Issue 10  |  February 2021


Tena koutou, welcome to the February community update on the Welcome Bay water main upgrade. The holidays feel like a distant memory now with everyone back at work and the kids back at school. Luckily, we still have some good weather to look forward to before summer ends. Here’s the latest news on how we’re progressing with this project and what to expect next.

In this issue you will find:
  1. Project progress to date
  2. Traffic management
  3. What’s next?
  4. Who should you contact?
Note: At alert level 1 we continue to follow government requirements on our work sites. This includes strict hygiene practices, social distancing and contact tracing. We also ask that you keep appropriate distance from our team when interacting. For an overview of council services under level 1, visit

Project progress to date

It's been great being able to drive the length of Kaitemako Road and not have to navigate any traffic management or open pits. Kaitemako Road will remain open from now on as all major works along the road are complete. We will however have a small section of traffic management at the intersection of Panorama Drive and Kaitemako Road when we connect the water main to the reservoir. This is expected to take place towards the end of the project, mid to end March.
Work continues along Panorama Drive. You will notice a few open pits on the side of the road, particularly near the intersection with Kaitemako Road and Beech Court.

The connection of the fire hydrant works in front of Little Seedlings has now been completed. The pits along Panorama will need to remain open until the water main is complete. Once all the pipes are in, we will swab, test for bacteria and chlorinate the pipes before we can close pits up.

Images: right, the pit at Beach Court and below the pit and traffic management at Little Seedlings.

Traffic management

There is currently a traffic signal in front of Little Seedlings, extending down to just past Wade Place - as well as a 30km/hr speed limit. Please take care when navigating down Panorama Drive and be mindful of others on the road and berm.

As mentioned earlier, Kaitemako Road is now clear of traffic management and works. However, towards the end of the project, please expect to see a 3-way signal at the Panorama Drive intersection as we connect the water main to the reservoir.

What's next?

We have started the last drill shot from the Wade Place intersection to the end of Panorama Drive. This is the last leg of installing the water main pipe (150 metres) and should be well underway by next week.
Below are some photos taken last week - the pit in front of Little Seedlings which shows the water main quite clearly. As well as a photo of the hydro-vaccing process which took place earlier last week at the Wade Place intersection. Hydro-vaccing is a safe way to use water blasting to drill as well as look for service lines underground.

Once the water main is installed, we will complete the configurations for the fire hydrant and pressure valves. Once that’s done, we finish the process with swabbing, bacteria testing and chlorination. This is expected to start next week, from Monday 22 February onwards.
It looks like we are on schedule for our planned completion of all major works by end February, any remedial works will be completed by mid to end March 2021. Please remember these types of works are weather dependent.

Images: left, the watermain in front of Little Seedlings, right, hydro-vaccing in action.  

Who should you contact?

We will continue to update you regularly on the progress of works. If there is anyone else you think should be included in these updates, or you have been forwarded this email from a neighbour please provide your email and residential address to our community engagement advisor Jennifer Pearson at and you will be placed on our e-news contacts list.
For specific questions and concerns about the works that are taking place, please don’t hesitate to contact our Project Manager at Fibre Networks Ltd Jason Cannons at who will be able to
You may also contact Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000 or at
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