Orienteering Canada Newsletter March 2021, Vol 37
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March 2021, Volume 37


Welcome to the Orienteering Canada newsletter. Submissions for the next newsletter are welcome. Please send them by the 15th of each month to We aim to get the newsletter out by the end of each month.

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Orienteering Association!

We are thrilled to officially welcome the newly incorporated Sakstchewan Orienteering Association. They are busy planning some COVID-appropriate events this spring, including some jr programs.

Show your support and give them a follow on facebook:

A note re Team Canada participation at 2021 WOC, JWOC and the first World Cup

Due to the pandemic, Orienteering Canada’s Board of Directors made the unanimous decision not to send any athletes to WOC, JWOC, and the first World Cup round, as currently scheduled. If any of these events are rescheduled for later in 2021, Orienteering Canada will revisit this decision.

Some athletes had expressed interest in going if they could and we are sorry that those athletes will not be able to compete. However, we feel it is critical that Orienteering Canada play a leadership role within the orienteering community by acting upon our collective responsibility to health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means respecting all public health rules and recommendations. To sanction travel for any orienteers would undermine this position.

A lot of discussion took place and it was not an easy decision but ultimately it was made for the following reasons:

  • Orienteering Canada feels it is important to adhere to public health measures including limiting travel.
  • Orienteering Canada’s insurance is not willing to directly cover Orienteering Canada or its athletes for any COVID-related issues.
  • The situation in Canada and in many places around the world is not improving at a rate that looks like it will be reasonable and safe to travel in July. Rather than waiting to get a clearer picture of what travel restrictions will be in the early summer, making this decision now allows us to work on other plans for Team Canada athletes for the season.
  • Few athletes had expressed interest in participating in these events. It is therefore hard to justify spending money and energy supporting teams in Europe when those resources can be used to develop the Team Canada Program and support more athletes in other ways.

World Orienteering Day postponed until September

World Orienteering Day is normally in May. The IOF has decided to postpone this year's World Orienteering Day until September. Between September 8th and September 14th, any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

The goal of World Orienteering Day is to get more people orienteering - pretty simple. We encourage all clubs in Canada to schedule and host a beginner-friendly event (or more than one!) between Sept 8-14th. Register your event on the WOD website and then go back after the event and record how many people participated. In 2019, 398712 participants all around the world took part in an orienteering event!

Teaming up with Silva Canada and Icebug Canada

Orienteering Canada is teaming up with Silva Canada and Icebug Canada to help increase awareness of orienteering and to reach more interested folks. Watch Orienteering Canada's social media channels later this spring AND fall for cool contests with prizes from Silva Canada and Icebug Canada.

Around the Country

On March 11 2021, Sport Calgary partnered with the Alberta Orienteering Association and Foothills Orienteering to help Calgarians discover if orienteering is the right sport for them. You can watch the full event recording here.

Donating to Orienteering Canada

Please consider donating to Orienteering Canada. Charitable tax receipts are provided. Donations may be for the general use of the organization or directed to a specific Orienteering Canada project or program. Here are a few ideas of projects and programs that you may wish to donate to (but not limited to...):
  • Junior Development > for instance, helping to finance the Sass Peepre Jr training camp and other programs to get kids more involved and loving orienteering.
  • High Performance > helping to develop our Team Canada Program.
  • Endowment Fund > if you want to help ensure the long term future of orienteering in Canada, this is the way to do it.
  • Awareness Projects > help us get the word out about this great sport, help us build our capacity to introduce newcomers to orienteering.

Contacting Orienteering Canada

Are you wondering who to email at Orienteering Canada with your questions, comments and ideas? Orienteering Canada's email directory is handy. You can also find this on Orienteering Canada's contact page.
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