IDFA presents themed program focusing on slow documentary
September 20, 2016
IDFA presents themed program focusing on slow documentary
At the upcoming edition of the festival, IDFA’s themed program The Quiet Eye will investigate ‘slow documentary’, presenting documentary projects that take as their starting point the experience of time in real life.
This themed program, made up of both recent and older documentaries, unspools from 24 to 27 November in festival location de Brakke Grond. An important focus of The Quiet Eye will be various sidebars exploring the audience’s experience.
The program will be opened on Thursday, 24 November, by author Carl Honoré, global figurehead of the ‘slow’ movement.

The Quiet Eye
The Quiet Eye program is IDFA’s first themed program dedicated to ‘slow documentary’, also known as ‘Contemporary Contemplative Cinema’. The Quiet Eye program consists of nine documentary films that exude a remarkable calm and reflective quality. The films in the program show the beauty – or the bitterness – of the small or the everyday.

Alexei and the Spring (2002, Japan) by Seiichi Motohashi
Dead Slow Ahead (2015, Spain) by Mauro Herce
Invention (2015, Canada/UK) by Mark Lewis
Light Year (2015, Sweden) by Mikael Kristersson
A Place Called Lloyd (2015, Denmark) by Sebastian Cordes
Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millennium (2002, Switzerland) by Erich Langjahr
South To North (2014, France) by Antoine Boutet (director’s cut of South North Water Transfer)
Taimagura Grandma (2004, Japan) by Yoshihiko Sumikawa
Two Years at Sea (2015, UK) by Ben Rivers

The one-off screenings of the films will be accompanied by special introductions, discussions and performances.
On Sunday 27 November, for example, Cinesonic will play live music to accompany the screening of South To North and Light Year.
The program will be opened on Thursday 24 November by Carl Honoré, who has written several books on the ‘slow movement’. The program runs until Sunday, 27 November (the last day of the festival).

The Quiet EYE received financial support from Stichting Zabawas.
Happinez is the program’s media partner.

IDFA will take place from 16 to 27 November in Amsterdam.
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