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January 2017, Issue 18

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Controller's Notes
Update from Orienteering Canada
Orienteering Canada is 50!
World Masters in New Zealand
Holiday Word search
From the Archives
Orienteering North America Magazine Archive
Contacting Orienteering Canada

Controller's Notes


Thanks to all who submitted content and content ideas for this newsletter. Send your articles, pictures and ideas to Katie at by the submission deadlines listed below. The newsletter will be published within a few weeks after these dates. Upcoming submission deadlines: January 30, March 15.


Update from Orienteering Canada



As 2016 has drawn to a close, it is time to take a step back and say thank you to all the many, many people who have contributed to making orienteering a success across Canada over the past year.  From mappers to administrators, members and coaches to course setters, thank you to all our volunteers.  You make our sport happen!   

Thank you also to all those who have stepped forward to participate on Orienteering Canada's many committees and working groups.  Without you the job of the Board would be impossible!

Orienteering Canada is very pleased to announce to we have, after much time and effort, met all the eligibility requirements for funding from Sport Canada.  While there are still some hoops to go through before we see any actual funding, we have now made it successfully to the first control!  The next stage of the process is the assessment phase to determine the amount of funding we are eligible for.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to Tracy Bradley and Charlotte MacNaughton for steering us through this process.

The Canada 150 Orienteering Festival, or O-Fest 150 as the organizers calling it (an easier way to handle the long name!) will be comprised of the 2017 Canadian Champs, the 2017 Eastern Canadian Champs and the Ottawa O-Fest.  The website is now up and running at . Some details are yet to be finalized, so stay tuned for updates!   

New since last newsletter: The Eastern Champs will be held in Morin Heights - an old map being redone by Francis Falardeau for next summer.  The Sass Peepre Camp will be run from Sunday, July 30 to Tuesday August 1, also in Morin Heights. We are very excited to be back in Morin Heights after many years of absence for the orienteering community.

COC 2017 Accommodation Notes

A note on accommodation:  From Thursday August 3 to Monday August 7, camping and hard floor dorm style accommodation will be available for our participants at a very reasonable cost in Perth, through your Zone4 registration. With hotel accommodation at a premium in the National Capital area next summer due to Canada's 150 anniversary, we recommend  taking advantage of these camping or dorm options.

For those wanting to stay in hotels, motels, B&Bs, rental cottages, etc., we recommend you look into it early, especially for the Ottawa and Perth portions of the Festival!  In terms of locations and dates here are our suggestions:  July 28 to 30 in Montreal (stay tuned for more detailed locaton); July 30 to August 2 - Ottawa or Gatineau; August 3 to 6 - Perth or Westport. Hope to see a lot of you out for another great COCs!

Orienteering Canada will once again be coordinating efforts to hire foreign mappers for clubs, where local mappers are not available. Stefan Bergstrom is once again administrating this project for us.  If your club is interested in bringing in a foreign mapper, please contact Stefan at as soon as possible.  

The IOF has reached out to its members for two consultations recently.  

The first was about the inclusion of the World Masters Orienteering Championships in the World Masters Games- thank you to all those who provided us with feedback to send on to the IOF. Most were interested in seeing the World Masters Orienteering Championships separated from the World Masters Games.

The second was about the IOF's draft Strategic Directions for the upcoming years. One of the main goals for the IOF is the inclusion of Orienteering in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The question we posed to the Canadian orienteering community was regarding the goal, and whether we support it or not. Thank you to all who responded to the survey that was sent out. The result of the survey show diverse opinions about whether orienteering should be included. In a nutshell, 65% are in agreement with the Olympic/Paralympic goal, 16% are on the fence and/or neutral and 19% do not agree with the Olympic/Paralympic goal. This message has been passed along to the IOF.

As the season winds down and your club/association starts to think about the 2017 season, here are a few things we would like you to consider in your scheduling:

  • National Orienteering Week (May 20 -28) and World Orienteering Day (May 24th). These are the perfect opportunities to schedule some beginner-friendly events and do some extra promotional efforts to encourage more folks to try orienteering.
  • Coaching and officials clinics: Will you add a coaching and officials clinic to your schedule? Contact for more info on hosting a clinic. 

Orienteering Canada is 50!



Orienteering Canada is 50 years old! The organization was incorporated in 1967, making 2017 a big year. We've got lots planned to celebrate and we hope you join the celebrations too!

We have started collecting anecdotes from people about orienteering in Canada over the years. If you have a story, a map, a photo or anything else that would help us celebrate our 50 year history, and that can be added to our electronic collection, please send it to  We need your memories!

We will be launching a virtual Hall of Fame to help us celebrate the folks who have played a key role in moving orienteering forward in Canada. Stay tuned for more details

We are thrilled that the 2017 Canadians Orienteering Championships will be in Ottawa as Canada celebrate turning 150. What a great place to celebrate Orienteering Canada's 50th too. The organizing committee is working hard to put one some 50th themed events, including a re-run of the first Canadian Orienteering Championships in Gatineau Park. The Conference will have a definite 50th-anniversary theme and we are looking forward to welcoming lots of participants who have been instrumental in Orienteering Canada's past.

We are hoping to introduce many Canadians to orienteering this year. National Orienteering Week (NOW) is May 20-28, 2017 & World Orienteering Day is May 24. Please schedule a beginner friendly orienteering event (or more) during that time. We're aiming to have 50 beginner friendly events during NOW 2018. #orienteerNOW

Calling all clubs and associations to think about how you can celebrate this great milestone. Orienteering Canada is getting together a tool kit to give you some ideas to supplement your ideas.

Orienteering Canada will be launching an endowment fund and we'll be asking Canadian orienteers to contribute. Let's recognize the last fifty years by helping to ensure the financial viability of the organization in the future. We're looking forward to having some fun with this project to find some innovative ways to raise some money.

Very shortly we'll be launching a 50th anniversary logo with plans to create some 50th anniversary merchandise.

World Masters Orienteering in New Zealand!


Registration is still open for the World Masters in New Zealand!
In case you missed the info last month, this year the World Masters Orienteering Championships are part of the World Masters Games in Auckland. 25,000 participants from 100 countries are expected. There are 28 sports on the program including orienteering. Masters in orienteering starts at age 35 and goes up in 5 year age categories. No qualification is needed to compete at the World Masters so orienteers of all levels are welcome to compete.
A number of Canadians are heading over. Some of the folks who are planning to go have asked us to try to gather a list of all the Canadian who are making the trip. So if you are planning to compete at the 2017 World Masters, send us an email at and we’ll connect you with the other World Masters bound Canadians.
More detail at

A Holiday Game!


In need of a winter activity to keep warm? Try our Orienteering themed word search puzzle!

From The Archives


From the 2001 winter edition, I found an article about the possibilities of using technology in Orienteering. At that time, the technology didn't exist...but now? 16 years later, let us know what you think of the authors ideas in the excerpt below by sending your thoughts to . We'll share your thoughts in the next newsletter - Happy 2017!!

By: Ray St-Laurent

I saw a magazine article recently that said that the GPS location system was being enhanced so that it would be possible to rapidly determine locations within 1 metre. This could open up all sorts of opportunities in orienteering to make it easier to train, set up meets, offer new kinds of meets, and make maps.

Imagine carrying a small device that would know where you were at all times, and you could record and transmit a signal when you thought that you were at a control. No controls would have to be hung, picked up later, or replaced when stolen. There would be no requirement for punch cards or electronic devices at the control. If you were injured, you could press an emergency button to send a distress call with your location, similar to an aircraft’s emergency locator transmitter.

Simply marking particular locations on a map could make a training course. Then you would run to those locations, pressing a button on the device when you thought you were at each feature. This would be record the actual location and time within the unit. But, we don’t have that now. The technology is probably 5 to 10 years away. For now it is hard work putting on a meet, and the possibilities are minimal for a casual ‘pick-up game’ of orienteering.

It is hard finding people to put on as many meets as we would all like, at the levels of challenge would like, and it is hard to find coaches and athletes able to use the current system and find ways to keep themselves motivated enough to continue their involvement and to excel. There are times when reality does suck. 

Orienteering North America Magazine Archive

Back issues of the magazine: Orienteering North America (O/NA) from 1984 - 1999 are now available online. The collection consists of all 140 issues published by, and made available courtesy of, Larry and Sara Mae Berman. Orienteering USA has compiled this electronic treasure of North American orienteering history.

A "bookcase" view is available at this website. Take a look at the "Start Here" issue (the first one shown in the upper left of the bookcase) for details about the collection and tips on using it.
Thanks Orienteering USA for this resource!

Around the Refreshment Table

OABC's longtime President, John Rance, has stepped down from the position as of the AGM held recently in December. Fellow GVOC orienteer, Brian Ellis will be taking over. John has held the position of President for at least the last 10 years. It has been so long that even he has difficulty remembering! During this time he has developed an excellent rapport with the BC funding bodies which have provided OABC with a consistent level of funds over the years - even through changes in Government and constantly changing reporting requirements.

In addition John is a World Ranking Event (WRE) Course setter and Controller and has controlled or set courses for many of the major events that are held in the West. He has also been Controller or Course setter for events in the Yukon and Alberta.

At the same time, his wife Karen LaChance, is stepping aside from the Membership secretary position of GVOC that she has held for many years. Between these two valuable club members, many, many hours of volunteer time have been committed to improving orienteering in British Columbia as well as assisting with events that provide us all with high levels of competition and excellent courses. They will both still be seen at events throughout the coming years.

OABC wishes to acknowledge their huge contribution to our sport and wishes them all the best as they spend more time with their grandchild and travelling to new and exotic locations! 

Contacting Orienteering Canada

Are you wondering who to email at Orienteering Canada with your questions, comments and ideas? Orienteering Canada's email directory is handy. You can find this on Orienteering Canada's contact page.

Please consider making a donation to help grow orienteering in Canada. Tax receipts issued for donations over $10.
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