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Welcome to our first letter of the year! We come to you from St. Petersburg, Russia where we are working with phenomenal young women on our Girl-talk-Girl project.

As you probably know, March 8th marked International Women’s Day. In NYC I joined thousands marching 
for women's rights and equality. In St. Petersburg life feels like an extension of that amazing march as we support brave young women in creating and sharing their multimedia stories around violence against women. 

Footage is growing, and our work is deepening. We urge you to join us on this incredible journey where voice, empathy, the power to connect and change lives drive us: read our newsletters, check our updates, click on the links, follow us and our projects on social media, join the conversation in any way you can; our work is only possible if we work together. And thank you as ever for your unyielding support. 
Kristen Ali Eglinton, PhD
Executive Director

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In case you missed it: Our Girl-talk-Girl project uses an innovative method called mVoiceWorks© to support dialogue between American and Russian young women at-risk to gender violence by creating awareness about their daily challenges through “mobile digital stories” (stories produced on mobile phones). The stories and educational materials produced by these young women will be disseminated across public and private agencies later in 2015 – reaching young women beyond physical, sociocultural, and economic borders. This project is made possible through a generous US - Russia Peer-to-Peer Award from the US State Department, and further supported by our steadfast donors like you. 

footage impact

From New York City to St. Petersburg, Footage's Girl-talk-Girl project is engaging young women's voices, connecting their experiences, and supporting young women in making an impact and changing our world. 
Girl-talk-Girl participants' voices

Young women participants of the Girl-talk-Girl project were asked "What excites you about the Girl-talk-Girl project?" We put this collection of voices together for International Women's Day 2015. Please take a look, and listen to how these young women want to be at the heart of empowerment for and with other young women around the world.

Girl-talk-Girl November workshops

Last November we held workshops with young women in both cities, exploring topics related to gender-based violence. During these workshops young women also provided input on and redesigned an open-source mobile phone application to better enable them and other young women around the world to create and share stories of their daily struggle with violence impacting their lives.

Happening now!

Young women in St. Petersburg are currently using what is now called the "Girl-talk-Girl" mobile application -- the application redesigned in the November workshops by themselves and their American peers -- to create their multimedia stories. Despite the difficult social context in their home country, the brave and generous young women here are taking their time to produce stories they hope will speak to their peers around the world. In these workshops, young women have the chance to discuss, script, and produce their narratives using voice, image, text, and sound. We will be doing the same in New York City at the end of April! 
Our Girl-talk-Girl website is now live
Visit us on and follow us on social media. Hear our voices, and join us using stories to connect, inspire, and counter the devastating effects of gender-based violence. 
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footage forward  

From now until mid-May, we will be working with women in New York City and St. Petersburg on the Girl-talk-Girl project. The young women in NYC, like their Russian counterparts, will use the Girl-talk-Girl application to share their stories in an effort to raise awareness of their plight while also providing support to and connecting with other survivors and at-risk youth.

In late May, young women from both cities will connect via an online voice chat that the Footage team will moderate. During this session, they will have the opportunity to watch each other’s stories, generate dialogue around the issues they face, and help develop materials to share with other young women (and men) interested in joining the effort to prevent gender-based violence.

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