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Issue One          November 24th, 2012
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Sadly we must begin our inugural newsletter with some tragic news: Michael Dunsford, the musician and composer best known for his work with Renaissance died this week. Rob Ayling, Gonzo supremo says: "I will miss Michael, he was always good fun and absolute pleasure to deal with, as well has being a stunning composer and musician - the Prog world will miss him as will I". 

He was a remarkable talent, and perhaps the biggest tragedy is that the band had only just finished work on a new album Grandine il Vento which is scheduled for release early next year, and had only just finished the first leg of their North American tour. The editorial team here are Renaissance fans, and would like to extend our condolences to his family, friends and bandmates.
Michael Dunford is survived by his wife Clare, two sons William (13) and Oliver (10), and sister Judy Kendall. Services will be held at Woking Crematorium at a date to be announced.
Check out the tributes to Michael on the Renaissance website

I am very fond of Erik Norlander. As you may or may not know I did an interview with him last week, but when it was all over he posted the following resume of the whole thing on Facebook, which was so nicely put that I couldn't resist reposting it..

A very nice 3-part interview with yours truly by Jonathan Downes for the Gonzo Blog. You can read the parts in any order without peril. 

Part One discusses the good ol' days of vinyl and liner notes along with the idea of "too much music."

 The tasty tangent of vindaloo curry has sadly been expurgated.

Part Two talks about Rick Wakeman playing the worst, cheap Casio synth you've ever heard and the responsibility of playing lavishly impressive keyboard rigs.

Part Three clarifies that I am not in a band called ASIA and talks about imminent plans from another band that I am, in fact, in.

Hope you enjoy it!

Check out Erik Norlander's website
In 1989, former Yes-men, Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman, and Steve Howe, longing to rekindle the magic that had defined Yes music in the 70’s, joined forces to record and release a new album. Dubbed simply ‘Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe’, they released the album to critical acclaim, as fans around the globe watched in wide-eyed amazement at this most unlikely turn of events.

As if a new studio album wasn’t enough, Anderson Bruford  Wakeman Howe,  set course upon a breathtaking world tour titled, ‘An Evening Of Yes Music Plus’. The set list for this tour was a Yes fan’s dream, including ‘Starship Trooper’, ‘Heart Of The Sunrise’, ‘Close To The Edge’, ‘And You And I’, ‘Roundabout’, and other classics. Fans were also treated to tracks from the new album, including ‘Brother Of Mine’, ‘Themes’, ‘The Meeting’, ‘Birthright’, and more, along with stunning solo performances from the four principals.  A truly amazing tour, ‘An Evening Of Yes Music Plus’ was captured on video and released as a CD and VHS in 1994. Sadly, these products were only available for a short time before disappearing … seemingly forever.

In reality what happened next was that, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, teamed up with the other members of Yes and proceeded to pool their considerable talents to record the Union album, and head out on the Union tour.
God, this band are good!  I have to admit that I had never heard of Galahad until, one evening earlier this year my adopted ephew Max and I played their album Battle Scars which arrived together with a heap of other groovy Gonzothings.

It was an epiphany, and soon after I interviewed Stu Nicholson, the singer, who is a really nice bloke. Now there is a second album of the year, which is even better. Once again I interview Stu, and have an excuse to play a video featuring two strange men with rhino horns...

You want to know more? Check it out...
Check out the Galahad Artist Page at Gonzo
Australian poet and musician Daevid Allen, born in 1938, moved to Europe in 1960, inspired by the writings of the ‘Beat Generation’. After a year or so in Paris, he arrived in the UK in 1961. After meeting William Burroughs, and discovering the peculiar music and philosophy of free-jazz maverick Sun Ra, he formed The Daevid Allen trio with his landlady’s son Robert Wyatt. Some years later they teamed up with Mike Ratledge and Kevin Ayers to form Soft Machine (William Burroughs’ name for the human body). After a European Tour in 1967, Allen was refused entry to the UK because of a visa irregularity, and moved back to France, where he became involved in the famous student insurrection of 1968. He then moved to Deya, Majorca where he, and partner Gilly Smyth began to assemble a loose-knit collection of musicians who began recording under the name Gong. One of these musicians was Didier Malherbe (latter dubbed Bloomdido Bad-De Grass by Daevid), a tremendously gifted saxophonist and flautist, who Daevid claimed to have found living in a cave on the estate of poet Robert Graves. In 1971, in Daevid’s own words..."It was now three years since my deportation from the mum country so I was now able to legally re-enter England for the first time since 1967.”

One of his first appearances when he returned to the UK, was a performance at a benefit concert at The Roundhouse in aid of Release. Release was founded in 1967 by Caroline Coon and the late Rufus Harris. It is a charity which provides assistance to those people who have been charged with drugs offences. According to Wikipedia: “Today Release is the oldest independent drugs charity in the world and continues to provide a range of services dedicated to meeting the health, welfare and legal needs of drugs users and those who live and work with them”. The lineup of the concert included, Daevid himself, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Christian Tritsch, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean and Gerry Fields. The event was one of the most important British hippy actions of the time, and we at Gonzo Multimedia are overjoyed to be bringing it out into the public arena.
Check it out at Gonzo

The story of Wally is one of those strange, convoluted, and rather heart-warming tales which surface once in a while in the rock ‘n’ roll multiverse. The band was formed in Harrogate and in the early to mid-1970s got themselves quite a reputation. Their infectious brand of proggy, country-tinged rock music, with intricate arrangements, cleverly baroque vocals, and melodies that much more successful ensembles would die for, made them quite a few friends. Amongst these friends was Bob Harris, the presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test, and Rick Wakeman, then at the zenith of his commercial career as the keyboard player with Yes. These two luminaries even produced early records by the band, and Wally was one of the support acts at Wakeman’s ground-breaking performance of Journey to the Centre of the Earth at Crystal Palace. Things looked promising for this band of talented young Yorkshiremen, but for some inexplicable reason wider commercial success eluded them. Fame is a fickle mistress at the best of times, and for Wally the latter part of the 70s were far from being the best of times. The band disintegrated, and quickly became one of those sad ‘might have beens’ beloved of the cognoscenti, but unknown to the bloke, or blokess, in the street. Then, decades later, the band decided to get together. 

For reasons that probably had something to do with maturity, they sounded even better second time around, as this rare concert recording from 2009 attests. Wally are at the top of their game, and this live DVD perfectly complements the recent studio release ‘Montpelier’. For Wally, the circle truly is unbroken.


Check it out at Gonzo
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