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Volume 6, Issue 9

March 3, 2019

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Dear Ones,

I am grateful to say we are in the month of March! The beginning of our Spring months... Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."

In the Nation of India the next 3 months are their summer. In much of the country temperatures will rise as high as 120-130 degrees. Electricity is unreliable and the very poor do not have it. It is very difficult, especially for the young children and the elderly. Please pray for the people during this time.

I spent the last few days of my trip to India this past few weeks with our work in Nagaland. This is far up in Northeast India by Assam. Neither Jason or I had ever been there in person. He was on his way there when he was denied access into India a few years ago.

The children dressed up (for the most part) in traditional outfits.

This is a small home of 12 children that is operated by a sweet lady named Tain Kenowar. She is helped by her wonderful family. These children have all come from very sad and difficult circumstances. She told me that many times they come to her at night with bad dreams. But they are getting better as they are more secure.
With Tain Kenowar. I am wearing a traditional Nagaland suit. Very beautiful.
With Tain’s Mom and Dad. They are such wonderful people and committed to the work there. I had a wonderful time of fellowship with them.
The Kenowar family is related to many in the village of Tuli, which I love because of the favor of the community. I took several walks with Tain, meeting relatives and drinking lots of tea. I cannot overstate the hospitality of the Indian people.

I’m so Blessed to have been able to make this trip. It was physically difficult. But I needed to visit Nagaland and of course the wedding was very important. God is Good.

Keeping my face to the Son...
Our youngest boy in Nagaland. He’s the one on the left. With his school chum. I am told this young man is always up to some mischief. Look at that face!? They must be mistaken. Haha.

Praise and Prayers

  • Praise that God takes care of our children always. We work in perilous places.
  • Prayer for building projects in Liberia and India. As we have grown so have our facilities needs.
  • An additional school bus in India. Again we are growing! Praise God.
what do i want to be
when i grow up
i want to be a giant
to hold all the little ones
in my hands
to care for them
to make them laugh
to eat their fears
so they can sleep  
picking up the children
they look with such affection
casting the care on Jesus
for though i was a great giant
i could not bear the weight
they are His charge
after all  
and He's really big

(written by Jason Nightingale - March 28, 2015)
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