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Submission deadlines: April 15, May 31, July 15, Aug 31, Oct 15. Nov 30

Update from the Orienteering Canada Board of Directors

AGM. We have set the date for the 2015 AGM for Sat Aug 22 at 4 pm at the Debert Hospitality Centre in Debert, NB.

MAPPING PROJECT. Bringing in foreign mappers from outside Canada is becoming quite a task given the Canadian Governement's changes to the process to bring in foreign mappers. Traditionally clubs applied for permission to bring in foreign workers. This year Orienteering Canada is assisting the clubs by coordinating the application process. One part of the process is advertising mapping positions widely in Canada so that Canadians have an opportunity to apply. You'll see the job posting later in this newsletter.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Anyone interested in being on the 2015 Nominations Committee of Orienteering Canada is encouraged to contact The Nominations committee identifies and recruits potential individuals to run for positions on the Orienteering Canada Board of Directors.

BOARD MEETING SCHEDULE. The Orienteering Canada Board of Directors is now meeting by conference call on the last Tuesday of each month.
STEFAN BERGSTROM ADDED TO THE IOF'S WORLD RANKING EVENT ADVISER LIST. Congratulations to Ottawa's Stefan Bergstrom who has become a World Ranking Event Adviser. Stefan joins 3 other Canadians on the current list of advisers: John Rance, Alex Kerr and Adrian Zissos.

NATIONAL EVENT DATABASE. We are strongly encouraging all the Canadian orienteering clubs to use the WhyJustRun (wjr) system so that their events are part of the event database that we host at To get set up using wjr, please contact
CALLING ALL CANADIAN ATHLETES WHO WILL BE COMPETING IN WORLD RANKING EVENTS (Including the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships and the Canadian Orienteering Championships). The International Orienteering Federation is now using EVENTOR, an orienteering event management system. All athletes who participate in World Ranking Events in any of the orienteering disciplines need to create a user account for themselves in IOF Eventor before taking part in the event. If you are competing on the same course as the W/M21E then you will also be competing in the WRE.

For instance for the 2015 COCs - This applies to all male athletes competing on the men’s elite course and all female athletes competing on the women’s elite course. 
  • For the middle and long distance races, this is the M and W 17-20 and 21-34 classes. 
  • For the sprint, it includes the following classes: M17-20, M21-34, M35-44, M45-54,  W15-16, W17-20, W21-34E, W35-44
Here is how you set up your account: Go to, and click on Create user account. Please choose the first option: “I am an athlete participating in events”. After filling in your information, if you have earlier participated in WREs, IOF Eventor will ask you: “Are you this and this person”? You will then have to choose yourself on the list, and your account will be merged with your results. User guides for IOF Eventor can be found here:

Club Connect Calls

Orienteering Canada is starting up a new mode of conversation with clubs from across our wide country.  We call it Club Connect Calls.  The hope is to stay in touch with clubs, to share ideas, questions and solutions.  Each Club Connect Call will have a specific topic. 
Our first conversation was on Sunday, March 29, when we talked about National Orienteering Week (NOW), and how can Orienteering Canada help clubs with it.  We had folks from Nova Scotia west to British Columbia and north to the Yukon.  Lots of ideas came  out of it, and we are currently hard at work preparing some supports for clubs for NOW.
Our next conversation is going to be about junior programming:  What does your club do?  What would you like to be doing?  How can Orienteering Canada support your efforts?  Joining in this conversation we would love to have junior program organizers, coaches, parents of juniors, people wanting to start a junior program.  Please let us know if you can be part of our discussion – e-mail   The date will be Sunday April 16, 4 pm Pacific, 8 pm Atlantic.  Looking forward to a chatting with you!

From the President: What I Learned this Month

Recently, I’ve been learning about the committee structure at Orienteering Canada. Here’s a one question quiz:  How many functioning committees does Orienteering Canada have? (You can answer after studying the information below!)
High Performance. Looks after the High Performance Program (HPP), national team selection for juniors and seniors, fundraising for the team, team uniforms, training camps, logistics for the team for world championships, providing coaching for Canada's top elite orienteers and works to foster stronger elite orienteering in the country.
Sass Peepre Junior Development. Supports non-HPP junior athletes with the online SPOTT (Sass Peepre Orienteering Training for Teens) program and an annual Sass Peepre national junior training camp at the Canadian Champs. It is also working on creating guidelines for club junior programs and works to facilitate communication between junior programs across the country.
Coaching. Responsible for managing the national coaching program for Orienteering.  It acts as the orienteering liaison with the Coaching Association of Canada and is busy developing the new introduction to competition coaching stream for our sport.
Officials. Tasked with implementing Orienteering Canada's Officials Training Program, this group is finishing up a multi-year project to update the officials' program.
Technical. Looks after rules, sanctioning, courses, classes (categories), championship guidelines - anything to do with technical elements of the sport.
New Participant Recruitment. A new committee with responsibility to develop and support strategies to bring new orienteers and new clubs into the fold as well as developing National Orienteering Week.
Celebration, Awards and Recognition. Developing ways to honour outstanding athletes, officials, coaches and other volunteers in the Canadian orienteering community.
Finance and Audit; Human Resources; Governance; Executive Committee. Four more committees that look after the business side of Orienteering Canada. 
Also, we are working on getting an active Long Term Athlete Development Committee up and running. And likely a mapping committee. We are also looking for interested individuals for ski orienteering and mountain bike orienteering committees.
Visit the committees page on for more info.
As I learn more about Orienteering Canada's committees I also learn of the areas where we really could do with more volunteer support.  No one ever said this couldn’t be a plug to do a bit of recruiting, did they? 
So here’s my shameless pitch for some volunteers for some current projects:
  1. This wonderful newsletter you are reading is in need of some additional volunteer assistance.  Not necessarily someone to write articles (but that would be nice too), but someone to collect them and work with MailChimp to create the newsletter.  And perhaps to nudge people ever so gently to get their articles in on time.
  2. The High Performance Committee is a high performing crew!  They could do with a very detailed oriented person to assist with some admin tasks administrative person to help to with some of the detail and organization.  No competitive background necessary.
  3. The Sass Peepre Jr Development gang is looking for folks to help at the Sass Peepre National Jr. Training Camp during the COCs. They need adults to volunteer to help coach at all levels from beginner to advanced. They also need adults to volunteer to help prepare the meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 suppers). The camp relies 100% on volunteers.
  4. Many of our committees would welcome new members.  If you have are interested, let us now.
If any of this sounds new and interesting to you, I’m all ears!  I’m at  I await a flood of e-mails!
And one more thing – check out the Volunteers page on the Orienteering Canada website:

2015 Canadian Orienteering Championships

Registration for the 2015 Maritime Orienteering Festival including the Canadian Orienteering Championships and 3-days of Fishbones is open. See the registration page for more details and the link to on-line registration at zone4.

Orienteering in 3 provinces over the week – awesome! There is a bundle going on – here’s a summary:

  • 3 Canadian Championship events (also World Ranking events in the Elite classes)
  • 3 Fishbones races (Fishbones are Barebones-style races). Fishbones 1 will be a point to point middle distance race. Fishbones 2 will be a one man relay called a Farsta. Fishbones 3 will be a chasing start. Your finish times in your first two Fishbones races will determine your starting time on the last race.
  • A fundraiser race for Orienteering Canada’s High Performance program: a sprint race at Hopewell Rocks – where else can you orienteer on the ocean floor at low tide – this is a must-do event for any orienteer!
  • The Banquet and Silent Auction – a chance to reconnect with your orienteering buddies and supporting Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program by buying an item or two or three at the always fun silent auction.
  • The Sass Peepre National Junior Training Camp – junior aged orienteers (11-20 years old) from across the country working on their orienteering skills with their orienteering friends for a couple days
  • A lobster dinner in PEI – need we say more?
  • The Orienteering Canada conference (and AGM) – a chance to get up to date with what Orienteering Canada is up to – take the latest coaching workshop and take part in the Pecha Kuchu evening, always a fun evening – you are invited to give a short presentations on ANY orienteering related topic. And a Pasta Night to get together and socialize as the week draws to a close

See the registration page for more details and the link to on-line registration at zone4.

2015 Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

Western Canadian Orienteering Championships July 3-5, 2015 in the Yukon – registration is now open. The Yukon Orienteering Association will be hosting the 37th annual Western Canadian Orienteering Championships July 3-5, 2015. Please join us and experience the great Yukon orienteering areas you’ve heard about. All of the orienteering will be in the vicinity of Whitehorse, a city of about 25,000 on the banks of the Yukon River. The meet locations range from 2 to 20 kilometres from the city centre. Check out the deal with Air North if you are travelling from Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver. The events will be Orienteering Canada sanctioned Canada Cup Races, on new or fully revised maps. The middle distance race will be a World Ranking Event for the elite categories. For information on terrain and maps, schedule, travel planning and accommodations, please visit the YOA website.

2016 North American Orienteering Championships

The 2016 North American Orienteering Championships set for Sep 23-25 2016 in Hanover, NH. The event website is now up at

Announcing Canada's team to the 2015 Junior World Orienteering Championships

Orienteering Canada is pleased to announce the selection for the 2015 team to attend the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Rauland, Norway in July 2015.

The athletes are:

Pia Blake (Whitehorse)
Emma Sherwood (Calgary)
Emma Waddington (Hamilton)

Alexander Bergstrom (Ottawa)
Trevor Bray (Whitehorse)
Robbie Graham (Ottawa)
Caelan McLean (Whitehorse)
Jan Erik Naess (Chicago)
Michael Svoboda (Calgary)

The team will be coached by Raphael Ferrand and Stefan Bergstrom will be the Team Leader.

The team is made up of both juniors who have raced in JWOC before, as well as younger athletes new to the world scene.  These athletes have all shown their interest in competing for their country and have shown the dedication needed to start or continue on this journey.

Orienteering Canada is grateful to the work of the selection committee: Nina Wallace, Ross Burnett, Katarina Smith. The selection process details are outlined at

Go Canada Go!

Junior Corner

SPOTT: Sass Peepre Online Training for Teens
We are excited to announce that the 4th year of SPOTT began on Feb 3 with 8 boys, ages 13-15, from Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. Adam Woods is the new coordinator. The group meets online every second week until the end of June. Adam has delivered terrific PowerPoint presentations about Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay events, which you can see here.
2015 Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp in New Brunswick, August 17-19
These camps are a fantastic way for juniors to meet new orienteering friends and work together in the forest improving orienteering techniques. Juniors ages 11-20 are welcome. Coaches include national team members and experienced volunteers. Parent volunteers prepare the meals. All volunteers get free accommodation and meals. This year’s camp will be at Broadleaf Ranch, between Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park. Registration is online here. Initial details are here.
Junior Development webpage on Orienteering Canada’s website
Information about the Sass Peepre Junior Development Committee, Junior Training Camps, SPOTT, Junior programs across Canada, and Resources for junior programs can all be found on the Junior Development page on


Orienteering Gear Profile

in conjunction with the
Orienteering Training: more than just training and practicing
I’ve been sitting on the edge of the national team for a number of years now and I recently realized that to take the next step I need a more studious approach to improving my orienteering.  How do you that? One obvious place to start is reading. In the past few months I’ve read two good orienteering books: Discover Orienteering, an Orienteering USA book, and Orienteering by Carol McNeill in the UK (surprise, surprise – both of these are available at 

I just finished Orienteering and was particularly impressed by it. The book runs 126 pages and is full of pictures and maps so it makes for a fairly quick read (but a picture is worth a thousand words and a map is worth a thousand written control descriptions, right?).  Between text and pictures and maps I feel like I got something out of every diverse page.

The book starts with a brief introduction to orienteering but quickly moves on to cover both basic and advanced orienteering techniques. The different techniques are given in reference to the British Technical Difficulties standards but that doesn’t stop them from being universally applicable.  By a third of the way through the book you are into advanced skills; although with the first sections well laid out and the advanced skills simply described you don’t need to have lots of experience to benefit from the information.

A section on Racing follows the techniques chapters, and walks the reader through orienteering tactics, what it’s like to participate in a major orienteering event, how to prepare for an event, and how to analyse your performance so you can do better next time. The final chapters talk about creating a training plan that includes physical training, technical orienteering skills, and mental preparation – all with a very strong orienteering focus.

What I personally found most useful were the race analysis and technique practice chart which I am now using to build upon my current practices. 

Jeff Teutsch
Crowood Sports Guides: Orienteering by Carol McNeill (2010)

2015 National Orienteering Week

National Orienteering Week is June 6 – 14, 2015 . We'd like clubs across the country to hold a very beginner friendly orienteering event during that time frame. Once you have it scheduled, please let us know ( so that we can update the national schedule. More information is at We'll do some promotion nationally and this is a great time for clubs to up their local promotional efforts.

From the Archives

Orienteering Canada has posted PDFs of all its old newsletters dating back all the way to the 1960s. Check them out to see young faces, vintage orienteering ads, and much more!
Here's the cover of the 1983 Orienteering Canada newsletter. I am sure that many of you recognize these folks. The caption read "Ted de St. Croix and Kitty Jones photographed after their fine performance at W.O.C. in Hungary. Photo by: Winnie Krogsrud". And that's Colin Kirk in the background.Ted was 20th and Kitty was 25th in the long distance.
In the last newsletter, we showed the cover from the 1984 "Orienteering Juniors" Calendar. This is the 1983 Canadian Junior National Team. These folks are from left to right: Glenn Geddes, Chris Robert, Magali Robert, Mike Day Jr.

Around the Refreshment Table

News from around the orienteering community
Canada's Emily Kemp wins World Ranking Event (WRE) race in Turkey
A big congrats to Emily Kemp (from Ottawa currently living in Finland) for winning the WRE event at the Antalya O Days in Turkey at the end of Feb. Are you interested in following Emily's training? She has given us the go ahead to fill you in on where she logs her training. You can see Emily's training on  this website. Click on "public viewer" then find Emily's name at the bottom of the drop down list. Click next a bunch of times and voila! You can see a week at a time and you can go back to see other weeks by using the arrows in the top right hand corner. The activities are in Finnish but Emily usually writes in the description in English.

Awards to OABC members John Rance and Brian Ellis
SportBC's 49th Athlete of the Year awards were presented on March 12 in Vancouver. The Athlete of the Year Awards, founded by Sport BC, is the longest standing sport recognition event in the country. Awards in 17 different categories are given each year to athletes, coaches, and officials on their performance and contribution to sport in BC. John Rance, GVOC member and president of the Orienteering Association of BC (OABC) was recognized as part of the Presidents' Award. John was one of 45 presidents who received recognition from Sport BC member and partner organizations; all of whom represent the spirit of volunteerism, and whose dedication, energy and commitment contribute to development of their sport or organization in the province of British Columbia.Congratulations to John, and thank you for all your hard work! You can find more information on the award here. Brian Ellis won the very competitive Master Athlete of the Year award. Brian won a gold medal for Canada at this year's World Masters Orienteering Championships in the very competitive M70 category.. You can find the press release here..

Our condolences to the Philips family
We heard from the orienteering folks in Hamilton that Betty Phillips passed away in March. Betty's husband Earle Phillips was a long time board member of Orienteering Canada (COF in those days) and Betty was a dedicated Finish Line Cheerer -- enthusiastically cheering everyone, of every age, from every club, making sure all the kids were safe and having fun while their parents were out in the woods. She will be missed.

Fit To Eat Cookbook
We received an inquiry from an individual looking to purchase a copy of "Fit To Eat", the cookbook that Ann Budge and Orienteering Canada published back in 1986. If you have a copy that you would like to sell, contact and we'll connect you.

Who needs Condes or Purple Pen when there's iPad's You Doodle?
Here's a course designed by 10 year-old Robyn Astridge of Orienteering Canada on the Griesbach map by Geraint Edmunds of EOOC

New resource for teaching orienteering to 6-12 year old kids
Göran Andersson has been working with some clubs in Sweden on a project called "Skol-Sprinten". One of the outcome of this project is the creation of a teach orienteering to kids. They have produced an electronic resource called "Cool, Awesome and Educational". This book is aimed for 6-12 year old kids. You can download the book free of charge. Swedish version is here. English version is here.

Mapping In Reverse: "Making these drawings is map making in reverse - you start with the map and you need to make the ground agree with the map."
Simon Beck was an orienteering champ in 1974 and he works as a mapper. And Simon has an amazing hobby doing snow art. Check out more images and details of the process here. Wow!

Thank you

A sincere thank you from the Board and staff of Orienteering Canada to all the past and present volunteers who work passionately to move orienteering forward in Canada. Please join us in taking time during National Volunteer Week to thank the volunteers who make your sport experiences better.

Job Opportunity: Orienteering Mapper

Orienteering Canada (and its affiliated clubs) have a number of mapping projects to be completed in 2015. One or more positions are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Yukon.

Job Duties: Field checking of several forested areas in and near the following cities:

Cranbrook and Squamish, B.C.; Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Brandon, Neepawa, St.Malo,and Portage LaPrairie, Manitoba; Ottawa, Ontario; and Whitehorse, Yukon. Field work on urban sprint maps may be required. Other duties include map drafting to current ISOM and ISSOM standards, artwork and legend using current orienteering mapping software, such as OCAD.

Terms of Employment: Temporary contract positions are available from 4 weeks to 4 to 5 months depending on the locations and your ability to relocate between provinces at the employer’s expense. Applicants may specify the area they are able to work in.

Wage: $25 – $30 per hour depending on experience. 40 hours/week max

Education and Work Experience required: No particular formal education requirements, however applicants must be fully conversant with International Orienteering Federation standards for preparation of orienteering maps including ISOM and ISSOM. Applicants must be able to provide examples of orienteering maps previously completed.

Must be a member of the Canadian Orienteering Mapper Registry.

Benefits: Assistance to find housing and a vehicle will be provided.

Contact: Anne Teutsch at Orienteering Canada: president AT orienteering DOT ca.

1239 Colgrove Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 5C3
tel (403) 283-0807
fax (403) 451-1681

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