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Anything is possible even under the most unbelievable circumstances!

Practicing Watercolor Florals

It rained hard pretty much all day here in sunny Florida, so what better opportunity than to practice watercolor florals (which I suck at by the way)!  I love loose florals (blob flowers are totally different), and I find I have no consistency in panting them.  Sometimes they're okay, most times they suck (to me).  And I know, I'm my own worst critic for this particular exercise.

So anyway, I was trolling Pinterest and saw some inspiration and decided to go for it.  I used a 5x7 Strathmore Ready Cut watercolor paper that is just a panel.  My goal was to practice the florals and I know all the "rules" about making 'C' shapes to form the flower.  The trick (to me) is to add color and depth and looseness.  Of the 3 flowers, my favorite one is the orange one because it speaks to my loose vision.  The pink is a little overworked and the yellow is just okay.  

Now that this is totally dry, I feel it needs more contrast as it looks a bit washed out.  At least I'm not torn about doodling!!!!  Stay tuned...

Well, a little added this and that and changing the orientation and I'm okay with the final result!  I already took it to Michael's and found a ready-made frame that worked great.  I'm having a custom mat made to give it a custom look.  The mat matches the orange flower beautifully.  I had Michael's add a wire hanger because I don't like those inexpensive hangers that come with the ready-made frame.

Sympathy Card/Gift

Because I paint/make cards, I've been known to paint a card that can be turned into a framed piece.  In this particular instance, I decided to paint a 5x7 card front with a plan to get it framed for my neighbors here in Florida.  I'm hoping to find a ready-made frame (Michaels) and have the mat cut for me to keep the cost manageable.  I've done this painting many times in many different color combinations.  I'm excited for the mat and frame to pull this serene painting together.  Stay tuned...
Ta Da!  I found the perfect ready-made frame at Michael's along with pre-cut mats. I also had a wire hanger added by Michael's for a nicer finished piece.  Total spent $23!  Had I gone all custom, this would easily have cost $100!!!
I needed to make a sympathy card to go with the gift, and my watercolor corner card was just the style I needed.  I used Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor Sheets (Hot Press).  The reason I like the hot press is because of the smoother surface that is better for stamping a crisp image.

Mug Class Reveal!

I just picked up our mugs from a class my sister, our friend and I took last March!  This is my favorite part because all we do is work with the clay and leave it for others to glaze and fire.  For Alicia and Brittnea's first class, I think they will be very happy with the way their mugs turned out!  That was my third class, so I made a paint brush holder rather than a mug with a handle.

Here are the wet clay mugs we made in class:
The finished pieces make such wonderful mementos!

The Not-So-Perfect Ice Cream Kind of Day!

When my brother, Sandy, and his wife, Peg, were here recently, we had a wonderful day at the beach.  When the ice cream truck came by, we all decided to indulge.  My cone had a hole in the bottom and was dripping everywhere along with the wind causing my hair to blow in my mouth! Just look at my napkin catching all the melting ice cream!  It was a photo moment for sure, which also inspired me to make a card just perfect for that special day at the beach.
And here is the cutie card that just makes me smile.
Have a pleasant week!


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