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February 2017, Issue 19

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Controller's Notes
Update from Orienteering Canada
Celebrating Orienteering Canada's 50th Anniversary
An Interview with the new AOA Executive Director
2017 National Orienteering Week, World Orienteering Day and the ParticipACTION Play List
From the Archives
Contacting Orienteering Canada

Controller's Notes


Thanks to all who submitted content and content ideas for this newsletter. Send your articles, pictures and ideas to Katie at by the submission deadlines listed below. The newsletter will be published within a few weeks after these dates. Upcoming submission deadlines: March 15, April 30

Cover photo: The start of the Stars W.A.R. (Winter Adventure Race) snowshoe orienteering event earlier in February at the Mansfield Outdorr Centre in Ontario. Photo by Ilona Dobos. Event by the Stars Orienteering Club.

Update from Orienteering Canada


The athletes who will represent Canada at the 2017 World Games in Poland have been selected. The World Games run from July 20-30 in Warsaw, Poland. The orienteering disciplines at the World Games are: sprint distance, middle distance and a sprint relay. Team Canada will be:

Emily Kemp (hometown: Ottawa)
Louise Oram (hometown: Vancouver)
Damian Konotopetz (hometown: Winnipeg)
Will Critchley (hometown: Edmonton)
The team coach/manager will be Marg Ellis (hometown: Vancouver) who is one of Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program regional coaches.

In total 40 men and 40 women will compete in the Sprint and Middle Distance competitions, and 17 national teams are qualified to compete in the Sprint Relay. The qualification information is here. The World Games involve sports which are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but are not currently on the Olympic program. There will be over 3500 athletes from over 100 countries competing in over 30 sports at the 2017 World Games.

New Participant Recruitment Committee:  The New Participant Recruitment Committee has a new chair. Thank you to Nevin French with Orienteering Ottawa for taking on this role.  This committee was created to look at what Orienteering Canada can do to help recruit, teach and train new /  less skilled participants in our sport.  If anyone is interesting in this aspect of promoting orienteering we would love to hear from you and have you join the committee. Please contact Tracy at if you might be interested.

Orienteering Canada's Competition Rules:  The Technical Committee has been hard at work for the past many months updating Orienteering Canada's Competition Rules - those rules that govern our Canadian Championships, and Canada Cup events.  The updated rules were approved by the  O Can Board at their January meeting.  See the updates and the complete rules document here. Many thanks to the Technical Committee for their work!

Orienteering Canada Mapping Committee:  Orienteering Canada is in the process of creating a new Mapping Committee.  The project is still in its infancy, with the Terms of Reference in early draft form. If you have an interest in being a part of this project - getting the committee started and/or being a member of the mapping committee, please e-mail All input is welcome!

2017 Mapping Project:  For the past two years, Orienteering Canada has coordinated the hiring of foreign mappers for clubs wanting to get some mapping done.  This year we are again heading up this project, with Stefan Bergstrom at the helm.  Clubs wanting to hire foreign mappers should contact Stefan at as soon as possible.

2017 Canadian Championships:  A quick update on O-Fest 150 - the Canadian Champs and the Eastern Canadian Champs.  You can find all the info at  Registration is now open on Zone4 here

Social Media Circle: Orienteering Canada would like to set up a little network of all the folks who are helping their orienteering clubs and associations with social media. If you are one of those folks, send Charlotte an email at to help us get this network started.  

Nominations Committee: We are looking for individuals who are interested in being a member of the Nominations Committee. The purpose of this committee is to recruit potential members for the Orienteering Canada Board of Directors. Please e-mail for more info or to express your interest.

News from the International Orienteering Federation: The IOF voted at its last meeting to separate the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOCs) from the World Masters Games (WMGs). They made this decision after consulting with its member federations. Here in Canada, we asked many of the masters orienteers who regularly compete at the World Masters and the vast majority were in favour of separating the WMOCs from the WMGs.

Unni Strand Karlsen of Norway was appointed by the IOF to be the Senior Event Advisor at the 2018 North American Orienteering Championships in Yukon in 2018. Speaking of NAOC 2018 - you heard it here first - it's looking like the 2018 Canadian Orienteering Championships will be in the Yukon immediately after the NAOCs. We're still working out the final details but we wanted to let you know - the Yukon will be the place to be in August 2018!

Orienteering Canada's policy re issuing tax receipts for donations for clubs and associations: We want to increase awareness of a policy of Orienteering Canada's that can assist club and associations with fundraising. If a club/association solicits donations for a project and the donor would like the receive a tax receipt, there is a possibility to have Orienteering Canada issue a tax receipt to the donor. The policy is here and you can email with questions.

Celebrating Orienteering Canada's 50th Anniversary



We've got lots planned for 2017 to celebrate 50 years and we hope you join the celebrations too! We are excited to launch our 50th anniversary logo

Contact us by email ( to get a copy of the logo for your event maps or other needs.

We are looking at ordering some merchandise with the 50th Anniversary celebration logo. Please take this very short survey to help us gauge interest.


We have started collecting anecdotes from people about orienteering in Canada over the years. If you have a story, a map, a photo or anything else that would help us celebrate our 50 year history, and that can be added to our electronic collection, please send it to  We need your memories! We are just sorting out a way for us to best present this historical collection on-line so stay tuned...

We will be launching a virtual Hall of Fame to help us celebrate the folks who have played a key role in moving orienteering forward in Canada. Stay tuned for more details

We are thrilled that the 2017 Canadians Orienteering Championships will be in Ottawa as Canada celebrate turning 150. What a great place to celebrate Orienteering Canada's 50th too. The organizing committee is working hard to put one some 50th themed events, including a re-run of the first Canadian Orienteering Championships in Gatineau Park. The Conference will have a definite 50th-anniversary theme and we are looking forward to welcoming lots of participants who have been instrumental in Orienteering Canada's past.

We are hoping to introduce many Canadians to orienteering this year. National Orienteering Week (NOW) is May 20-28, 2017 & World Orienteering Day is May 24. Please schedule a beginner friendly orienteering event (or more) during that time. We're aiming to have 50 beginner friendly events during NOW 2018. #orienteerNOW. See below for info about National Orienteering Week, World Orienteering Day and ParticipACTION's 159 Play List orienteering celebration as they are all converging around May 24th.

Calling all clubs and associations to think about how you can celebrate this great milestone. Orienteering Canada is getting together a tool kit to give you some ideas to supplement your ideas.

Orienteering Canada will be launching an endowment fund and we'll be asking Canadian orienteers to contribute. Let's recognize the last fifty years by helping to ensure the financial viability of the organization in the future. We're looking forward to having some fun with this project to find some innovative ways to raise some money. Our on-line fundraising campaign will be open soon.

Interview with the New Alberta Orienteering Association Executive Director


AOA has hired Bogi Gyorfi as the new Executive Director. Bogi lives in Cochrane and is married with 2 children ages 9 & 11. She is originally from Hungary, where she competed for Hungary at an orienteering 1992 World Cup, and was part of a competitive youth orienteering team that won 1st place at a Hungarian Team Championships.

She is passionate about working in the sport community, loves working with volunteers, has some extremely relevant experience including Canadian Sport For Life and the Physical Literacy movement, and is personable, innovative and self-motivated.

Bogi most recently worked for the Alberta Gymnastics Federation, as the Women's Program Coordinator. Prior to that, she worked for the Family Sports Centre in Cochrane for a year where she was a Program Coordinator, implementing and teaching many new programs there. Before that, she worked 3 years at the YMCA in Calgary, providing leadership to staff and volunteer teams. In Chicago, she worked as a gymnastics program director and head coach, expanding the enrollment, and coaching a women's team to win a state championship. Before she left Hungary, she was an elementary school teacher there for 2 years.

In December she completed a "Non-profit Management Certificate" at Mount Royal University and is really keen to implement some of the many things she learned there.

I had a chat wit her to help the Canadian Orienteering community get to know here. See what she had to say!

Hi Bogi! Welcome to Orienteering Canada. We’re really excited that you’re the new AOA Executive director! How has the first month or so on the job gone?
Bogi: The past few weeks were exciting times for me. I have met many supportive and passionate people, mainly from Calgary and I am planning to take a trip to Edmonton next week and also started to get more connections with OC through skype calls. I am on the right track to gather information of the orienteering system in Canada and locating the existing resources. I also feel good about completing some reporting task and learning about the AOA business and started some conversations with interest groups for orienteering programs.
I understand you’re originally from Hungary, where you competed for Hungary at the orienteering World Cup. Would you like to tell us a bit about that experience?
Bogi: I started orienteering in early high school years and did lots of events in the country.  If I remember right it was in 1992 when one of the World Cups were held in Hungary, who must have had a chance to enter lots of athletes since I remember going with many of my teammates. I was young athlete participated as part of our Provincial team who qualified to attend. It was a motivating experience and so cool to be part of a huge event and to see the best athletes from all over the world.
What do you find is the biggest difference between Orienteering in Alberta (or Canada in general) vs. in Hungary?
Bogi: In Hungary, I was a part of a sport team which only had youth athletes in it. We trained, raced and traveled around the country as a sport team together. We had a great coach and I believe the system was supported by Government funding since my parents never had to pay for anything. I did not really pay much attention to those details back then. All I know that I could do be part of the fun. It was very different from the Canadian system, my parents never attended any orienteering event with me since everything was organized by the club and the National federation.

In North America, everything originates from passionate individuals and families who dedicated endless hours of volunteering to develop the system.I think that there is a quite mature existing sports system with many knowledgeable individuals who are supporting the future development of the sport. I like that in a Canada there is more emphasis on of outdoor activity and sport for life aspect. I think it gives much more variety to the sport and allows to be a true community builder.
What is your favorite thing about Albertan terrain?
Bogi: Unfortunately, I have not have many chances to do much racing in Alberta. When we moved to Calgary and had my kids, I  struggled with consecutive running injuries, I got reoccurring tendonitis in my hip, knee than Achilles. I was recommended to give up running so I have found other opportunities to be active in the beautiful Rockies. Now that my kids are bigger I have started to get them involved with the sport. We did couple random events and they are starting the SOGO program this spring. I am also excited to attend the Alberta events.
I also hear you’re very active in a few other sports- what other sports are you involved with?
Bogi: I consider myself to be lucky that I could do so many different sports. I guess this was the best part of growing up in Hungary. I started as a gymnast than I since my dad was a ski coach I continued with downhill skiing. I started with orienteering to train and build endurance when I fell in love with it. Later when I met my husband who was a mountain biker we both practiced in each other’s sports. I dragged him to do orienteering events with me and I followed him with mountain biking races. Of course, when we moved to Canada we naturally engaged with cross-country skiing so we started racing in winter too.
Can you tell us about your roles with the Alberta Gymnastics Federation prior to coming to AOA?
Bogi: I was the Women’s Program Coordinator, which came with a big responsibility. The sport has grown pretty big in the past couple of years with more 34,000 kids participating in Alberta. I have worked with several committees, 85 clubs and collaborated with the National organization to help govern and promote gymnastics in Alberta. Past years were an exhilarating experience in Alberta gymnastics history as we have adopted and implemented the USA Junior Olympic program, which I believe,  will give a great boost for grassroots development in Canada.
You also formerly worked with Canadian Sport For Life and the Physical Literacy movement- can you tell us a bit about those roles?
Bogi: About 5 years ago, when I first was introduced to the of physical literacy movement, I was sold on the idea right away. The idea of Phyiscal literacy is very close to me as I can relate to it from my own experiences. The importance of teaching kids how to move with competence and confidence in any environment will give them success and motivation to stay active for life, is unquestionable for me.

I have joined the Sport 4 life Cochrane Board and have been volunteering to make the local community a pioneer in PL development. Also when I was program director at YMCA and SLS Sport Centre I have implemented many youth programs to promote PL and I am most proud of the Physical Literacy Challenge I have designed and run in Cochrane.
It sounds like you have an excellent breadth of experience and that AOA is lucky to have you! What are you most excited about in working with AOA?
Bogi: To tell you the truth it was a hard decision to take on this role. I liked my position at the AGF but I have decided with AOA because orienteering represents a unique blend of my passion for outdoors, Sport for life and PL movements, and I hope that I will be able to create a bigger impact in the future development of the sport.
Well we're glad you made the decision to work for the AOA. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us today. We look forward to seeing what you will do in your new role. Welcome to the OC family!

2017 National Orienteering Week, World Orienteering Day and the ParticipACTION Play List


Calling all orienteering clubs and associations. As you settle down to work on your 2017 event schedules, please add a beginner friendly event or two on Wednesday May 24th and just before and/or after that day.

National Orienteering Week = May 20 - 28th
World Orienteering Day = May 24th
PartcipACTION's 150 Play List day when they will be celebrating and helping to promote orienteering = May 24th

When you have your beginner friendly event(s) scheduled, please do these 3 things
  1. If your event is during National Orienteering Week (May 20-28), email Orienteering Canada at and we'll add it to the NOW schedule (We are aiming to have at least 50 events across the country)
  2. If your event is on May 24th, register it on the World Orienteering Day website and send them the stats after of how many people participated the event so they can total up how many people around the world orienteered that day.
  3. Register you event(s) with the ParticipACTION Play List (and you can get promo materials from them as well as the possibility to apply for a $300-1000 micro-grant)
You can find more info at these links: The key thing we would like is for clubs to put on beginner friendly events during the above time frame. Both Orienteering Canada and PartcipACTION will be doing a lot to promote orienteering so we need lots of events across the country!


From The Archives


From the February 1969 newsletter, I found this joke about an Orienteer who bumped into a farmer who isn't about to give any help (maybe secretly another competitor!?)

Around the Refreshment Table

Membership Update 

Orienteering Canada saw significant growth last year. We are up to 8760 members in 2016,  which is up 10% from 2015. Thanks to all the clubs and associations for driving that membership growth. Welcome to all the new members! 
New Club Presidents
Congrats to Kate Knapp, the newly elected President of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club and to David Campden the new President of Foothills Orienteering..

Ottawa Awards

This year Ottawa Orienteering Club established four new OO Club Memorial Recognition Awards. Each one of the awards recognizes OO orienteers that made significant orienteering contributions and achievements.

The four awards are in memory of Pat de St Croix, Colin Kirk, Pierre Lecavalier and Brian Graham. 

Congratulations to Rob Haddow, Thomas Lindale, Francis Kawam, and to Robert Graham, who was the recipient of his dad's award.

Contacting Orienteering Canada

Are you wondering who to email at Orienteering Canada with your questions, comments and ideas? Orienteering Canada's email directory is handy. You can find this on Orienteering Canada's contact page.

Please consider making a donation to help grow orienteering in Canada. Tax receipts issued for donations over $10.
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