Alumni Newsletter - March 2017

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March 15, 2017

Dear Stephen,

We're less than 100 days from our 4K for Cancer Send-Offs for this summer, and the buzz around the office is starting to grow. This year at UCF each of our programs has set big goals to continue to Inspire, Empower, & Engage people across the country to help us change lives - and we need your help!

Each year many 4K alumni come back to Baltimore to help send off our new riders - and each year I'm amazed by the continued passion that you all show for this program. Below you have the opportunity to continue that tradition, and sign up to volunteer for our Ride & Run Orientation, Dinner, and Send-Off. If you can't make it - that's ok keep reading to see how else you can stay connected with us in 2017. 

See you there.



Send-Off is Coming. 

Volunteer at Ride Orientation & Send-Off Dinner!

Support staff by helping to set-up and break-down for the dinner, train the new riders, and more!

Volunteer at Ride Send-Off!

Ride or drive with the new riders to their first destination city and show them the 4K way. 

Volunteer at Run Send-Off!

Help drive the host vans to their first destination city! 

Can't make it to Send-Off this year? You can still support our ride and run teams through in-kind donations!

Email if you are willing to provide any of the following!
  • Gas Cards
  • Grocery Cards
  • Bike Tubes (25x700c)
  • Sunscreen
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Granola Bars
  • Gatorade Powder
  • Postcard Stamps

4K Alumni Spotlight

Meet Team Baltimore 2016 alumna, Kati Peditto!
  1. Why did you do the 4K?  I am a St Mary’s College alum, so I originally heard about the 4K for Cancer through Jamie Roberts and the SMCM community. It wasn’t until the following summer, however, that I tested negative for the BRCA gene. After being flooded by relief, I immediately felt a sense of responsibility to give back to the large community of young adults who don’t receive the same news. The BRCA gene mutation runs in my family and affected several younger women on my dad’s side of the family. I ran the 4K in their honor and memory, and for other young adults battling hereditary cancers.
  2. What is your current job/where do you currently live? I’m currently a second-year PhD student at Cornell University, living in upstate New York with my two-year-old retriever. I’m interested in healthcare design for patient safety and quality, and my dissertation focuses on designing better healthcare environments for adolescents and young adults with cancer.
  3. How has your 4K experience helped you in your professional life? 
    Before the 4K, my research focused on a very different aspect of hospital design - I was interested in finding novel ways to reduce the negative effects of noise in hospitals. After the 4K, I dramatically changed my direction (and even switched advisors) because I wanted to use my research expertise to improve the lives of the young adults that I had met along our journey with the 4K. Through our 4K hospital visits, I learned a lot about healthcare design and how it can impact a patient’s cancer journey. I hope to design healthcare facilities that use architecture to promote peer support for adolescents undergoing treatment.
  4. What is the most valuable lesson you learned on the 4K? The 4K taught me the value of listening. It’s a tool that many people try to teach, but the 4K lets you put it into practice with strangers from all walks of life. On a hospital visit, listening to a patient’s story is always humbling and inspiring, but with conscious effort it can also be an opportunity to learn how to improve the patient experience in the future. For my research, I have to spend a lot of time in focus groups and board meetings to learn about the gaps in the patient experience, and the 4K taught me how to do this with empathy.
  5. What is your favorite 4K memory? My favorite 4K memory happened early on our trip during a long few days running on America’s loneliest highway - Nevada’s Route 50. We hadn’t seen another car for hours, and the sweltering heat was getting to everyone. While stopped on the side of the road waiting for our runners, a white sedan passed our van. It braked several hundred yards ahead and REVERSED DOWN THE HIGHWAY to pull up next to our window. An older woman was driving with a younger man in the passenger seat, and she asked about the 4K. We happily explained the UCF mission, and she became visibly emotional and introduced us to her son in the passenger seat - they were traveling from California to Auburn for an experimental treatment for his brain cancer. After twenty minutes of speaking to them on the side of the highway, they donated to the 4K, hugged all of us, and continued on their trip. Meeting them was more than just an invigorating experience after three days in desert - we all continue to tell this story as a remarkable example of how much impact the 4K can have, even on an individual level.
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Join our 4K for Cancer Alumni Group on Linkedin!

  • Share jobs, internships, and other opportunities with our community! 
  • Learn how to write about your 4K experience on Cover Letters and Resumes! 
  • Click here to join! 

Grab your girls and give it a TRI! 

  • Join UCF's Iron Girl Training Team!
  • This program offers an exclusive 12-week training opportunity for both beginner and seasoned triathletes preparing for the Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon on August 20, 2017.
  • Training begins on May 30, 2017!
  • Shout out to 4K Alum participating this year - Corryn Wheatley! 

Join UCF's TCS New York City Marathon Team!

  • Join UCF in the race of a lifetime while running in the TCS New York City Marathon on November 5, 2017!
  • Shout out to 4K Alum participating this year - Ross Franklin, Matt Dyjack, Greta Finney, and Amber Winsor! 
  • Click here to learn more! 

Make those miles matter with Fight Club!

  • Members of Fight Club represent Team Fight in any race, endurance event, competition, or other activity of their choosing - all year long! 
  • Don't wait - sign up! 
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