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NSPs making headlines... eco-friendly pools elevate California BioNova to the top of the class

March News from California BioNova

As many of you know, we are a North American partner company of BioNova® Global which is based in Germany. BioNova® consists of 92 partners in 43 countries! Jeri, Laurence and I just returned from Germany where we received 5 days of Natural Swimming Pool Advanced Construction Certification Techniques from Rainer Grafinger of BioNova® Global. BioNova® built the first natural public swimming pool in the world in 1990 and Rainer continues as the leading expert in the construction of Schwimmteiche (or, "NSP").  
Rainer's course covered extensive detail in the study of Limnology (biology of inland water systems); Swim Pond Construction; as well as Hydraulics and Proper Planting and Substrate Selection. Rainer's methodology allow strict conformance with standards of the European NSP standard of FLL. Rainer's expertise is unmatched in this field as evidenced by his travels week to week to locations across the world planning and instructing on proper techniques to build NSPs. Rainer's NSPs rival natural water systems in look and the capacity for thousands of users without the use of chemicals (simply put he is a pioneer). 

 Pictured here is the first public NSP in Germany designed and planned by Rainer Grafinger in 1998. This aerial photo gives a good sense of scale showing the large swimming area on the left, kiddie pool in the middle, and kidney bean shaped regeneration zone on the right.

Although the concept of Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) has been around Europe for many years, it's fairly new to the US. We are proud to be one of the first companies in California to educate Southern and Central California residents about biologically cleaned swimming pools. Using plants instead of chemicals in bathing facilities is sure to become popular in these ecologically conscious times.

Visit our site for information about California BioNova and NSPs, you'll find the following  and much more:
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- Frequently asked questions about NSPs

If you have any questions about your pool, are thinking about converting to a Natural Swimming Pool, or would like to discuss plans for an NSP, please call (805-377-4288) or email me.

Troy Becker
California BioNova

Fun Bio Fact

NSPs Attract Dragonflies not Mosquitoes
One of the myths many believe to be true of the Natural Swimming Pool is that they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes; quite the contrary. They are actually breeding grounds for one of Mother Nature's mosquito control methods, the dragonfly.

Dragonflies are a fascinating and unique group of insects. They are often referred to as "mosquito hawks" for their supposed ability to kill thousands of mosquitoes per day. Though they do consume their fair share, they do not consume enough to cause a significant impact on populations in the wild. One thing that makes the dragonfly a better predator than most, however, is the fact that in the aquatic larval stage, one of their food sources is the mosquito larvae.

The dragonfly is just another great example of "Mother [Nature] knows best." It is a sign of a fully functioning aquatic ecosystem, in which everything remains in balance. The NSP is better at repelling mosquitoes than it is attracting them.


Feature Flower: The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)
The lotus, with its roots firmly in gravel, sends out long stems to which their leaves are attached. The leaves are sometimes, and flowers always, raised above the water surface. The beautiful and fragrant flower opens in the morning and petals fall in the afternoon.

The fruits are a conical pod with seeds contained in holes in the pod. Nucifera means "having hard fruit." When the seeds are ripe, they become loose in the pod. The pod then tips down towards the water, releasing the seeds.

To Buddhists, the flower represents the perpetual cycles of reincarnation. Buddha is said to be born in the heart of a lotus flower and he is often depicted sitting in a lotus flower or on its leaf. In Hindu culture, they associate the flower with the creation of the world. In Japan, it is also held as a symbol of purity and beauty.
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