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at Waste Warriors Dehradun, from January to June 2016
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Waste Warriors: The Dehradun Project

Greetings from the Waste Warriors Dehradun team! We are proud to present our latest newsletter to update you on our work and activities in the city from January to June 2016. We will soon be sending you another newsletter telling you all about our recent collaborations with the Government as there is too much information to include here.
Read on to find out about Aamir Khan sharing our Recycling Rap with his 16.9 million Twitter fans, our new sponsors, our latest projects, the expansion of our Educational Program and the upcoming launch of a School Waste Collection Service. As always thank you for reading and your continued support.
Doon Girls School and Dehradun Boys School created a brilliant recycling rap as part of our Create to Inspire educational program. The kids did a live performance in Jakhan market and Pan Trinity Das, our street artist put together a wonderful video of their performance. We sent a What’s App message to Aamir Khan with a link to the rap which he immediately shared with his 16.9 million Twitter followers and his 15.2 million Facebook fans with the message “Well done Doon Girl's School & Dehradun Boys School! Good luck Waste Warriors, may the force be with you! Love. A.” You can watch the video here
VKJ Builders Sponsor Niranjanpur Mandi Project
We are proud to announce that VKJ Builders Pvt Ltd are the new sponsors of our Niranjanpur Mandi project. The aim of the project is to clean up the mandi and also utilise the food waste for the benefit of the bovines at the Kanji House Rescue Centre. The project was launched on the 5th April, 2016 with a cleanliness drive conducted with help from some of the vendors. VKJ Builders Pvt Ltd are donating on a monthly basis to cover the cost of 2 staff members. From April to June, 123 tonnes of food waste was diverted away from the trenching ground and instead used to feed the animals at Kanji House. Each day our staff fill the 19 food waste drums and load the food onto the Nagar Nigam truck, clean, empty dustbins, collect straw for the animals at the shelter and newspaper for recycling. This is a huge project and the ultimate goal is to get the waste management contract for the mandi, only then can true and long lasting cleanliness be achieved. VKJ Builders has pledged Rs 101,400 in funding from April to September 2016. 
Vendors & Schools Show Full Support for Mandi Project
We hosted a cleanliness and awareness drive at the mandi from the 27th to 30th April with help from 6 schools. Thanks to the dedication of the children and the overwhelming support from the vendors they collected Rs.28,172 in donations in addition to raising much needed awareness. This enabled us to purchase 10 more large empty drums and 100 dustbins for non-biodegradable waste. The students also got involved in clean-up sessions, collecting paper, plastic, bhoosa and food waste separately. The kids used shovels and rakes to bravely scrape away at the solidified garbage layer that we now call the mandi carpet.
We would like to sincerely thank the following schools:- Smt. Kalawati Uniyal Vidhyalaya, Shri Guru Ram Rai - Patel Nagar, Govt. Girl's High School, Majra, Viverly Public School, Rashtriya Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya.
New Awareness Raising Wall Murals 
New awareness raising wall murals have been painted in Dehradun by Pan Trinity Das (Canada) & Kyrie Maezumi (US). The husband and wife team spend 8 months of the year on they road, travelling to far out destinations with the major component of their work being activism through street art. Whether it’s working at environmental festivals, with social organizations such as Waste Warriors or orphanages in Bali, they use their passion and creativity as an instrument of change and inspiration. The artist duo created 3 wall murals for us in Jakhan Market and Darshanlal Chowk. Pan painted the Lord Shiva mural for us in 2013 and photos of it subsequently went viral across the country.
Village Project Sponsored by VKJ Builders 
VKJ Builders are the first sponsors of our Cleaner Villages Project. We started the village waste collection service in Purkal and Jaspur in August 2014 and once news of our waste collection began to spread, other villages requested our services hence we are now working in 8 villages on the outskirts of Dehradun.

Every Wednesday we go to the villages and collect their waste. We are very grateful to VKJ Builders for not just funding the weekly waste collection but also funding clean-up drives and educational children's events for all eight of the villages. VKJ Builders have pledged Rs78,400 to fund the project from April to October 2016


Prem Nagar Slopes with UPES and Alpine College

The steep roadside slopes on the way into Prem Nagar have received a much-needed makeover thanks to the efforts of the Mountaineering Institute, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Alpine College and the 127 Battalion Eco Task Force. 305 Bachelors Business Administration (BBA) students from UPES participated in a clean-up drive on 3rd April and collecting 3 truckloads of waste weighing approximately 3 tonnes.

On 23rd April we went back to the slopes to continue with the challenge with a group of 120 students from Alpine College. The morning group was one of the best we have ever had and they worked with breathtaking enthusiasm, without any encouragement at all. Together we collected over 2 tonnes of waste. A presentation had been given to all of the students several days prior to the clean-up’s so they could become more aware of the importance of waste management and could be properly briefed about the plan for the clean-up drive.

Survey Chowk Bus Stop

Starting on 25th March, we conducted a clean up on the rear side of the Survey Chowk Bus stop. The condition of the place was hideous with garbage needing to be being pulled up, layer after layer therefore it took us 3 days to clean the whole area. Two workers from Waste Warriors were accompanied by two volunteers, all of them worked with full dedication to make the place clean enough to plant trees.

Can you believe that this much garbage could be behind one bus stop? 

School E-Waste Drive

As part of the Microsoft Create to Inspire Programme, each of the 75 schools we worked with was briefed about the importance of recycling e-waste responsibly, and was encouraged to host an e-waste drive. 

Through this drive, we managed to collect a whopping 500 kgs of e-waste! All the e-waste had to be segregated, as Microsoft only accepts computer and phone related items for recycling (including chargers, keyboards, old phones, etc). Microsoft came to collect 150 kg of the waste, and the remaining 350 kgs, was collected by Attero Recyclers.

India Hikes
Cleaning Hiking Trails
We are partnering with ‘India Hikes’, a trekking company that gives garbage bags to it’s hikers and requests that they clean the trails as they hike. After the hikes the waste is bought to our waste segregation centre for further processing. Avinash Pratap Singh, a previous employee and now avid volunteer, participated in one of the hikes to teach the India Hikes team how to segregate waste to reduce the amount of time it takes for Waste Warriors to process. India Hikes have sent over 3 tonnes of waste to Waste Warriors for recycling and proper disposal this year alone. They have also made a donation of Rs10,000 towards the cost of manpower, fuel etc. 
Waste Segregation Centre 
In our previous newsletter we told you about how Shalabh and Rachel who asked for money in lieu of wedding gifts which they subsequently donated to Waste Warriors, specifically requesting that we rent a proper space for the segregation and storage of our waste. We have taken on the entire basement level underneath our office for this purpose and moved in on 29th March 2016. Their donation also covers the cost of a worker for waste segregation, electric, gloves and bags. 
Baldi River Clean-Up
The Baldi River Clean up near to Sahastradhara Road was organised in support of the International Day of Action for Rivers by ROLF-DKU (Rainbow Of Life Forces-Drikung Kagyu United). The event kicked off at 8 am with around 200 participants. A team of 6 Waste Warriors staff along with 11 volunteers worked with the monks and nuns from the Drikung Kagyud Institute, Kagyu College, D.K Nunnery, Songtsen Library and Drikung Labrang, Green Field School and the Tibetan Youth & Women’s Association. Together we collected approx. 5 tons of garbage.
New Office and HQ
Thanks to funding from Globus Spirits and Sud-Chemie we moved into a new office on 2nd February 2016. Since our inception we have been operating from Co-Founder Jodie Underhill’s house, so this was a major milestone for us to finally have our own space. We now have a large open office, 2 separate office rooms, a storage room and a kitchen. Everyone is very happy with the new work-space and we now have a suitable working environment and enough space to expand our team. Feel free to come and see us at Balaji House Lane, just before Raj Plaza at Dilaram Chowk. 
Gautam Thapar Funds Educational Program
The Thapar Public Charitable Trust has kindly donated 30 lakh to allow us to expand our educational program. This funding will be utilised for all 3 project locations and the program will be launched in August 2016. We will be employing an Educational Manager, 3 educational assistants and creating much needed awareness raising materials.
As part of this program we are launching a school waste collection service, as education and awareness cannot be truly effective unless the students can put into practice what they have learned.  We will be purchasing a new truck for this purpose and employing a driver and a worker to carry out the collections. The aim is for schools to segregate their waste so we can maximise on recycling and composting to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the trenching ground.
Microsoft 'Create to Inspire' a Huge Success
On 29th January, Waste Warriors, brought together 320 students and teachers from 27 schools at a showcase event at Cambrian Hall, as part of Microsoft’s “Create to Inspire” (MCTI) environmental education programme. Nineteen schools performed a variety of pieces, including skits, poems, songs and dances, based on the environmental topics covered in the programme curriculum.
On 19th February, we hosted an award ceremony at Welham Boys School to felicitate the schools that completed and participated in the Microsoft Create to Inspire environmental education school program. The felicitation was the final event of the MCTI program, which began in September 2015. 50 schools completed the program and 13 schools received certificates for completing 3 or more of the toolkits. Teachers who completed the programme were awarded “eco-friendly” prizes donated by the Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board.Doon International School won the award for collecting the highest amount of e-waste, Doon Sarla Academy won the award for the 'Best Implementation of Toolkits'. Shri Kalawati, Universal Academy and Flower Dale School won the 'Best Community Outreach'. The top-prize of 'Most Environmentally Sustainable School' was awarded to Ebenezer School, Doon Cambridge School and Himalayan Public School.
Educational Children's Events
We continue to conduct our educational children’s events across the city and it’s surrounding villages. We conducted events on 21st February in Gandhi Park in collaboration with Times of India, 9th April in Gandhi Park, 16th April at Rashtriyal Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya, 30th April at Himalayan Hills School and 28th May at Purkul Youth Development Society School which was sponsored by VKJ Builders. 
Waste Management Events with the Times of India
During the month of February we collaborated with the Times of India for a number of events. We did a clean up at the Parade Ground in the pouring rain on the 13th removing 1.6 tonnnes of waste with help from the 127 Infantry Battalion (Eco Task Force). On the 20th  we cleaned outside Gandhi Park and the clock tower area. On the 21st, we hosted a "Garbage Fun-Day" where we invited children to join us for craft-making activities, in order to teach them about waste management and we hosted a workshop session for adults on the importance of segregating their waste, how to host a clean-up drive and conducted a composting workshop.
On 4th March we did a ‘Waste Management & Cleaner Communities’ Workshop for 110 people comprising of members of the Resident Welfare Associations (RWA’s), Nagar Nigam Supervisors, Sanitary Inspectors & Councillor’s. On 5th March we did a clean-up at Behl Chowk with 40 Nagar Nigam staff collecting 1700 kg’s of waste.
Waste Warriors Featured in The Week
Superstar veteran Journalist Raj Kanwar wrote an article about our Co-Founder and the work of Waste Warriors which was published in India’s leading weekly magazine ‘The Week’ and soon after the full version was published on the popular internet news site ‘The Citizen’.

We would like to sincerely thank Mr Kanwar (who is also a 'Power of One' Donor) for his commitment and support. 
Eco Park to Create Awareness painted by School Students
The Eco Task Force contacted us and asked for our help to recruit schools to paint wall murals in their new Eco Park and Nursery in Garhi Cantt. The painting began on Tuesday 19th April with some walls getting finished just before the inauguration on the 22nd, which happened to be Earth Day. We highly recommend you look at our Facebook albums so you can see the phenomenal artwork that the schools created. 
The events and activities we conduct are just a very small part of the actual work that we do. We work full time in a number of locations and there are also other areas that we have taken on the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining. We employ x Waste Workers, a driver and x people for waste segregation and composting. The above pie chart shows the areas we are working in, who funds the work and how much waste we have collected from January to June 2016.  For more information please see the Dehradun Projects page on our website.
Event Waste Management
Times of India Cyclothon
We managed the waste at the very rainy TOI Cyclothon on 7th February. All waste was collected separately:- plastic biscuit packets were sent to the PWD for making roads, the Tetra Pak and the bottles were recycled and all of the banana peels were sent to the bovine rescue centre at Kedarpuram.
Dehradun Half Marathon
In addition to doing the waste management at this event, we also provided the event organisers with 45 wonderful volunteers to distribute the refreshments at the start and finish and at the 11 checkpoints on the 5km and 21 km routes. We got a great response from the runners who gladly put their waste into the correct bins and bags so we could maximise on recycling. We collected 140 kg of recyclables, 55 kg of food waste and 40 kg of non-recyclable. We received a donation of Rs 5000 for our efforts.       
The Big Gig - 3rd Year in a Row
Our team went to Landour, Mussoorie, to manage the waste at The Big Gig music event at Rokeby Manor on 15th May 2016. This was our 3rd time managing the waste at this event and as always, the people present - management, bands and the general public were very co-operative and used the correct dustbins. A big thanks to volunteers, Upender and David, who stayed until the very end. Special thanks to the organisers for caring about cleanliness and for donating Rs10,000 to us in appreciation of our efforts. 

Special thanks to our interns and volunteers

We are blessed to have awesome volunteers and interns and they get involved in every aspect of the work meaning lots of opportunities to learn and gain new experiences. Here's what Upender Singh Negi had to say about his time with Waste Warriors!

“It was a great experience working with Waste Warriors. I learned so many things during this wonderful journey – hard work, dedication, determination and perfection. I learned that no work is too small, only our thinking is small. I hope Waste Warriors spreads to more and more places and accomplishes their Clean India mission.” 

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with us, please email us at
We are where we are today, thanks to financial support from so many individuals and companies, large and small and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of them. Many of you reading this have put your trust in us by donating to support our cause and we hope you feel proud and glad that you did. If you have never donated, please consider doing so. There is so much work to be done but we need funds to do it. All donations are 50% tax exempt as we have a Section 80G certificate. 
Our bank account details are as follows:
Account Name: Waste Warriors Society
Account Number: 33742176465
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
IFSC Code: SBIN0060432
Branch: New Cannt Road, Dehradun 
If you are part of a company, that would like to support us as part of your CSR, please write to