The Investigator trailer and poster have been released!!

It’s here! It’s here!


The OFFICIAL theatrical poster and trailer for
The Investigator have been released!!

A film by Gabriel’s Messenger Films, LLC and inspired by true events, The Investigator is an inspiring and uplifting movie of an inner city detective who loses his job, his child, and his faith.  Depressed and angry, James isolates himself until his brother encourages him to take a job as a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a Christian high school.  Facing even more opposition with students and teachers, James soon finds himself immersed in the most important investigation of his life.
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The Dove Foundation approves The Investigator movie with a +12 rating! This is an exciting accomplishment for our film team and shows we are accomplishing our goal to make family friendly and positive entertainment!
     In 1990, The Dove Foundation cofounder and CEO, Dick Rolfe and several parents band together to put a stop to the lack of family-friendly films released in theaters.  Together they created their own ratings for films and thus began The Dove Foundation. The non-profit is dedicated to advocating for families and moving Hollywood in a more family-friendly direction.  Their mission is to encourage and promote the creation production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.
     In addition to the approval by The Dove Foundation, The Investigator Movie has been endorsed by organizations including the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg and the Bell Shoals Baptist Church and Academy.  We appreciate the support of these organizations and hope it inspires you to join us to see The Investigator during our select city theatrical release in 2013.


Wade Williams, leading actor in The Investigator inspires us with his journey.
I have been making music and acting since the age of 10.  Along my journey through life I have played thousands of shows for what seems like millions of people; from playing to only handfuls of folks in dive bars to performing for thousands at The Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.
     Now I have to be completely honest here.  I spent most of my time in Los Angeles struggling with demons of alcohol, drugs and other abuses.  I tried so many times to become a “better person” on my own.  I tried anything and everything, except that “Jesus fella” I had been told about. 
     Well in a moment of clarity and weakness I gave my life over to the leadership of Jesus Christ; I put my future and my past in the hands of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  In an instant my life changed.
     Ever since giving my life to my Creator, my true Father in Heaven, my old life literally has passed away.  I wish I could tell you Jesus came in with a big bag of money and with boatloads of fame and that life suddenly became easy and grand: it didn’t.  The true reality was that Jesus stripped away my clothing of selfishness and self-serving.  Jesus instead has suited my up in workout clothes of His glory; He sends me daily to the gym of service and self-sacrifice.  Now, as we all know, going to the gym is painful at times, but if we do it according to what our trainer tells us, we love the results!
     God has, and still is, slowly, purposefully, and continually making changes in my heart, mind and body that mold me into the man I was always destined to be.  Without Him I would never have had the character to be a father and a faithful husband.  Without Him I would not be sober and ready for His next assignment.
     I pray that the movies and music I make from here on out point to the hope of Jesus and His awesome power.  I believe that THE INVESTIGATOR is a film that will change lives because it is based on true events of lives being changed.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me.


As part of the movie launch, The Investigator will be offering several exciting contests and events on Facebook! We want YOU to be part of the fun!
Congratulations to Jennifer Romano for winning our first facebook contest and $500 dollars worth of prizes! Thank you also to our runner-ups, Dee Dee Alderman and Caley Fagerstrom, who both brought some fun and competition and many new friends as well! More chances to win tickets to our premiere and other prizes over the next few months.
For details on upcoming contests and movie release updates, check out our “The Investigator” Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @investigate2013!
Let’s bring all of our thousands of friends to the mission and ministry of The Investigator!
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