August 14, 2016
It has been almost 3 months since I have been able to paint a larger watercolor piece and I've been itching to have time to play.  Last Monday was the day!  I trolled my Pinterest boards as I knew I wanted to paint flowers and found two possibilities.
Note to readers:  Do not be disappointed if you have to throw away a failed attempt.  (That was my chant as I made the decision to trash my first attempt at sunflowers.)  
Meanwhile, I found a wonderful video by Martha Lever where she not only free hand paints but she also drops in color.  I was fascinated!!!
Here are progress photos in hopes of encouraging you to try this on your own:
My watercolor paper is 11x15 in size.  You see grass at the bottom because I (apparently) dropped my brush at some point and didn't notice it until the paint was dry.  Hence, grass...  
At the stage of this photo, I decided to do a background wash of cerulean blue (doesn't show well in the photo) to tie in the grass.  I may add some meadow posies but I don't know at this point as I'm waiting for the paper to completely dry in order to brush away the salt.
I learned a lot from Martha's video, especially how to create the flower petals and leaves.  I love 'free' internet learning!!!!
Okay, so the paper is dry and the salt has been wiped off, which doesn't show at all as the paper was probably not wet enough.  Next step, splatter!!!
I was all excited about using Tim Holtz's Distress Splatter tool, but the splatters were too small.  I had good success hitting a #10 round brush against a letter opener!!!!
As per the video, I added my own scribbling spin, which seems to be my go to finishing touch.  I can't wait to take it to Hobby Lobby for framing.  If you use Hobby Lobby, make sure you hit the right week for the 50% off framing as it's not every week.
I am seeing a lot of ink blending with alcohol and Shari Carroll's video totally captured my attention.  Click on her card for the link.
Sherry's A Muse Studio CAS club is held every Wednesday at 1pm at the Bridgeport Library during the summer.  This past week, she focused on watercolor!  I'm pleased to share her cards!  All are welcome to attend!  $10 class fee or if you place an order, $10 is applied toward your order!
Jane and I had a stamping day at my house last Friday.  She showed me a Pinterest pin that was actually a card sold on Etsy, so no tutorial or how to.  Click on the card for the link.
Anyhoo, we were dissecting how the background was created and decided to try the smooshed Distress ink cube on acetate and spritz with water.  I am okay with my results.  Jane ended up smooshing Distress directly onto a craft sheet and spritzing.  I guess anything works in the end.  If you try this technique, I suggest drying in between each color layer.
I could tell you what I wasn't happy about with this card, but I chose not to pre-judge it until I finished it.  Here's what I decided once it was done:  it turned out to be a wedding card and I'm totally okay with it!  Does my inner voice keep focusing on the purple blob toward the bottom?  Yes, but the recipients will most likely not see what I see.  As I told Jane, by embossing a sentiment over the blob, the eyes see the sentiment more than the blob.  I am really happy about this card and like that I didn't trash it!  It's one of those over sized Strathmore watercolor cards 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 and the watercolor panel is 4-1/2 x 5-1/2.  I had to chop off a little from the card base in order to make the panel look evenly placed.
Another technique Jane and I worked on was the card I posted last week with the watercolor stripes and hearts.  I couldn't wait to play with this!  
Here's my card:
Remember how I said last week I thought it needed a sentiment?  I think I just made my anniversary card!!!!  I suggest you try this technique and I've linked it again on the photo.  So easy and fun, fun, fun!!!


August 24, 2016

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