertainment and sporting events. The Sydney Kings basketball team provides a great boost to the local economy, and we’ve noticed an increased vibrancy in Chinatown when the Sydney Kings play each of their 14 annual home games at the SEC.

With the historical changes happening with SICEEP plans what are your thoughts?
The recent unveiling of plans by the NSW government for the billion-dollar redevelopment of Sydney’s convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities is an exciting time for Sydney, and in particular Darling Harbour and Chinatown!

How would you describe your involvement and membership with the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce?
When our venue management company began operating the SEC almost 4 years ago, one of the first things we did was join the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce. We understand that our venue is a big driver of business in Chinatown, and as such, we wanted to become familiar with local business operators. The Chamber has allowed us this opportunity and also to showcase the SEC by hosting occasional meetings and speaking at Chamber social gatherings. Importantly, the Chamber allows us to network with many local colleagues we would not have met otherwise without being members of the Chamber.
Could you describe Haymarket in three words?
Vibrant, bustling, and happening!

What do you see as happening in 2013-14?
The SEC commenced this financial year with a majority market share of Sydney’s live music performances, including two record breaking months (i.e. October and November), so we hope to see this continue through to the end of the financial and calendar years. With our event schedule over the last few months as well as events right around the corner, including eight Pink concerts coming up mid-year, we’re well on track to keep the good times rolling.

Any advice to other businesses?Always be optimistic - and if ever your glass is half empty, get a smaller glass!

What is one of your favourite quotes?
There are no second chances with first impressions!
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