A look-back at what happened in 2014 at the Waste Warriors Dehradun project
Waste Warriors has been growing steadily in Dehradun and we now employ 19 members of staff. While we are well into 2015, we thought it would be great to share some of the highlights of 2014 with you. We highly recommend you see our Facebook page so you can witness the sheer amount of projects and activities we are now involved in. Onwards and upwards!

JANUARY: Astley Hall Transformation

We kick started the year with 8 days of cleaning at Astley Hall! What started as a minor clean up assignment, became a full fledged transformation project after getting financial support from local businesses. With a team of volunteers & waste workers, we cleared the dumpsite, removed posters, installed a dustbin, cleared construction waste, painted the electric boxes and put up anti-littering signs. We collected 1500 kg of waste in just 2 days! We assigned one of our waste workers to clean up here on a full time and daily basis and the project is still running successfully.

MARCH: Kids teach too!

When the dumping continued in Jakhan Forest we knew it was time to do one of our educational children's days as no-one can change the mindset of an adult the way that their children can! The kids coloured in posters of the waste container in Jakhan, learnt about the harmful effects of dumping and burning and made a banner saying 'No dumping" along with a whole host of other fun but educational activities. The following week the dumping in the forest was reduced by about 90%. Way to go kids! 

APRIL: Earth Day 2014

Day We installed 9 dustbins in Jakhan to celebrate Earth Day which are being emptied everyday by Waste Warriors staff. Owing to the increased number of people visiting Jakhan and Pacific Mall the litter is ever increasing too. We purchased the bins from the funding we received from the Mahindra Spark the Rise competition. To top it off the story of our Anekant Palace Project was published in an Earth Day Network publication called 'Pathways to Green Cities'.


In the month of July, we launched the Gandhi Park Project with Confederation of Indian Industry with support from Nagar Nigam. This three-month long project gave the park a complete facelift. With funds from six CII members, we started by clearing the piles of garbage then moving the branches, leaves and other garden waste to our composting area ready to be put into enclosures. 

The second week was dedicated to clearing the footpath and the perimeter of the park. Over the three month period we employed a full time worker to keep the park clean, held weekly awareness raising session, regular clean-up drives and monthly children's day events.  Thanks to support from Dr Farooq  the drinking fountains were fixed and the play equipment welded. Drona's School sent painters to paint the equipment afterwards. 

We received a lot of positive feedback for this project and are still continuing with it to this date. We are in the process of procuring a new sponsor. 

JULY: Wall Mural Painting at Astley Hall

This design was an entry in our Art for Change Competition and we liked it so much we asked Satakshi, the artist who made it to recreate it on a wall at Astley Hall to spread awareness!

SEPTEMBER: Purkal & Jaspur Waste Collection

Jyoti Mamgaina and Shalini Sharma who are students at Purkal Youth Development Society School sent us an action plan that we simply couldn't refuse to help with. Impressed with their initiative, we went over to their villages to help them initiate their waste management process. We discussed the action plan with them, and provided the material they needed. The students had also prepared a street play to educate the villagers about the process of waste management.

Currently, every fortnight we collect segregated waste from Purkal and Jaspur villages and if anyone refuses to segregate their waste we send the school kids over to give them a refresher course of the importance of it! The girls won a National Award for this initiative so a big round of applause to them.  


We now have three new cycle rickshaws that were purchased using the funds raised by Delhi Rotary Club Midwest. Loads of thanks for this amazing contribution!

DECEMBER: NDTV film Dalanwala Project Launch

Thanks to support from a number of local residents and the fundraising skills of Malvika Ahuja, the Dalanwala Transformation Project was launched on 1st December with a clean up on Municipal Road. Local residents came to help and Drona's International School sent 40 students to particpate in the clean-up drive which was filmed and later shown on NDTV. We have since cleaned from the Raipur Road crossing  to Inder Road, hosted a number of clean up events, installed dustbin and have created a leaflet to educate residents and appeal for their support. Watch the live coverage here.

Parade Ground Clean-Up

This area was once, one of the most beautiful parts of the city, surrounded by trees and a place for people to relax and enjoy nature. The trees have been cut, the land has been encroached and garbage is strewn on every inch of the field. With 70 volunteers from Eco Task Force (127 Infantry Battalion), Him Jyoti School and Drona's College, we removed thousands of gutka packets and collected 219 kg of waste despite the constant interruption by rain. We want to take this place on as a long term project. 

FEBRUARY: Jakhan Forest

Thanks to funding from Arpana Das and Rajv Sethy we launched a project to clean up the forest road on the way to Johri Gaon. We received support from Shigally Hills International Academy & Kasiga School who joined us on several weekends for clean up drives. We cleared the two main dump sites and approx 1.5 km of heavily littered road. We now maintain this area on a weekly basis. 


On behalf of the Waste Warriors team I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us. Your support could have been in the form of physical work (while volunteering), monetary donations or the number of free hours you put in for documentation and other administrative tasks. 
We would not have been able to grow to the level that we are at right now without your continuous support. Every donation has been gratefully received and I urge you to continue to assist us in whatever way you can.
Working with waste in India was never meant to be an easy task but at least now that we have Swachh Bharat people are starting to realise the importance of our work.
We are creating models that will one day change the way waste is managed and perceived across India.
Do keep supporting us - that is what keeps us going and growing! 
Jodie Underhill

MAY: Composting Workshop at CPWD

Thanks to our awesome interns we conducted a two-day composting workshop for the gardeners of the Central Public Works Dept. We explained the harmful effects of burning garden waste and helped them understand the process of composting. During the workshop, we created and filled three composting enclosures. 

JUNE: Dumpsite Kids Get a Special Treat

There are approx fifty children living at the dumpsite at Sahastadara Road. Even a few minutes there is unbearable because of the heat and the stench. The tiny shacks there have no power, water or toilet and the children rummage through the garbage to look for recyclables to sell.

We planned a action-packed day for 22 of these children along with their mothers, at our HQ. The day started with making egg carton caterpillars followed by banner painting. Hotel Sheraton - Four Points kindly arranged a sumptuous lunch which was followed by an animated movie and ice cream & chocolates. In September we invited the rest of the children to our CII sponsored children's day in Gandhi Park. 

Clean-Up Bonanza

June was hot and sweaty but it didn't stop the Warriors from getting the work done, infact we carried out a huge amount of clean up sessions on Rajpur Road, Behl Chowk and Shiva Palace thanks to the hard work of our interns.  Making a Difference by being the Difference (MAD) came to lend a hand at Behl Chowk but sadly despite removing tonnes of waste, this area has returned to being filthy due to lack of support from the municipality and a waste container being placed there. We are not giving up though and plan to launch a clean-up drive that will guarantee that the place gets clean and stays clean! 

AUGUST: Microsoft Create to Inspire Workshop Launch

We joined hands with Microsoft/ Nokia to conduct a revolutionary workshop for schools. The focus of the initiative, which is fully funded by Microsoft, is to provide guidance to teachers on conducting exercises & activities in the environmental sciences and is geared to engage students from classes 5 – 12. Seventy schools were chosen to be part of this six-month program. 

OCTOBER: 'Swachh Bharat'

To commemorate the launch of the 'Swachh Bharat' initiative, we conducted a clean up drive and awareness session for school children. With fifty students from The Doon Girls School and Dehradun Boys School, we collected 10 bags of garbage from around the school premises. In the morning we were on hand at Gandhi Park to make sure everything was pristine at the special function attended by the Chief Minster. 

NOVEMBER: Astley Hall Project Expands 

In November we expanded the Astley Hall Project to the Orient Cinema side thanks to financial support from local businesses. The area has been cleaned, dustbins have been installed and the entire area is kept clean on a daily basis. 

Kar Kamal Fete

The Kar Kamal Fete is an annual event held at Welham Girls School. This fete donates all the money collected towards educating the girl child. Since, the fair had several food & drink stalls, we were busy all day. Big thanks to the Welhamites for lending a hand. 

Rajpur Nature Festival

On 1st & 2nd November we did the waste management at the Rajpur Nature Festival organised by the Forestry Department and the Rajpur Community Initiative. We had a great response from the hiking groups with nearly everyone taking gloves and cleaning on the way to Jhari Pani. We had an information stall and Jodie did a presentation about our work. 


Our monthly Children's Days are a huge hit with children and they are a brilliant way of educating children about waste, environment and how can they can help make a cleaner community.

We welcome children of all ages & backgrounds.
If you would like to sponsor a Children's Day for 50 kids, the cost is Rs. 3000. We will send you pictures after the event to let you know that your money was spent wisely. 

TRAINING - Forestry Dept & Institute of Hotel Management

Waste Warriors conducted a 2 hour training session on Waste Management for the forest staff, Eco-Tourism, Government of Uttarakhand. The training session was a part of a 15 day house-keeping training programme being conducted by IHM, Dehradun for 33 staff members working at different forest guest houses in the state of Uttarakhand. The topics covered in this session were waste disposal, segregation and management of waste materials and the MSW Rules. 

CHANGING MINDSETS - The biggest challenge

In 2014, we embarked on several successful clean ups, spot fixes & area transformation projects. The above photo shows the before and after shots of Shiva Palace on Rajpur Road. Once the open plot was clean the owner came and put up a huge fence to stop us from cleaning there. People now throw their waste over the fence and it has returned to being an eyesore. Cleaning up is one thing but changing people's mindsets is the biggest challenge of all. 


Though it is illegal to paste posters on walls, there are a large number of businesses that continue to do so. So in addition to our regular projects, we also embark on poster removal drives. There are alternative means of advertising but until the laws are enforced we have a long way to go until we reach our aim of a poster-free Doon. 


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to date. Being a voluntary organization, we rely on charitable donations for our day-to-day functioning. If you would like to make a donation in appreciation of our efforts, please transfer funds to the following account.
No donation is too small.

Account Name: Waste Warriors Society       Account Number: 33742176465
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
IFSC Code: SBIN0006155
Branch: Jakhan, Dehradun

We are delighted to announce that we now have a section 80G certificate meaning that donations made to Waste Warriors after 29th May 2014 are 50% tax exempt. Please inform your CA so they can claim your tax back when they do your tax returns.


Working with us is definitely hard work, however, we promise that there is NEVER a boring moment. We know that our success is thanks to the people that give their time so we constantly encourage more people to join us either as a volunteer or as an intern. Contact
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